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Turkish citizenship once the investors purchase a property with 250,000 $ and grant it to family, wife, and children under 18, secondly high income from renting the property which owns specific features, that would secure the possessor at least 9 up to 10% from the purchasing value. 


There're various types of real estate investment, such as resale for the property after a while from the purchasing date, at least 2 up to 3 years, or getting a property that guarantees the buyer a specific percentage of income annually.


In Turkey, the title deed owns a history file that can show all the previous owners, and in case one of the previous possessors was a foreigner, So the title deed cannot be used again to get Turkish citizenship. You can protect yourself from scams by withdrawing the title deed history from the (Title deed administration = Tapu Idaresi) and checking whether one of the property's previous owners was a foreigner.


The foreign investors are eligible to extract (an expertise report from the title deed department) in Istanbul that evaluates the property and prices the property correctly, without any exaggeration in fees.


The parents, wife, or husband are not eligible to grant their children who are beyond 18 Turkish citizenship, but instead can increase the purchasing value to 270,000 $ to share them in the title deed; meanwhile, they are capable of extracting a real estate residence permit in Turkey.


Single or widow, or at the retirement age, you can grant her the real estate residence permit but cannot apply on behalf of her the Turkish citizenship


The parents cannot be involved with the application for Turkish citizenship.


If parents have a medical document that proves the disability of their kids who are beyond 18, yes, they can grant him or her Turkish citizenship.


No, the parents aren't eligible to grant their children who are beyond 18 (the legal age in Turkey) Turkish citizenship


The payment method must be in cash to have the eligibility of extracting the title deed, which is not obtained unless the full payment is paid, to get the Real estate residence permit and grant it to the wife and children.


If the purchasing date is before 2017, the foreign investors aren't eligible to apply for Turkish citizenship due to the buying date of the real estate property.


Even if the grandparents have full custody, they're not legally eligible to grant citizenship to their grandchildren or even the residence permit, only parents have the capacity to Grant their children another citizenship according to Turkish civil law.


The divorced parents need to get permission from their ex-husband or wife; even if the divorced legal custodian has full custody, the ex-husband or wife must come to Turkey and apply their acceptance testimony in the immigration department.

the answer is No, the Turkish government does not require any additional money amounts, To obtain citizenship, under the provision of government donation or other


The answer is yes, there is no validity period for Turkish citizenship, it will be atomically granted to your grandchildren.


The answer is yes, there is no need to give up your original citizenship, to be able to obtain Turkish citizenship.

The answer is No. In terms of taxes, when you obtain Turkish citizenship, you will not be exempted from the (value-added-tax =VAT) taxes from which the foreigner was previously exempt, meaning that your tax transactions will differ.


Once you get Turkish citizenship and  become a citizen, your male children of the legal age will be called up for military service, as they are Turkish citizens, to read more about the military service, click here


Once you get Turkish citizenship you can pass it to your wife, and your children who are below The age of legal wills, under 18


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