5 reasons to study in Turkey


Turkey has achieved many accomplishments on many successful levels in the past 15 years, the Turkish government has worked to develop all the different aspects of life such as infrastructure, transportation, various other daily services, but one of the most important achievements is the development of education and raising the level of education in Turkey to occupy high ranks and credits from all over the world, so that why we are telling you on 5 Reasons to study in Turkey:

1- Affordable, inexpensive, but high quality:

If you want to know if education in Turkey is the right decision or not, you should ask about the regulation in each government and private university, meanwhile, you will find that you have several steps to walk, and it might be not easy as it looks, first there's a compulsory entrance exam, which is the YÖS (yabancı öğrenci sınavı in Turkish) for forgıner students, Accredited by public universities, the cost is 50 $ for each try, and for the tuition fees you have to pay 1500-2000 TL annually, which is equal 200 $,  isn't that Cheap according to the high level of professionalism and academy level you will get.

The cost might get a bit higher in the private institutions, it starts with 4500 $ up to 20,000 $, with a privilege of getting access to the European academic institutions, by enrolling in the Erasmus program (Student exchange program)

Simply it is affordable, inexpensive, with high quality compared to what European institutions offer at double cost.

2- Multicultural surrounding:

The Turkish nation itself, is a diverse races nation, and in the last 15 years Turkey had facilitated and amended many decisions related to foreigners, such as granting a residence permit to the students, which ends with the end of the study period,  at a cost that is also very economical compared to European countries, Hence, Turkey has received more than 160,000 foreign students from all over the world in the last 5 years, so in addition to your integration with the Turkish society and discovering their interesting traditions, you will have the opportunity to live within a global community during your study period in Turkey.

3-The food is beyond Tasty:

Because of Turkey's location between the continents of Europe and Asia, and due to its history full of immigration waves from all over the world, the Turkish table has become very rich in delicious dishes and meals.

So for the breakfast meal, you'll eat hot Boyoz or a Simit with a warm cup of Turkish tea on your way to university, for lunch you can have Turkish kebab food with Ayran, furthermore for dinner, you'll drink Turkish coffee with a piece of pistachio baklava nearby the Bosphorus. 

Otherwise, we guarantee that your educational experience in Turkey will enrich your knowledge but also increase your weight.

4- The weather is great, but don't forget your coat:

The weather in Turkey is fickle changeable, it is possible to live the four seasons in one day, specifically in Istanbul and Izmir.

But what is wonderful about the weather in Turkey, that it is mild, the winter is cold but not dry and rainy most of the time, and in the summer the beaches of Istanbul, Izmir and Bodrum will be waiting for you, the weather is partly cloudy most of the time and temperatures are relatively low in the summer, so we advise you to bring your coat and sunblock with you.

5- Turkish is not easy, but there are 4 other alternatives:

The main language of instruction in Turkish public and private universities is Turkish, but in the last 10 years, English has been adopted as a second language of instruction, in addition to the German-Turkish University, which teaches in German, plus to several universities that teach in Arabic, which is one of the most important of which is the prestigious Marmara University.

Based on all of the mentioned above, Turkey is a wonderful destination, and we are always ready to provide the information you deserve to get, so you can start a new life in Turkey.