Buying quality or quantity in real estate? What is the major difference?


The real estate market can be tricky; what to buy? Where to buy, In the downtown or the regenerated areas? Ready or under-construction property? Uncountable confusing questions that would absolutely distract you from investing in what is perfectly suitable for you; therefore, in this article, we're telling you the significant differences between all the sorts of property? Accordingly, you will choose what will serve your aspirations within the real estate market in Istanbul, Turkey.

First and foremost, the location, location, location:

Istanbul, its focal location in the core heart of the World, nor Asia or Europe, owns the privileges of the site, that is a serious matter to take into consideration once the investor wants to make a wise investment, however what you should know the notion of location and its centralization according to the downtown, is totally different, not only in Istanbul but all-around Turkey, But why?
Istanbul, for instance, as a city has no actual central point or a downtown, except the historical sites of the town which due to its historical importance considered as downtown, that includes all the facilities to serve and meet the tourist needs, and any investment would be found there would be within the hotels. Entertainment sector, other than that, it would be impossible to find a safe or sound option to freeze liquid within.

Meanwhile, the city is administratively divided into 38 municipalities, and each one has its administrative management board; due to the vast landscape of the town, it was not wise at all to count on one branch of its executive management board or to centralize the city and the pollution to one point. Therefore each municipality has its importance due to its location, the strength of infrastructure, most notably, the ready or under construction means of developed transpositions with the municipality.
In other words, the city has an individuality of the notion of location, so next time you're buying a property in Istanbul, ask us about the municipality itself, main features, and progressive plan of developing the area, ask about figures more than mire facts.

But what does all this have to do with the method of quality and quantity?

Like any international city, Istanbul has a favorite elite district, which involves the upper-class of society. The services are overpriced, and its properties will be categorized as luxury real estate in Istanbul. Therefore, we consider that sort of location and real estate as QUALITY real estate.
Quality real estate has specific finical privileges in both the long-short term; for sure; it has high purchasing value due to being within the Elite Premium Rich Turkish society
, plus its history, services, luxuries type of architecture, So we see that type of purchasing process more like buying a fine art painting, where you fix your assets with a piece of glorious masterpiece, its price will get higher with time, and its capital appreciation is incompatible, or comparable = Quality real estate

About QUANITY, it's different wealthy investors mindset, Warren Buffett's mindset, which is based on the concept of dividing the eggs you have into several baskets, to avoid accumulating all the assets you have into one property, for instance, instead of buying one property with one million dollars that are considered as a high-QUALITY kind or real estate, you can go out of the box and leave the luxuries downtown to the regenerated municipalities, where you can buy more than one property with one million dollars (QUANTITY), in order to demolish risk of devaluation the assets you might freeze into one property (QUALITY).

Ready or under-construction? What is the significant difference between these two kinds?

Ready or under-construction real estate? It is a crucial question that will determine the first step you will take within the journey of purchasing your next investment in Istanbul, but why and how?
By buying a ready construction property, you're buying in high value; in other words, you're buying time, which is the most precious element in investment; by purchasing ready property, you have the privilege of immediate renting and gaining the income, so our first sort here of real estate seen as (QUALITY OVER QUANTITY), buy and sell, deposit and withdraw simultaneously.

Under-construction real estate has a unique privilege, which also the time matter, but how?

In Turkey,
all the construction companies open selling in the very early stages of construction the project to allow the brave investors to buy in a low accumulated value that will gradually increase by 20% from the date of the beginning of the construction process in the project, and by delivering the property after being waiting for both the value and capital appreciation to got increase, the investors will be able to make a resell and earn the profit of the increasing rate, or in other words, the differentiation between the purchasing value and the selling one (QUANTITY OVER QUALITY)

Eventually, if you will ask us about our point of view, we'll tell what
Andrew Carnegie once told us:
That ninety percent of millionaires become so through owning real estate.
regardless of the location, readiness, surrounding at the end of the day, it's a real estate, most valuable safest investment in the World; don't forget that there are uncountable millionaires such as Ray Kroc, the owner of McDonald's, who turned a series of restaurants from a dining business to a real estate business
, Join us to become a millionaire by investing in real estate in the most valuable land in the World, we're ready to offer you the quality and quantity you deserve to own