Essential Data about European side of Istanbul, you deserve to know


“Istanbul… The constant beating of the wave of the east against the rock of the west…”
we agree with the British novelist Susan Moody, that Istanbul is not only a central location city but a joint point between east and west, culturally, and historically and many other glorious divisions.

Thus we will share with you a new notion about Istanbul city (Constantinople), with its European section, but within an expert eye, by starting with the infrastructure of the city, plus our favorite destination of Istanbul whether to invest or establish a new life with your beloveds, also giving a brief about the history of the city, and till our present day.

The continuous history of Istanbul city:
Istanbul formerly was known as Constantinople, back when it was the capital of the Roman/Byzantine Empire, that era of Istanbul city was known as the glorious history center of the entire region, and till our present-day, the Roman empire left a historical trace of Istanbul’s present, in every part of the city especially in the European side, such as the Hagia Sophia Mosque, Great Palace Mosaics Museum, and the Church of Sts Sergius in the Historical Peninsula of Istanbul technically in Fatih municipality.

Posteriorly, Constantinople become known as Istanbul after the Ottoman Empire ruled the city and transfer it to be an Islamic capital after being a Christian one for several centuries, by building the Rumeli Hisari Castel, from before (the Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror), and since then and Istanbul is progressively developing at all the levels, in term of infrastructure (Biggest airport in Europea, Longest suspension bridges) advanced transportation networks (longest underground metro line in Europe), Urban residential constructions, and uncountable sophisticated business center which keeps attracting foreigner investors from all over the world.

The present of the Istanbul city:
Today the modern Istanbul is considered one of the favorite destinations for tourists from all around the globe, there is no need to wonder why? absolutely due to the well-organized city’s facilities and the services that the city is continuously developing.
In terms of investment in the real estate sector in Istanbul the European side, foreign investors mostly looking for high capital appreciation for the long term, plus a sophisticated guaranteed income by reselling or renting the property itself, meanwhile, we are introducing here the best district for whether investing or establishing a new foothold for your family.

But first, we should tell you that It’s famously known that the city is divided into two parts, European side, and an Asian side, but the city is administratively divided into 39 municipalities, each section has its privileges and its specific features, However, all of these municipalities are run by one municipal council, which is called İstanbul Büyükşehir Belediyesi.

Each municipality has certain general features and characterizations, Thus characterizations depend on, The geographical location, the history of the region, the surrounding neighborhood, the available governmental services plus national projects within the municipality, besides the later plans for the development of the region. But what about the virtual division for each side of Istanbul city?! Let's start with the European side:

The European side:
We can divide the European side into 3 virtual Zones divisions, these virtual zones include a certain number of municipalities, all of these 25 municipalities are under a common umbrella, which is share the same concept of services, historical importance which is added high value to the certain municipality, also it might have common investment features or residential one for example:

The Coastal  Zone: virtually includes Zeytinburnu, Bakirkoy, municipalities:
The Coast  Zone is considered as a high-value investment, highly appreciated the increasing rate per square meter is rising at a stable average, which is progressively developing, however in terms of high-value investment and the value stability, where the rental return is relatively high, plus the available options are considered few, therefore the competition in it, is a great one, little supply, and great demand, and most of the owners in this area are the Turkish citizens, therefore this is considered a point of safety and strength in the future terms.

1- Zeytinburnu – Bakirkoy:
From a historical perspective: Zeytinburnu is considered the first coastal zone on the Marmara sea, previously was famously known as a historical location, it’s involving one historical castle (Yedikule Fortress), and several Ottoman buildings, but formerly had poor services, however since 2000, the municipality of Istanbul set a plan for the regenerating of the entire municipality, the regeneration plan includes the infrastructure of the district rehabilitated, therefor more services been supplied, BUT few of the building permits were issued by the municipality, moreover the government was a construction partner (Emalk Kount and Toki) in the most construction permits which been released, to ensure the preservation of the luxurious character of the area, in addition to the preservation and restoration of historical buildings.

In terms of services and infrastructure: the services within the municipality of Zeytinburnu and Bakirkoy is a rich one, in terms of transportation, it has two different metro lines, two  Metrobus stations, also there’s a ferry line, and for future, the government in collaboration with the Ministry of transportation, working to establish a new line for a water taxi (taxi boat), which is going to link the municipality of Zeytinburnu and Bakirkoy to a different district within Istanbul city.
All these services facilitated access to-from the municipality and make the coastal zone (Zeytinburnu and Bakirkoy) one of the richest and most sophisticated spots within the city, with such a progressive evolution of pricing in terms of the real estate aspect

First Zone: which virtually includes both Maslak, Kagithane, Eyupsultan

Maslak is one of the main business districts of Sarıyer municipality, located on the European side of the city, Maslak has the concept of luxurious skyscrapers, with several A++ residential compounds, that offered the concept of luxury real estate, also mega prestigious shopping malls, main offices of international, national banks and companies, skyscrapers ... etc, Maslak has located nearby the Levent business district which is also sharing a similar concept of architecture and the infrastructure as well.

From an expert advisor's view, the district has a good value for your money, while it’s located in the center of the city, but with high expectations of the capital appreciation of the total amount of your capital liquid due to, the capital appreciation in the Maslak equal 10-12% annually, besides the rental income in the district, is also considered high-priced due to the highly demanded with the limited high-value opportunities in the Municipality of Maslak, which is similar to the current situation in Zeytinburnu, which is high demand with a few supplies, with very high quality of both the external construction and internal finishing.

Therefore, given the existing standards, The government was a construction partner (Emalk Kount and Toki) in most construction permits which been released, to ensure the preservation of the luxurious character of the area, in addition to the preservation of the green spaces in the district, while we have the Belgrad forest in the heart of Maslak municipality.

In terms of Existing services: transportation: we have one metro line (M2), Havaray line, public buses, and also many progressive plans to use the water canals within the municipality, for water taxies, that would link Maslak to Kagithane within only 5 mins.
However, Maslak is the most suitable option, to obtain Turkish citizenship by buying property, regardless of the purpose of purchasing.

2- Kagithane:
Kagithane Is a municipality located in heart of Istanbul, on the European side of the city, to the north-west side, extends over the shores of Cendere, the stream that discharges into the Golden Horn. The Cendere Valley is surrounded by the Sarıyer, Eyüp, Şişli, Beşiktaş, and Beyoğlu districts.

Formerly Kaghithane was considered a working-class district, but it has become one of the largest real estate development areas in the city, and as a regeneration area, the municipality of Kaghithane since 2000, started to remove each industrial facility, by giving the owners a chance to move to the industrial zones to Basaksehir district (İkitelli Osb) and the other one in the Asian side precisely in Duldulu municipality. otherwise, no industrial permission has been given since then, meanwhile, the value of the meter is increasing notably more than 280% within the last 10 years.

Actually what makes Kagithane special, is the LOCATION, which is consisting junction between several central municipalities, plus the availability of options, which means we have high demands and high supplies at the same time, the competition within the municipality makes it develop in a very rapid way, in addition, attracted more investors and developer to the municipalities, plus the progressive plan for the district that drawn to make Kagithane the second Maslak, meanwhile not only the construction got developed, but both the infrastructure and the services in the area, get improved, we have over 3 big shopping mall, several international schools, and universities and other more attractive services in the region, in terms of infrastructure services: transportation: we have one metro line (M7), public buses, and a progressive plan to establish an Integration station with the current Tramline the (T5), besides the tramline, there’s an advanced plan to use the water canal which is extended within the body of Kaghithane, as a stream for taxi boats.

From a real estate perspective, we can expect a very high capital appreciation, which is over 20-25% annually, meanwhile, once the regeneration process is over in Kagithane, it would be the next Malsak or the junction between Malsak and the rest of city.

Nevertheless, Kagithane is the convenient option, that enables you to acquire Turkish citizenship by buying property, regardless of the purpose of purchasing.

Eyupsultan is a municipality located in Istanbul on the European side of the city, to the north-west side of the city, The district extends from the Golden Horn to the shore of the Black Sea, located at the confluence of the Kâğıthane and Alibey streams at the climax of the Golden Horn. The Eyüp neighborhood is a historically important area, especially for Turkey's Muslims, due to the Tomb of the Companions of the Prophet Muhammad, Abu Ayyub Al-Ansari, the area was named by the Ottomans after the devout companion Abu Ayyub, meanwhile, the Eyüp Sultan Mosque continues to attract tourists visiting Istanbul, as well as larger numbers of Turkish religious pilgrims.

Its neighbors are Sarıyer in the east, Kâğıthane, and Beyoğlu in the southeast, Gaziosmanpaşa, Bayrampaşa, Fatih and Sultangazi in the south, Başakşehir in the southwest and Arnavutköy in the west, meanwhile we can consider it as a super central municipality which is under regeneration plan for now, so it would become the next Kagithane and join Maslak.

In recent years many of the factories have been closed or cleaned up, as a mandatory condition the municipality, The district has also increasingly attracted conservative Muslim families. From the real estate investment perspective, we consider Eyupsultan as a profitable promising investment on various scales, first the release one that is counted as a piggy bank money, in the long term, secondly as a high rental income asset.

The second zone: which virtually includes both Basin Express, Kucukcekmece, Bahcesheir:

1- Basin Express:
Basin Express is not a municipality itself, but a district located in Bağcılar municipality,
Bağcılar formerly was a working-class and considered as a  suburban district of Istanbul, It is located behind Bahçelievler on the European section of the city, between the two highways of Istanbul city, the TEM and the D100 =  E5

Since the beginning of 2000, the Istanbul municipality has worked to develop a plan for the reconstruction, regeneration,  and development of the entire municipality, and therefore decided to transfer all industrial facilities outside Istanbul or to the industrial city (Ikitale Sanayi) which is located in the municipality of Basaksehir,  Bağcılar municipality also worked in cooperation with the Ministry of Transportation in Turkey to build several underground tunnels, linking the Bağcılar to the city center within 20-30 mins, But one of the most important steps taken by the Turkish government, which made a Bağcılar municipality and Florya, Kucukcekmece municipality, an important destination for investment, is to develop a plan to build Ataturk Airport, which changed the entire region's face and turned it from an industrial area, where the price of one meter in, does not exceed 100 Turkish lire, to an area that attracts investors from around the world, where the price per square meter does exceed 4000 dollars, thus this transformation took place within a short period that does not surpass15-10 years only.

Based on the development of the plan to build Ataturk Airport, several other projects were developed and generated, the most important of which was the construction of the largest shopping center in Europe (Mall of Istanbul), which is become the climax of the road of Basin Express, 15 km was built to link the  Mall of Istanbul with Ataturk Airport.

Basin Express Road and because of its strategic location, it began to attract foreign investors and local Turks to build service projects, whether in the hotel sector, infrastructure, or residential projects that contain luxurious high-quality services.

In terms of hotels, Basin Express contains more than 15-20, 5 star international brands, due to the neighborhood of the Turkish exhibition center, which operates 24/7,  Hence, the region needs more services, therefore more than 4 huge shopping centers were built, in addition to the residential projects that it was a necessary need due to the presence of all Turkish and foreign airlines' offices in the region, in addition to more than 4 universities, henceforth the increased demand for residential units that contain full facilities, which made the monthly and annual rental return the highest in the city of Istanbul.

From a Real estate perspective, Basin Express is still offering such a profitable option, but frankly speaking, the true investment was such a win-win deal 5 years ago from now, cus simply now we don’t have enough options, that would compete option located in the city center, with high value of each meter which is increased over 57% in the last 5 years, also the demands is crucially high with no enough supplies, therefor the foreigner investors would buy at a double price to get a good deal, but would lose the value of the money once he/she wants to make resale, cus in the first place, he/she didn’t buy in the actual price that the Turkish citizens would pay for the same property in the same spot.

Basin Express would be a very good option from a Real estate perspective for those interested in buying offices to rent them, cus the monthly or yearly rental return is considered the highest, and still have available options with high demands.

Although, Basin Express is unconditionally the most fitting alternative, that enables you to acquire Turkish citizenship by buying property, regardless of the purpose of buying property in Turkey.

2- Kucukcekmece = Halkali:
Küçükçekmece is a municipality located west of Istanbul city, on the European section, in front of the shore of the Marmara

Küçükçekmece considers a joint point between several important districts, Bakirkoy to the east, Avcilar to the west, Basaksehir to the north-west, formerly the municipality of was considered as suburb district while it is 23KM away from the city center, and due to the absence of the transportation to it, the life concept was more agricultural, plus the working-class, who immigrated towards Küçükçekmece due to the cheap living. meanwhile, within the municipality, there were two types of housing units, farmers' huts or stone villas, with weak infrastructure.

but at the beginning of 2000, the (Büyükşehir Belediye of Istanbul), the managing board of Istanbul city put a regeneration plan for the entire district, started from the infrastructure and then put a corporation contract with several Construction companies joint sector, both of Toki and Emlak Kount insaat yapi, built it the first phase of the district, meanwhile several investors moved to Küçükçekmece to build the services phase such as shopping centers, international and local schools, health care institutions ... etc, especially, After the Metrobus line was extended to the municipality, so see such huge immigration wave of Istanbul inhabitance, from the center to Küçükçekmece municipality.

Küçükçekmece municipality has witnessed a huge increase in the value of the meter price during the past 10-15 years Significantly, As a result of the regeneration development plan of the municipality, at a rate exceeding 55-65%, but it is expected that it will witness an additional jump of more than 300% in the value of the land and property in it, due to its location on the Küçükçekmece  Lake, through which the course of the Istanbul Canal will pass, whose course will start from The Sea of Marmara, passing through the Kucukcekmece Lake and heading north towards the Black Sea

Through real estate respective, Küçükçekmece district is a good option for those who would like to have both of house for family and pocket money, will be waiting for the increase in the value of the meter, while the canal will pass in the heart of Küçükçekmece, besides the location’s privilege, transportation also made a huge jump, in terms of value-development, now Küçükçekmece has one metro line (Maramaray line), Metrobus station, and public buses lines.

But what about Halkali: it is a neighborhood with the municipality of Kucukmcece, the main features of the district are new, the architecture concept is heights concept, Family area, and even the services available are designed on a family-friendly basis.

Bahceşehir is a district located in the Basaksehir municipality of Istanbul, Basakşehir is located in the northwest of Kucukcekmece Lake, and it has evolved into a satellite township in the past fifteen years when it was opened for construction within the frame of mass housing projects by Toki Insaat Yapi, and it was defined as Istanbul's first associated city. Bahcesehir district has been characterized as a region overshadowed by a high socio-economic class in terms of demographics, and distribution.

In 1998, a town municipality was established in the village of Hochdir with the name "Bahçeşehir". Shortly after its founding, the municipality was awarded the European certificate for the Environment (2001) and the European Honor Flag (2005), due to the quality standards of living within the municipality, which is dedicating a certain amount of green landscape for each individual, that why Bahceshier's name comes after, the green scapes, that define Bahceshier as a municipality.

Through real estate respective, Bahceşehir district is a good option for those who would like to have both of house for family and pocket money, will be waiting for the increase in the value of the meter, while the canal will pass in the heart of Bahcesheir, that will change the entire face of the municipality.
and also for those who are interested in having luxury real estate in Istanbul, will definitely find luxury villas for sale in Bahceşheir, However still suitable to obtain Turkish citizenship by buying propertyregardless of the purpose of purchasing.

 In a conclusion, the European side is totally capable to give you what you deserve, so we will be waiting for your call to afford you with further information you deserve to know.