Straightforward Facts: Is Online Home Purchase in Turkey Safe?


For many customers purchasing a real estate property abroad might look tricky, uncomfortable, and such a long journey of investigating the best alternatives and going through the legal issues and documents. However, buying property online would be way more terrifying for many. So today, we're working on fading away all the question marks around the issue of buying property online in Turkey specifically; what are the potential pros and cons are, when and how you should go for it?

The mechanism of online home purchase in Turkey from A to Z:
Before going into details about The mechanism from A to Z of purchasing a real estate property online in Turkey, we're assuming the question of why I should do this now? And what is the actual urgent need that makes me buy a property that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars abroad? In other words, why must you finish reading this fantastic informative article?

Frankly speaking, the emerging talk about online property purchasing has been constantly repeated in the past period due to the Corona pandemic and several events that changed many of the rules of the investment game globally. Meanwhile, as a quick adopter, Turkey worked on developing the tools of business B2B and B2C, in conjunction with all the current unpleasing phenomena; however, HOW and WHY?

- HOW: Via Understanding the actual presents of the market and studying the analyzed future of real estate business not locally but on the global scale, Thus, providing the market with the necessary equipment required to carry out the mission professionally.

For example, zoom meetings, virtual project tours, and the city, an illustrative 3D design of the sample apartment, all these previous examples are a means of facilitating the process of comprehending whether the property is suitable for you or not, also relief you to finish the procedure of online property housing safely, and reliably

- WHY: For Investment: in Turkey, there're different types of investment, rent or resale your property to get high interest by repeating the process or by choosing from the quantity and quality options that determine the type and rule model of your investments in Turkey, So whatever the option you'll go for you must do a quick call and buy whenever you find the option you were looking for, in terms the price, location, type, payment method …etc

Also, It is worth emphasizing that a quick decision of purchasing cannot wait for you till getting your flight ticket; sometimes, under some circumstances, For example, in light of the Corona pandemic, life stopped to some extent, and there was a sharp decline in the value of real estate around the world, which is expected that real estate will return to more expensive than it was after the end of the pandemic. There was a need to decide and buy the investment property quickly.

Secondly, Turkish citizenship by investment is also constantly changing operation, which is shifting in terms of laws and regulations and the amount of investment for foreigners; since buying a property aims to obtain Turkish citizenship as well as investment, buying property in Turkey online is a necessity, mainly since the legal agent also carries out all legal procedures in a safe and secured manner by government representatives and legal, trusted agents (through DHL), who able to serve the way you deserve.

Buying property online for housing in Turkey:
Property for housing cannot determine as fast as the investment one due to the need to examine the location you're about to settle down, the services surrounding the property, and both cons and pros in the long term. Also, the financial future of the housing property is a crucial element to consider; meanwhile, we don't recommend you do it online if it's your first time buying a property in Turkey.

However, if you have been to Turkey several times and you've already explored all the possible alternatives, you are aware of all the above-mentioned legal matters, and you have a certified real estate agent company; thus, you can proceed with the online purchase process and complete all financial, legal procedures in Turkey.

What are the potential pros and cons of buying online property in Turkey:
The potential cons and pros of buying property online in Turkey or any other country worldwide would be about the insidious, untrustable real estate agencies that would scam you, waste your time, and steal your money eventually, so what we strongly recommend you to do is to do confirm the identity of the agency you're dealing with, by asking them to provide you with both the company's commercial number and verify their tax number. All of the above are authenticated through the website of the Turkish Ministry of Commerce, or the Turkish Chamber of Commerce, through which you can verify the credibility of the information.

In this context, you can move forward towards completing the process of buying a property in Turkey in a safe and secure online manner.

Ultimately, as Turkey Advisors company, we'll be ready to serve you the way you deserve by applying the method of virtual tour within the projects and the city of Istanbul, so you can have the premium experience as if you were in Turkey in-person with us, experiencing every detail, in order to be able to purchase your next property in Turkey online.