The Artificial Water Canal of Istanbul


In 2011, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced the first tender for the construction of the Century Project, which will be delivered by 2023, the Artificial  Istanbul Canal Project, a project that aims mainly to protect the city of Istanbul from many environmental disasters in the long term, in addition to placing Istanbul on the list of the best Ten cities for life in the world 


The Future of Istanbul already began:
The project is a 45 km long waterway connecting the Marmara Sea and the Black Sea, in the European section of Istanbul, the artificial canal will be associated with more than ten suspension bridges, the cost of the project is 15 billion dollars, but the good news here is that a large part of The costs of the Turkish mega project will be through contracting operating contracts with Turkish and foreign companies. Therefore more than 160,000 commercial marine tankers will pass through the canal yearly, but this time the crossing process will be paid, unlike the current situation of the natural Bosphorus in Istanbul

The new city will be delivered by 2023:
Besides all economic privileges, The government is seeking to build a new city on both sides of the canal with an area of ​​453 million square meters to reduce the population density in the heart of Istanbul, which will raise the standard of living to international measures in terms of quality.

The city will be fully equipped in terms of developed infrastructure, and all essential in terms of educational services, and many schools and universities, hospitals, shopping malls, will also be built; in addition, a complex transportation network will be established that includes both a metro line, which will connect the new city to the heart of Istanbul with less than 45mins,

The Turkish government has completed a large part of the transportation network; it has built a third suspension bridge Sultan Yavuz Selim Bridge, on the Bosphorus. A new highway links the third airport district and the artificial canal region to the heart of Istanbul's city center.

The Turkish government also announced several tenders for Turkish construction companies to contribute and participate in the construction of many mega real estate housing projects, which mainly aim to solve the problem of overpopulation in the center of Istanbul city, in addition to building new real estate investment opportunities, and providing different housing styles, such as luxury villas with sea views, On the Black Sea, residential complexes that meet all the needs of the population and social classes. 

New princesses islands will be constructed:
Furthermore, two artificial islands will be built at each of the entrances to the southern and northern canal to simulate the natural princesses islands located in the north of Istanbul.

These islands will be tourist islands. Therefore the Turkish President has announced that these artificial islands will be a virtual interface for the Turkish economy because it will open the door for foreign investors from around the world to build resorts and hotels, to be a new tourist attraction for Turkey and Istanbul.