Can you Buy a Property in Turkey Totally Online?

With the harsh lockdown measures imposed by governments due to the Covid-19 virus, many people are opting to buy property in Turkey online.

The lockdown means that a house is not just a house anymore, rather it is much more, your house has become your workplace, your gym, and your leisure time place. This fact resulted in many people looking to buy a more suitable residence for them and their families.

In more normal times, people who buy remotely often do so to purchase a second home or vacation home, but with the current situation that’s not necessarily the case anymore. People buying homes online are doing so for all kinds of purposes.

As a way to cope with these measures, the Virtual Real Estate Tours service was introduced by Turkey Advisors. Using the latest advancements in technology and high resolution 360 degree cameras, our consultants will take you on an immersive tour of the properties and neighborhoods that suit your requirements the most to help you make an informed decision about your purchase.

You do not have to endanger your health or passively accept travel restrictions. You do not have to hit pause on your home investment plans. During the month of March more than 30,000 property sales were completed online in Turkey. 15,000 property sales were completed online in Istanbul alone.

The answer is YES! Indeed you can buy a property in Turkey totally online, as many homeowners have done before you during this difficult year.

Residents of drastically different time zones such as the U.S, Canada, and China who are interested in purchasing property in Turkey online have to take into account the time difference when booking a Virtual Real Estate Tour with Turkey Advisors.

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