How To Obtain A Turkish Citizenship & What Are The Benefits?

In 2018 the Turkish government allowed foreigners to obtain Turkish citizenship by investing a minimum amount of 250,000$. There is one condition to this, the property should not be sold within 3 years and this will be stated in the title deed. Also, if the purchase is made with a mortgage or is subjected to, the value of the property will be reduced from the value certificate. Being a citizen of the country has its own benefits as anywhere else. You do not need to bother with visa procedures every year, being within the country for a certain amount of months every year, work permits, meanwhile enjoying all the rights the local citizens have such as, medical insurances, pension and free education. The other advantage is Turkey allowing dual citizenship so you will not have any drawbacks while attaining Turkish citizenship. The citizenship application for the property owner will enlist the spouse and children under 18 as well. There are 3 possibilities of obtaining Turkish citizenship depending on your preferences: - Deposit a capital of 500,000$ into a Turkish bank - Buy a property with a minimum amount of 250,000$ - Employ at least 50 people in Turkey The application procedure for the citizenship goes as follows: - Obtain a tax number from any local tax office (passport and photos required) - Obtain a bank account (passport, tax number & utility bill with your name and address required) - Check and evaluate the property (confirm the existence of a habitation license for the property and obtain a value certificate) - Buy a property (property cost of minimum 250,000$, money transfer confirmation, title deed, and a sales contract indicating the property will not be sold within 3 years) - Apply for a residence permit - Apply for Turkish citizenship The documents required for the citizenship are as follows: - Birth certificate - Certificate of residence / Proof of address

- Vital record showing all family members; husband, wife and children - Marriage certificate / divorce certificate - If the applicant is widowed, spouse’s death certificate - Health insurance - 4 Biometric photos taken on white background - Passport - All the documents must be translated and notarized - Power of attorney - Application forms If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact us.

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