Virtual Tours

As a result of the pandemic that hit the entire world, various businesses and institutions have started to work remotely. The world adapted fast to this new system and started spreading to other sectors. The real estate sector did not fall behind. Today you can buy your property while comfortably being in your own home in another city or country with the help of our virtual tour service. Your field operative will go directly to the property you have selected and call you live right from the spot. He/she will show you all the details, conduct a presentation, and answer all your questions. You will be shown the neighborhood, the project site, the apartment, and even the city of Istanbul. During the virtual tour, a live video call is made and the phone is adjusted in the front of the car where you can see all as if you were physically there while listening to your virtual tour guide explaining the different neighborhoods, and the touristic landmarks. When getting closer to the project site your guide will take you around the neighborhood and indicate the public transportation points, the shopping malls around, educational and medical institutions, and any other significant landmarks that exist close by. If it is a ready project, you will be taken first into the fully furnished sample flat and then into the unit offered for you on the designated floor. If the project is still under construction, you will be taken to the site and shown the process of the execution and implementation. The tour might take several days depending on the number of projects you are interested in. The biggest advantage of the virtual tour is that you will not get exhausted since you are sitting comfortably in your home and enjoying the flow of information right through your home screen. After the virtual tour is completed your property advisor will guide you towards the procedure of the reservation and payment. The legal documents can also be handled remotely since we provide a ‘power of attorney’ service where our legal counselors will handle all your legal papers.

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