Why Chose Istanbul As A New Home Destination?

There is a reason why Istanbul is always referred to as the central point where the east meets the west. As Napoleon had once said: “If the Earth were a single state, Istanbul would be its capital.” It is located across two continents Europe and Asia separated by the Bosphorus canal, with access to the Black Sea on the north and the Marmara Sea to the south. Istanbul also hosts 3 forests and beautiful parks spread across the city. With an official population of over 18 million people, the jewel of the city is that it brings all religions and cultures together into one. You can find harmony and acceptance in this city where diversity is at its peak. In the last decade the city of Istanbul gave rise to some significant landmarks; The Istanbul Airport - biggest airport in Europe, the Sakura Cam hospital which is a medical city- the biggest in Europe and many more. Various public projects are still undergoing construction because Istanbul never stops progressing. Public transportation runs across the entire city from metro lines, high-speed bus lines, trams to ferries that cross between the continents. The best educational institutions from schools to universities, Turkish or international are to be found in the city. Whether it is the perfect weather where one gets to experience all the four seasons, or the world heritage sites; historical and modern, Istanbul is a treasure that many dream to visit. In addition to the beauty and wonders it hosts, Istanbul is also considered to be a safe city with relatively low crime rates. As a result, this city makes the perfect choice for a an individual or a family to move and start a new life.

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