5 Istanbul Homes for Sale Trends You Should Know (in 2024)



Istanbul is one of the most popular destinations for real estate investment in Turkey. With its rich history, vibrant culture, and booming economy, Istanbul offers great opportunities for buying property. Staying informed about the latest trends is crucial for both prospective buyers and sellers in Istanbul's dynamic and ever-evolving real estate market.

As we dive into the year 2024, several key trends are reshaping the landscape of homes for sale in this vibrant city. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore five significant trends that are shaping the Istanbul homes for sale-market in 2024 and provide valuable insights for navigating these trends effectively.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction 
  • Why do you have to buy a property in Istanbul?
  • Is it a good time to invest in Istanbul Real Estate
  • Average size & prices for Houses for Sale in Istanbul
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs - About Property in Istanbul

5 Istanbul Homes for Sale Trends

Here are 5 Istanbul homes for sale trends that you should know in 2024:

1. Emergence of Smart Homes

Smart homes are becoming more popular in Istanbul. These are houses with technology that helps you control things like lights, temperature, and security using your phone or voice. People like them because they're convenient and can save energy.

2. Rise of Mixed-Use Developments

There are more places in Istanbul where you can live, work, and have fun all in one area. These mixed-use developments have homes, shops, offices, and parks all together. They make it easy to get what you need without having to travel far.

3. Focus on Sustainable Living

People are caring more about the environment, so there's a focus on building homes that are good for the planet. These homes use things like solar panels and special materials to save energy and reduce waste. They're better for the Earth and can save money on bills too.

4. Shift towards Suburban Living

Instead of living in a busy city, more people are choosing to live in the suburbs, which are quieter areas outside the city centre. Suburban neighbourhoods have bigger houses and more space for families to enjoy. Plus, they're often more affordable than city living.

5. Increased Demand for Luxury Properties

Luxury homes are still in demand in Istanbul. These are fancy houses in nice areas with lots of extra features like pools, gyms, and beautiful views. Many people desire them despite their high cost, considering them symbols of success and status.


Is It A Good Time To Invest In Istanbul Real Estate?

There are several factors that make Istanbul an attractive place to invest in property right now:

Factors to consider before investing in Istanbul real estate

When deciding if Istanbul is the right real estate investment for you, here are some key things to consider:

1. Strong economic growth - Istanbul is one of the fastest-growing economies in Europe with GDP growth around 5% annually.

2. Increasing property prices - Home values in Istanbul have been rising steadily around 10-15% per year.

3. Tourism growth - Istanbul welcomes over 14 million visitors per year fueling demand for hotels and short-term rentals.

4. Young population - With over 30% of the city's population under age 30, there is strong demand for housing.

5. Infrastructure improvements - Massive investments in transportation, utilities, and services make Istanbul more livable.


These factors all point to a healthy real estate market in Istanbul that should provide good returns on investment.

Available options for Istanbul Homes For Sale

Istanbul has a wide variety of housing options to meet every budget and need. Here are some of the types of homes available:

  • Apartments - From modest flats to luxury high-rise units, apartments make up most listings.
  • Villas - Villas with gardens and pools, offering spacious living, can be found, especially along the Bosphorus.
  • Waterfront homes - Coastal neighbourhoods like Kadikoy offer beautiful sea-view houses.
  • Historic homes - Charming period houses are available in old Istanbul districts.
  • New developments - Many shiny new complexes cater to modern lifestyles.

The range of available homes in Istanbul is vast. Visit our site to browse current houses for sales listings across Istanbul.

Top locations to consider when buying property in Turkey

In your Turkish property search, it's good to explore some different locations to find your perfect match. Here are some top areas for houses and apartments in Istanbul and beyond.

1. Beşiktaş - Situated right on the Bosphorus, Beşiktaş offers plentiful shops and restaurants alongside Ottoman palaces turned into luxury hotels.

2. Nişantaşı - One of Istanbul's most prestigious neighbourhoods, Nişantaşı provides upper-class living with designer boutiques and gourmet restaurants.

3. Kadıköy - Kadıköy has become one of Istanbul's trendiest spots for its waterfront cafes, bars, and cultural scene, drawing a young, hip crowd.

4. Bodrum - On the Aegean coast, Bodrum attracts both Turkish vacation home buyers and foreigners with its beaches, nightlife, and marina.

5. Alanya - A top pick on the Turkish Riviera, Alanya lures buyers with its mediaeval castle, clear waters, and sunny urban climate.

Each area provides a different lifestyle, so visit a few on your property-hunting travels across Turkey!

Popular locations

Some top neighborhoods for 2-bedroom houses in Istanbul include:

1. Küçükçekmece - Affordable properties near the Marmara Sea coast.

2. Başakşehir - A fast-growing suburb with new housing developments


3. Beylikdüzü - Contemporary homes and easy transport links.

4. Ümraniye - Up and coming Asian side location with a youthful vibe.

5. Beşiktaş - Prime European side district with a buzzing central location.

Average Size & Price Houses For Sale In Istanbul

The average size of a two bedroom home in Istanbul ranges from 60 to 150 square metres (approximately 650 to 1,600 square feet). In prime central neighbourhoods, prices currently average around 1.5 million to 2.5 million TRY ($80,000 to $135,000 USD). Expect to pay several million TRY for a higher end or renovated 2 bedroom in districts like Beşiktaş, Kadıköy or Nişantaşı.

What's included

Typical 2 bedroom houses for sale in Istanbul come with the following:

  1. Open plan living/dining room
  2. Modern fitted kitchen
  3. Two bedrooms (often with en-suite bathrooms)
  4. Additional bathroom
  5. Balcony or terrace
  6. Assigned parking space

High-end homes may also include features like home automation systems, security systems, built-in appliances, roof terraces with sea views, and more.

Financing and ownership

There are several purchase options for foreigners buying property in Turkey:

  1. Cash purchase
  2. Local Turkish mortgage
  3. Payment plan from a developer

It's also possible to buy through a Turkish company, allowing foreign buyers to acquire property while retaining ownership under a Turkish entity.


To wrap up, if you're on the hunt for a house for sale in Istanbul, it's essential to approach it smartly and with good information. At Turkey Advisors, we're here to make that process easy and satisfying. Whether it's keeping up with market changes or giving you personalised financial advice, we're committed to making your journey smooth and enjoyable. Let us help you find your perfect home in Istanbul in 2024, just the way you want it.

FAQs- Istanbul Homes For Sale Trends

1. Is it a good idea to invest in real estate in Istanbul in 2024?

Investing in flats in Istanbul is a smart way to save and make more money. Many people from other countries buy property here to rent or sell later. The buildings in the city centre have easy access to transportation, important facilities, and infrastructure.

2. Are there any specific neighbourhoods known for affordable houses for sale in Istanbul?

Yes, some neighbourhoods in Istanbul are known for having more affordable houses for sale. Places like Esenyurt, Beylikduzu, and Esenyurt are often considered more budget-friendly.

3. What are the typical sizes and layouts of houses available for sale in Istanbul?

Houses for sale in Istanbul come in different sizes and styles. You can find small apartments, big villas, and everything in between. There are one-bedroom apartments, duplexes, and even multi-story houses with many bedrooms.

4. Are there any legal or administrative procedures that buyers should be aware of when purchasing a house in Istanbul? 

  • Get a title deed (Tapu) when buying a house in Istanbul.
  • Ensure all paperwork is in order.
  • Understand rules for foreign ownership if applicable.
  • Seek help from a reliable real estate agent or lawyer.

5. What is the average price range for houses on sale in Istanbul?

Houses for sale in Istanbul have different prices. Some are affordable, while others are more expensive, based on where they are and what they offer.

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