Buying a property in Turkey by using cryptocurrency


The world is changing rapidly and daily, globalization is shifting the world we’re living in, by applying a new invention every single day, in different sectors, financially, socially, and many other divisions of life and cryptocurrency are one of these supplies, which is changing the entire game of demand, not only on banking scale but way much further, so we as Turkey Advisors company, while we have adopted the modernization as mothed of working, we’ve worked on serve our clients by applying all the possible potential facilities that would simplify the process of investing your money whether it’s cash or as cryptocurrency, but for additional general understanding of the entire used-process of buying a property by cryptocurrency in Turkey, we’ll explain more for you What is cryptocurrency, the Steps you should follow, also we’re providing you an abbreviation about the cryptocurrency in general for those who is interested in getting more info about:

What is cryptocurrency trading?
- In January of 2009, and based on research that appeared in November of 2008, an anonymous person who carried a pseudonym (Satoshi Nakamoto), invented an electronic currency called (Bitcoin) that is fully encrypted and based on blockchain technologies in its first application, as a technology that will change the way banks and the finical sector work, and financials around the world.

- Bitcoin is not governed by any central authority and is not subject to any central laws worldwide, The exchange of currency takes place directly between dealers without any need of an intermediary to carry out the process, which completely eliminates the banking sector from commercial transactions and money transfers (BANK, WESTERN UNION … ETC), The main advantage the investors get, is TIME, no more waiting for the transaction to arrive abroad, or no need to pay any additional payment for that transaction, but the question mostly popped up, Is how can I own and trade with the cryptocurrency?

There are several safe and guaranteed websites, with several divisions of progressing for cryptocurrency trading, And here is the best recommendation for safe websites you must use:

1- First, The CEX is the best choice for you if you want to purchase bitcoin for the first time, As it affords spot exchange rates, and basic buying and selling alternatives, But its only stumbling back is that its payment selections are somewhat limited.

2- The second option is, In the case of an immediate purchase of Bitcoin, we advise you to select between two sites such as Bitcoin or BitQuick; Because they afford a wide range of payment alternatives and allow you to buy directly from a seller without an intermediary, and in all cases, you must be assured of their security and credibility.

3- The third option is, to obtain bitcoins in the form of real coins by ordering them from the TITANBTC website, and the website will send it home.

4- The fourth option which is considered our favorite recommendation for our solution partner is LocalBitcoins that is the main site where these transactions are managed and rates are negotiated; Where the site offers a guaranty service as a kind of additional protection and stability for both parties.

By getting familiar with the first stone of cryptocurrency trading, which is the procedure stone, the second question mark must be how Turkey advisors will help you with cryptocurrency trading within the Turkish real estate market?

There are several stages and here is How to purchase property in Turkey by using your cryptocurrency is?

 Stage 1: owners can exchange their (Bitcoin, Ethereum, or cryptocurrencies that they have), Into USDT, and then transfer it to Property Turkey's corporate wallet account which is registered in Turkey.

Stage 2: Turkey Advisors receives your USDT transaction, which is considered a solid and stable coin that is not inflated in value, from here on, the client knows how much has been transformed and  Turkey Advisors knows how much the owner has been transferred to our registered wallet.

 Stage 3: Turkey Advisors will exchange your USDT into Turkish Lira or any other wanted foreign currency, and deposit the transacted money into your bank account which you formerly established in any intended Turkish bank within Turkey, consequently from this point, you will be able to purchase any property you want and transfer the capital amount from your Turkish bank account to the construction company or the agent’s account, therefore your new investments property in Turkey considered as ready to move.

Absolutely there’re more and more details you should acquire and progressively by practice, you will earn the full comprehensive notion about the entire process of buying a property in Turkey by using cryptocurrency, however, Turkey Advisors will be always ready to give you the assistance you deserve, So give us a call and we will fully help by giving all the finical assistance you deserve.

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