At Turkey Advisors, our commitment to our clients extends beyond mere transactional buying and selling processes. We view it as a lifelong partnership, initiated by guiding our clients from the very outset. Together, we build knowledge and navigate the intricacies of the real estate landscape, ensuring that our clients reach their desired destinations safely. Our integrated team of Turkey Advisors stands ready to deliver what you rightfully deserve.

The journey of a purchase operation with us commences with meticulous attention to the following steps:

We reach you, before you reaching Turkey

Our team will contact you by phone or by making a zoom call to give you all the required information and details, about the city you want to buy your next property in, whether for the purpose of housing or investment

Hence the real estate consultant will give a full explanation of the city: infrastructure, city services, transportation network, legal issues such as Taxes and foreigner lawseducational services of the educational institution such as universities and schools … etc. and then the buyer will be directed to the right place, in the required city, depending on the purpose of buying in Turkey is for housing or investment

All purchase offers will be sent with a detailed explanation about the certain project and the selected municipality, uploaded with prices, payment method, and all the information you want to know to move forward to the next step.

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We’ll be waiting for you in the airport

If you have not visited Turkey before or have done so, you will need a pick up-drop service from the airport In our company, we offer you this service based on prior coordination with our staff on each of the arrival dates, the landing airport, and the location of your hotel.

Presentation in our office

After you arrive in Turkey, we will schedule a meeting with you at the company's office to renew and refresh all the information you have previously taken from the real estate Advisor. Meanwhile, we will make a presentation with the means of explanation, and then we will work to determine both the buyer's destination, the purpose of the purchase, the purchasing value.

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Projects tour:

After all the details become apparent to the buyer, from the point of purchase and the purpose of the buying, we can start our tour in a particular city. We will visit the sales offices of projects that correspond to the customer's choices and preferences; we will tour the project and take all the essential details and information.

In addition to conducting a separate presentation for each project about: The real estate land data, the process of developing the purchasing value per meter in the project area, in addition to the future of the municipality, and the benefits that the buyer will obtain by purchasing with a specific project.

The last step will depend on the buyer's acceptance and satisfaction. If his requirements are compatible with a specific project, we will work on concluding an initial deal to take an offer of the purchasing value in the project.

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Aftersale stage

The sixth and final stage includes the procedures for the cash transfer of the value of the purchased property.

At this stage, we will have to carry out a tax exemption procedure for the foreign investor when the buyer is transferring the cash value of the property according to the sale-purchase contract to Turkey.

Your journey is about to end with the construction company, but it has not finished with our company yet.

Aftersale services

The seventh and final stage is dedicated to after-sales procedures. If you want to furnish the apartment, we accompany you during the search process for all the furniture and equipment you need for your property.

In addition, we manage the property and carry out the procedures for each gas and electricity contract.

After the buyer makes a power of attorney for our company to implement the mentioned procedures, this step is required only if the buyer is out of Turkey and wants us to help finish the processes of buying the property or furnish the property while the buyer is out of Turkey.

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