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The biggest advantage of purchasing real estate property in Turkey is obtaining Turkish citizenship and passing it on to family members. Additionally, being able to gain a high income from renting the property.

No, in Turkey, title deeds have history tracking files. It shows all the previous owners, and if one of the previous possessors was a foreigner, the title deed cannot be used again to get Turkish citizenship. You can protect yourself from scams by obtaining the title deed history from the title deed administration (Tapu Idaresi) and checking whether one of the property's previous owners was a foreigner.

Foreign investors are able to extract an expertise report from the title deed department in Istanbul. The report evaluates the property and provides the actual price without any exaggeration in fees.

Well, according to Turkish law, kids over 18 are considered independent individuals. Therefore, parents are not eligible to inclode their children beyond 18 in the Turkish citizenship by real estate title deed or application. Instead, you can make another purchase of $400,000 in their name and apply for Turkish citizenship as individuals.

No, parents cannot be involved within the application for Turkish citizenship through real estate.

Yes, parents can grant or pass on Turkish citizenship to their challenged or disabled kid older than 18 only if they present a medical certificate proving their child's impairment.

No, according to Turkish citizenship by real estate law, parents cannot provide or pass on Turkish citizenship to children older than 18 (the legal age in Turkey).

Yes, you can obtain the real estate residence permit if you buy a property using an installment payment plan only after obtaining the title deed. Well, to be eligible to extract the title deed, payment should be in cash. Moreover, you will not be able to get the title deed unless the full amount is paid. 

Foreign investors are not qualified to apply for Turkish citizenship if the date of real estate purchase is earlier than 2017.

Grandparents are not eligible to pass Turkish citizenship on to their grandchildren, even if they have full custody of them. Moreover, grandparents are also not eligible to grant their grandchildren a residence permit. According to Turkish civil law, only parents have the capacity to grant their children another citizenship.


If one of the parents wishes to pass on the Turkish nationality to their kids, they must first obtain permission from their ex-spouse. This applies even if the divorced legal custodian has full custody. The ex-spouse must come to Turkey in-person and submit their acceptance testimony to the immigration department.

Yes, after obtaining Turkish citizenship, whether by the father or mother, it can be passed on to the other spouse and children, as long as they are under 18 and of legal will-making age.

The answer is no; the Turkish government does not require additional payments to obtain citizenship. Not under any government donation or other provision.

No, there is no validity period for Turkish citizenship. Moreover, it will automatically pass on to your grandchildren.

No, there is absolutely no need to give up your original citizenship to obtain Turkish citizenship.

No, when you obtain Turkish citizenship, you will not be exempt from the value-added tax (VAT) that foreigners were previously exempt from, meaning that your tax transactions will differ.


The answer would be yes. Your male children of legal age will be called up for military duty after obtaining Turkish citizenship since they are Turkish citizens.

After obtaining Turkish citizenship, you can pass it on to your wife and your children, as long as they are under 18 and of legal will-making age.

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