5 romantic spots you should visit in Istanbul


Alphonse de Lamartine once said: if one has but a single glance to give the world, one should gaze on Istanbul, This is what the French poet Alphonse said about the unique and charming city of Istanbul with all of it, so if Alphonse the love poet  sees Istanbul like this, let us tell you about the 5 most beautiful romantic places you should visit with a partner in Istanbul:

1- IL Cortile Istanbul:

An Italian courtyard-style restaurant is located in the heart of poetic Galata, within the French Ecole St. Pierre Hotel, the hotel was renovated from an old French school of the 19th century. 

Both the hotel and the restaurant have such a nice romantic atmosphere,  where the Roman defense walls which remain from the 13th century, will add such a delightful touch to your dinner with your beloved.

The IL Cortile Istanbul restaurant is offering such a diverse menu, from Italian cuisine, and for sure it's serving one of the best-aged velvet wines under the sky of lovely Istanbul.

So we extremely recommend it to you, in case you're looking for a romantic spot in Istanbul, where you can start your day taking a Selfie nearby Galata Tower, with Turkish simit with a cup of Turkish coffee or tea, and then move towards IL Cortile Istanbul restaurants for dinner or lunch, where you will have the best romantic experience you deserve, for you and you partner in Istanbul.

2- The Maiden's Tower - Kız Kulesi

What makes the Kız Kulesi tower a perfect romantic destination is, the architecture of the tower itself, with the balcony upstairs where you can get a selfie with your beloved partner in the middle of the Bosphorus with the magnificent view of Istanbul city, and also having the opportunity of having romantic dinner in the unique restaurant, which is helping you to purpose to your lover, by preparing all the ceremonies, such as personalized dinner table, also customized proposal lighting, which all will make that day, unforgettable one in the heart of Istanbul city, and for sure to reach the tower, you have to take the private boat from Uskudar's shore, actually that trip from the shore pavement till the tower (Kız Kulesi ) will be a true moment of life, you and your partner would always memorize the day.

But have you heard about the stories dedicated to the tower?
According to the most popular tale, is about a king who had a beloved daughter, but Unfortunately one day a prophet predicted that she would be killed by a poisonous snake on her 18th birthday. The king had the tower constituted in the middle of the Bosphorus to protect his daughter until her 18th birthday. The princess moved to live alone in the tower, where she was regularly visited only by her father, but what makes the tale very tragic is that on her birthday her father brought her a basket of fruit, and sadly she got poisoned by a hidden snake which was into the basket and immediately died between the arms of her father. It’s Sad story, isn’t it?

3- Galata Tower (GalataKulesi):

The tower is a historical stone building located in Galata/Karakoy, formerly during the period of Ottoman-ruled Istanbul, the tower used for recognizing fires in the city,  The tower has been restored many times since then, and now it’s considered a World Heritage Site in Turkey by the UNESCO.

But what makes the Tower a very romantic destination in Istanbul is that there is a traditional Turkish cuisine restaurant and café on its upper floors which have such a magnificent scene of the city, and the Bosphorus, it's a similar and identical romantic sense for what you can have in Paris in the Eiffel tower, the same atmosphere with a touch of history, privacy and exclusivity that makes that dinner with you beloved, absolutely a special day, you won't forget.

Also, there is a nightclub that is offering a Turkish show that includes (belly dance shows) only on the weekend.

4-Çamlıca Hill =  Çamlıca Tepesi:

Çamlıca Hill:

Located in is Istanbul the Asian Side in Uskudar municipality, technically in Canlica district, at 288 m, above sea level, therefore Çamlıca Hill has such an astonishing panoramic view of the Bosphorus and the city of Istanbul.

The Hill contains a public national park on the top of the hill that becomes a favorite tourist attraction, There is a historical-designed cafe, a restaurant in the public park with huge flower fields, a children's playground, and fruitful trees gardens, and several fountains.

But what makes Çamlıca Hill, romantic spot, are things:

-The hill is famous for its balcony in the outdoor section, where most of the couples come to make their wedding photo session in the Garden, which gave the hill such a romantıce atmosphere, and recently become famous as a ring proposal place as well, so locally knows as Bride Hill as well.

- Second thing is the weather up in the hill, which is mostly mild, suitable for summer picnics, and also perfect for a warm cup of tea or hot chocolate in the cold moist Turkish winter inside the historical teahouses.

So we highly recommend it to you whether you are planning to visit Istanbul will be in the summer or winter seasons.

5- Küçüksu Pavilion:

Küçüksu Pavilion was to be a vocational mansion used by the Ottoman sultans and also as a guest mansion for the diplomatic visitors.

The mansion has such an expositional location in the Asian side of Istanbul, in Beykoz municipality, Küçüksu neighborhood

The view whether indoor or outdoor is unexplainable pretty, due to the exceptional location, the mansion is located directly on the Bosphorus, between Anadoluhisarı and the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, therefore the Küçüksu Pavilion becomes one of the most favorite spots for spring weddings which is organized on the Pavement of the Bousphoures in a very romantic atmosphere, in addition to uncountable ring proposal occurred over there, so if you have any plan or intention to propose, we found you the right place.

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