5 things not to do in Turkey


The history of the Turkish nation started practically from the 11th century, therefore the Turkish lands expanded on vast regions since then, to include many surrounded countries of actual Turkey, which  included part of Russia and east Russia, and a large part of Eastern Europe, in addition to most of the countries of the Middle East, hence the Turkish civilization is such a diverse ethnics includes glorious ancestry, Therefore, to avoid any cultural shock, here are 5 things that you should avoid in your next visit to Turkey :

1- Whatever your political opinion about Turkey, or what the historical side do you prefer from the Turkish political past, don't ever criticize Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of the Turkish republic, because Turkish law criminalizes negative speech or criticism of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, plus Turks admire him very much in all their different political affiliations and associations, so avoid interfering with any discussion that may offend Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, whether positively or negatively, anyway, politics is a boring conversation to get involved in, isn’t?

2- Turks are considered as a Muslim nation with a vast Islamic majority, and even the other religious group does respect the Houses of worship whether it’s a mosque or a church, so if your plan-list in Tukey involves any of the historical holy places, meanwhile regardless of the gender, avoid wearing revealing clothes, lower your voice into the mosque or church's internal lobby, don't take a picture for anyone without taking their permission, and lastly stick to the Places allocated for non-Muslims or non-Christians tourists, and if you want to go beyond the limits, ask the person in charge of the place, they are mostly gentle and helpful, don't worry.

3- If you are an environmental activist or a non-smoker, you should accept that Turkish people love to smoke cigarettes especially after the food meal or with a cup of Turkish coffee or tea, so don't mind them smoking, cus according to the Turkish culture, it's offensive to mind or prevent them smoking cigarettes, it might look strange a bit, we know, but it’s a different nation, diverse traditions and worlds, isn't?

4- If you're a fan of Turkish bazaars and planning to visit one, you should put in mind that you shouldn't buy any  Turkish product whatever it is, without bargaining for it, by doing a long negotiation on the discounted price,  but also if you just trying to get familiar with pricing into the bazaar, or you have no actual intention to buy that specific stuff, don’t bargain for it, cus it would consider as offensive and even immoral act from you to bargaining and get a discounted price for the stuff you won't buy, so stay in the safe side and think twice, next time before asking for the price or bargaining on it, you don't want to harm anybody's feeling, don't you?

5- And lastly, for your safety, don't board any taxi car that doesn't have a taxis sign, with a clear registration number plate, cus simply he might be A fraudulent chauffeur or unregistered taxi driver who is not governmentally licensed, so in case the driver frauded on you by adding additional taxi fare or misled you, as a consequence, you won’t be able to charge him to any legal entity as a foreign tourist, as he is not legally registered. So next time you want to get a taxi, use the mobile phone’s applications (UBER, BiTaksi, iTaksi), it is safer, and also you can get informed about the charge you will pay, without getting involved in any virtual problems that would ruin your vacation.

Hopefully, we wish you to have a nice amusing vacation in Turkey, and please if you have any additional wonders or questions mind in the head, connect us so we would make sure, you have the vacation you deserve.

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