5 traditions you need to know about Turkish culture


The Turkish nation is considered a middle Eastern nation in different aspects, and they share several  cultural traditions with their neighbors simultaneously they are conservative nor liberal people, but both, so their cultural attitude will surprise you every single time you get in touch with them, so in this article, we're giving you five traditional customs of the Turkish people, in order to avoid any potential cultural shock next time visiting Turkey

1- Tea or Çay in the Turkish language, The Turks love and value tea (Çay), they drink it on a daily with an uncountable number of cups, it's served as generous hospitality and to express the welcoming to visitors and guests, even more, they consume it regardless of the weather or timing, in hot summer morning or a chilly winter evening, So our advice for you is to don't refuse a teacup, even if you don't drink it, anyway, do not rule out that you too will be addicted to delicious Turkish tea after a while of being in Turkey

2- Your shoe can be such a bummer; no, we're kidding; a shoe cannot be a problem, but not taking it off in specific places would be, but how? Due to the conservative ideology of the Turks, they take off their shoes before entering houses or holy places such as mosques, so next time you want to visit a Turkish family, don't forget to take off your shoes before entering; they will appreciate it

3- Let's stay in the same vein, Turkish people are very welcoming and visitors lovers, you can easily make new friends with the locals, who you might meet in random places like cafes or theater lobbies, meanwhile, naturally they would invite you to visit their homes, once you accept it, don't go empty-handed, you are free to serve any friendly gesture. Still, mostly Turks prefer traditional sweets, such as Baklava. Instead, you can get something that presents your culture which tells about your country's traditions. They will appreciate it and thank you for being such culturally open-minded. 

4- Wearing evil eyes is such a bizarre tradition that Turkish have, but what is the evil eye? Mostly is a piece of glass or stone in blue color, similar to the shape of the human eye. Its purpose is to drive away from the envy of the evil eye, Do not be astonished because you will notice it in most Turkish homes, hanging on the doorstep from outside and in shops as well; also, you can have one to yourself from the street vendors, as a necklace that you put on your neck to protect yourself from the evil eye isn't amusing tradition to have the ability to defend yourself from evils.

5- Reading coffee cups as fortunes is also a mysterious tradition of Turks; we told you earlier how much Turks are into tea; however, the Turkish coffee yet has its special rank in their heart, with uncountable different ways to prepare it, with such a unique design of the serving cups. Yet, Turks can do the horoscope reading and tell you about your chiromancy through your coffee cup; actually, many locals believe in the power of reading a cup of coffee, so don't mock them, do it for fun, and be aware of its power.

Last but not least, there's always a new adventure full of excitement to live in Turkey, being in Turkey is such a joyful experience to live, a day to explore, a life to build, So whatever your plan would be here in Turkey, we'll be your partner, don't forget to call us, so our advisors will be able to tell you more about the cultural, real estate in Turkey, and joy of living Turkey 







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