A full guide on real estate residence permit in Turkey for you and your family


Many people from all over the world are currently traveling to Turkey in order to begin a new life, a new career, or even just to find solace and quiet after retiring.

Turkey has become a favored destination for both tourists and locals because of its distinctive geographic setting and its lengthy and varied history.

The larger cities are distinguished by a more contemporary and integrated environment, where upscale apartment buildings offer all the standard everyday conveniences including security, kindergartens, international and Arabic schools, national and international universities, sports and social facilities, parking spaces, and retail malls. Therefore, Turkey has been a center of interest in the region on many levels, including tourism, investment, medical, and scientific fields. Therefore, planning one’s stay in Turkey and legalizing one’s status is crucial. Well, there are many types of residency peppermint in Turkey. Touristic residency permit, work residency permit, family residency permit, student residence permit, and real estate residency permit. The balance generally favors obtaining a real estate residence permit in Turkey by purchasing a property in exchange for other types of residence permits. The real estate title deed (Tabu), which has legal significance, may often be the key to the solution, as we will explain in this guide.


Restate residency permit


Restate residency permit is a short term, renewable residency permit given to foreigners who have bought a property in Turkey. The real estate residence permit (residence in Turkey obtained via the purchase of a property) is typically awarded for a duration of one year. The owner's wife and any accompanying minor children are also eligible to obtain the real estate residence permit. 


Conditions to obtain Restate residency permit in Turkey


  • Presenting title deed or Tabu for your property.
  • Presenting insurance against earthquakes for your property.
  • Presenting your passport. It should be valid for at least a year.
  • Presenting a family statement for your wife and kids. Make sure your family statement is confirmed by the Turkish embassy in the place of origin and is also translated into Turkish.
  • Presenting health insurance for each family member in Turkey.
  • Presenting a copy of the entry visa to Turkey.
  • Presenting proof of a fixed monthly income of at least $500.
  • Presenting a Bank account statement



What is the property's minimal worth to be eligible for real estate residency?


People who are planning to move to Turkey and planning to buy a property in Turkey must invest at least $75,000, and more commonly, $100,000.

It should be noted that in order to guarantee the issuing of real estate dwelling, the real estate assessment report must meet the aforementioned minimum.


Turkey real estate residential benefits


In many ways, the real estate residence permit and the tourist residence permit are identical, but the real estate residence permit is thought to be stronger in terms of the likelihood and length of permitted renewals.

By purchasing an apartment in Turkey worth $200,000  you can obtain a residency permit, and as the property owner you will be able to have a residency to on Turkish territory; however, unless the property is worth at least $400,000 and meets certain requirements, the owner is then eligible to apply for Turkish citizenship by property investment in exchange for purchasing the property.

It is not allowed to submit anything else while renewing a real estate residence; only the tapu deed on which the residency was awarded is acceptable.


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