All you need to know about Turkey's private hospitals


The Turkish government recently made significant investments in its healthcare system through a broad program of changes aimed at ensuring that everyone in Turkey, including expats and visitors, has access to high-quality healthcare. You can obtain top-notch and reasonably priced medical treatment from skilled medical professionals in many of Turkey's hospitals.

In private hospitals in Turkey's largest cities, especially Istanbul, foreigners, and tourists are likely to get the best medical care. Hospitals in the largest cities often have modern, well-maintained medical equipment and qualified medical personnel. Some of the most prestigious international healthcare institutions, including the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Texas and the Columbia Medical Faculty in New York, have partnered with the best private hospitals in Istanbul. As a result, Istanbul's private hospitals can now compete with North American and Western European healthcare systems in terms of inpatient and outpatient care.

Healthcare costs in Turkey are often substantially lower than in many other nations, and expats who have lived in Turkey for at least a year and who pay into the social security system are eligible for public healthcare benefits. This is true of both public and private institutions. Even today, many foreign nationals and tourists choose to sign up for private international health insurance policies, especially since public healthcare benefits cannot be utilized at private hospitals in Turkey. 

Visitors and foreign residents living in Turkey can use the public ambulance service when they require immediate medical assistance, which can be reached by dialing 112. Remember that the caliber of the hospital it serves is highly correlated with the caliber of the ambulance service. Public ambulances are frequently significantly slower to react and may not have fully working equipment, while ambulances from private hospitals are frequently well-maintained and have quick response times. Often, using a taxi is the more practical choice, especially in non-life-threatening circumstances.

Well, below are some of Turkey’s best private hospitals. 

  • The American Hospital

Among the best facilities in Turkey comes the American hospital. Today's American hospital is a member of the famed "Koç" healthcare company, which manages some of the greatest hospitals in Turkey. The American hospital was first established by the American Rear Admiral Mark Lambert Bristol as a part of the Red Cross back in the 1930s.

The American hospital is recognized as a leader in the field of oncology and cancer treatment in Turkey. Well, Turkey has established a reputation in medical tourism as a result of the American hospital's long history of serving as both a treatment facility and a research institute.

The hospital currently sees around 220,000 patients annually. Across its 60,500 square meter structure, it has 278 inpatient beds, 36 intensive care beds, and 12 surgical rooms. It is outfitted with all of the most modern technology and includes a dedicated emergency area with a helicopter for situations that need to be handled quickly. The prestigious non-profit private hospital is situated in Istanbul's Nişantaş district.

  • Acibadem Hospital

A little neighborhood hospital in an isolated area of Istanbul is where the hospital got its start. With hospitals located throughout Turkey and beyond, Acibadem is now a fully-fledged worldwide brand. They currently operate several hospitals around the Balkans, making them Bulgaria's biggest private healthcare provider.

Acibadem is a hospital network that upholds universal excellence, so no matter which facility you visit, the level of care and services will be the same. In vitro fertilization was successfully performed for the first time in Turkey at the hospital in Istanbul, and it is currently marketed as one of the benefits of visiting Turkey for medical tourism.

Acibadem has been a leader in organ transplantation procedures worldwide, particularly those involving the liver, and this has earned them recognition on a global scale with their neighbors Iran.

Incoming medical tourists may take use of translators, specialized services, airport pickups, and tours at Acibadem, which has entire departments devoted to the industry.

  • Istanbul Medipol Hospital

Istanbul Medipol University is a private hospital network and university. The hospital and university were both established in 2009. More than 37.051 doctors are now enrolled at the university's 12 faculties, five institutes, and four vocational institutions, which make up Istanbul Medipol.

Moreover, the hospital buildings create a friendly and comfortable ambiance for the patients and their relatives with terrace garden suites, and normal rooms. Each room is equipped with multimedia services like TV, DVD, Internet, online access from the patient's bedside, Unlimited Digital Archive packages, and high-quality meal service. Additionally, the hospital building is equipped with helicopters, enabling the transfer of patients in most emergency cases. And Medipol Mega University Hospital uses the following innovative technologies- Biplane digital flat-panel angiographic system, Digital flat-panel tomosynthetic mammography, Surgical O-ARM PEROP CT Imaging system.

  • Koç University Hospital

It is the most recent medical facility in Turkey and the culmination of decades of medical advances within the Koç group. Koç University Hospital was established in September 2014 in conjunction with the Koç University Medical School. The university started its first academic year in the 2010–2011 academic year.

The hospital comprises specialized, general, pediatric, and oncologic clinics on its spectacular 220,000-square-meter campus. It has 400 rooms, 77 intensive care units, 88 assessment rooms, 250 outpatient spaces, and 13 operating rooms.


  • Medical Park Bahçelievler Hospital

Medical Park Bahçelievler Hospital is one of the top hospitals of the Medical Park Hospitals Group. which is one of the biggest healthcare organizations in Turkey. Being only a 5-minute drive from Ataturk International Airport and a 10-minute drive from Istanbul's port on the Sea of Marmara, the hospital is well positioned on Istanbul's European side. The hospital has 17 floors, 30,000 square meters of floor space, 246 beds, 89 polyclinics, and 10 cutting-edge operating rooms. Additionally, the Bahcelievler Metro station makes it extremely simple to get there.

Well, Turkish hospitals are outfitted with cutting-edge equipment, knowledgeable staff, and modern amenities to meet the demands of both locals and visitors seeking medical care. If you are planning to move to Turkey do not hesitate to Contact our team. Our experienced team will help you if you are interested to buy a property in turkey or buy apartment in istanbul or obtaining Turkish citizenship by real estate investment. 

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