Beyoglu From a real estate perspective and lifestyle one:


Beyoglu is the oldest municipality not only in Istanbul but in Turkey; it is more than 400 years old; the district has the highest value in terms of historical and urban civilization, it still has uncountable historical vintage monuments and buildings, which are banned from reconstruction, Due to its national importance as a heritage to the Turks.

The location of Beyoglu is unbeatable; it's the most central location in the city, over the historical peninsula of (Constantinople=Istanbul), by the Golden Horn. It was known as the region of Pera; however, the site might look perfect for investment but do we have available opportunities? The answer is yes.

But let us give you expert advice from a real estate perspective:

Yeah, we have multiple options, primarily within luxury residential complexes, but with the highest value in terms of pricing in the city; the value may reach half a million dollars for a (1-1) apartment, but in terms of revenue and profit of reselling or renting, Beyoglu has the highest capital appreciation in the city, but why though? The answer is straightforward.

Because of the location, location, location, the sort of atmosphere, and facilities that are offered within the municipality, Beyoglu is an area that never sleeps 24/7, with over 50 various international local hotel brands, well-developed infrastructure, complex nets of transportation, sophisticated facilities, and most substantial
uncountable figures of stores and shops, restaurants, cafes, and nightclubs.

Meanwhile, making and real estate investments in Beyoglu must be a successful and fruitful business. We have solid ground fundamentals, the basis most considered as realistic profit guarantee, but we emphasize that the purchasing value is high compared to other possibilities in the city. Still, yet Beyoglu is seen as a trustable and favorite destination for many.

Where to go? What to do in Beyoglu? One of The most charming five historical passages in Istanbul located in Beyoglu? So let us fill your recommendation visiting list in Istanbul:

1- Çiçek Pasajı: After restoring the construction structure in 1988, the passage reopened as a galleria of pubs and restaurants, don't leave Istanbul before spending the Saturday night there.

2-Atlas PassaPassage historical passage located on Istiklal Street in the Beyoğlu district of Istanbul, which includes Cinema, theater, and many fancy restaurants lit with daylight, go there for afternoon tea, trust us you will come back again.

3- Avrupa Pasajı: The passaPassageull of souvenirs, antiques, clothing, and jewelry stores offering items such as postcards, china, and carpets; you should pass by to buy a Turkish souvenir for your family, they will absolutely love it.

4- Hazzopulo Pasajı: The historical passage building and its patio contain tea shops, coffeehouses, bookstores, and millinery shops, so if you're a passionate reader, pass by to have your morning coffee with your favorite book, and yeah, don't leave without buying a hat for yourself.

5- Suriye Pasajı: it hosts personalities, families, offices, and businesses belonging to many multicultural backgrounds. There is also a vintage shop on the ground floor of the building, Leather shops, fur shops, coffee shops, and tea houses and restaurants located outside of the building.

And here are our recommendations for the best hotels and restaurants within the municipality of Beyoglu:

Suppose you have ever heard about Beyoglu. In that case, you must be heard about Taksim Square and Istiklal Caddesi, which are considered the most famous historical attraction within Istanbul. We like to call Istiklal avenue the cosmopolitan avenue that never sleeps or stops working 24/7; the avenue involves all the international and local brands such as (ZARA, MANGO, NIKE, ADDIDAS, U.S POLO …ETC), several hotels,
and also many restaurants that refer to different yummy cuisines such as:

1- Divan Brasserie Beyoğlu, 2-Midpoint, 3-Saray Muhallebicisi –
4- Beyoğlu, Barba Rasimo 1956 - Meyhane / Meze, 5-Hatay Medeniyetler Sofrası

For the best hotels, here are the most luxurious five hotels in Beyoglu:
1-The Marmara Taksim, 2- Gezi Hotel Bosphorus, 3- Barceló Istanbul,
4- CVK Park Bosphorus Hotel Istanbul, 5- Soho House Istanbul, 6- Elite World Prestige Hotel / Taksim

And for a fun activity you can enjoy during the day; we recommend you get your ticket:

1- Madame Tussauds Istanbul has been one of the most famous wax museums in Europe, since its opening day and till today, the museums have received millions of visitors from all over the world, The Museum is located in the middle of Istiklal Caddesi, so don't leave several pictures with the celebrities over there before-gatting. 

2- Pera Museum: it's a private museum created to present acceptable and quality artwork, so if you're an art lover and do have a taste of contemporary art, we strongly recommend you don't leave without passing by Pera Museum. The Museum pointed nearby Taksim Square; it's 5 min walking within the stoned allies.

3-  SALT Galata Istanbul: it's a contemporary art museum, exhibitions in the heart of the Galata District. The measure is creating modern art publications, digitization projects, and developing screenings, conferences, and fine art workshops. The Museum is also located within the Istklial Caddeci, but we recommend you to take a look over the weekly schedule while it's changeable, so keep yourself updated.

4- The Rahmi M Koç Museum:  is the first prominent Museum in Turkey devoted to the history of Transport, Industry, and Communications, Accommodated in majestic buildings that are examples of industrial archaeology, The Museum is located on the shore of the golden horn of Istanbul. Therefore you will get the chance to spend the afternoon sunset over the golf, don't forget to buy yourself a cup of Turkish tea.
We recommend you look over the weekly schedule while it's changeable, so keep yourself updated.

The list never ends with what you have to do in Beyoglu, but if you need more information about Beyoglu, whether it is in the field of real estate or places to visit, contact us, and our real estate consultants will always be ready to serve you in the way you deserve.

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