Christmas eve in Istanbul: where to go


The holidays are approaching; we can smell it in the air; the weather is getting colder, and Frank Sinatra Christmas songs are already playing. Therefore, we will not leave you without Christmas's cozy destinations list in Istanbul to visit for Christmas eve.

So If you're spending your Christmas holidays in Istanbul, here are the top destinations you can visit, so you don't miss the joyful Christmas vibes:

1- Kadikoy in the Asian side of Istanbul, precisely Moda Caddesi and Yasa Caddesi, where there are chocolate stores that give you and your family unlimited joy, lights of Christmas, hot chocolates, candies, and yeap uncontrollable calories, your kids absolutely will enjoy spending Christmas or new year eve there.

2- Baghdad Caddesi is also on the Asian side, nearby the Marmara sea,
Baghdad Caddesi is a long avenue that is impressed all the fine international brands
For clothing and yummy restaurants, the road is fully decorated with lights of Christmas, The whole of December month, where you can feel yourself in Paris, not Istanbul.
We advise you to taste the BananaSplit in the HouseCafe restaurant, which is located in the middle of the 
Caddesi, there're also various coffee and chocolate options, however, don't leave Baghdad Caddesi without visiting Kahve Dünyası - Bağdat Caddesi Beyaz Köşk, the café designed in one of the Ottoman wooden mansions; it has such a traditional oriental vibe, will join spending the afternoon there.

3- The fancy Nisantasi avenue, located on the European side, the entire Caddesi is lighted with Christmas joyful lights, with uncountable luxurious restaurants and cafes that are fully decorated to match the Christmas vibes, we recommend you to visit both VAKKO L'ATELIER, ZOYA'S HOUSE, and DELICATESSEN restaurants, for the Christmas eve

4- Galata and Taksim are absolutely perfect destinations not only for the Christmas holidays, But All year round; Beyoglu municipality is a lively spot, especially at Christmas time; the Atmosphere is incredible with the lights of Christmas, especially in Istiklal Cad, where you can find Chocolate stores that offers a warm Turkish Sahlab or hot chocolate, or you can have a romantic dinner with your loved ones in one of Taksim's nightclub, but with a Turkish magical touch, It hosts belly dance shows, with the magical red wine in the city so that you won't miss anything about the joy of Christmas.

5- We cannot mention Christmas and forget to mention  Beşiktaş; the municipality has one of the best holiday surroundings in the city. The municipalities awarded locally have the best Christmas decorative lights in the town, specifically Akaretler Caddesi; it's a multicultural avenue with many fancy coffees and restaurants. 
And if you're chocolate addicted, we'll strongly urge you to visit MENDEL'S café; it has the best chocolate fudge in Istanbul, trust us if you're visiting the city with your children, they would keep asking you to bring them back to eat more chocolates, it sounds a bit unhealthy, but we are sure it is so tasty
In the same municipality, you should go to Zorlu center shopping mall; it's hosting the most significant Christmas market, we guarantee you to find lovely gifts shops for your beloved ones.

6- The Galata port in Karakoy, it's located directly on the Bosphorus; the port is newly established and opened to host many luxury brands, restaurants, and cafes.
We recommend you to spend the day in the port, start it with a delicious breakfast in BigChefs, and then get yourself a cup of coffee from Kahve Dunyasi and enjoy the view over the Bosphorus.
You need to consider that the Port is Hosting one of the most prominent biggest Christmas markets; this year, a market includes many events.

There is no need to go toward any specific area to witness the firework; because the entire city will hold huge celebrations and fireworks. But to be at the hub of the action, we advise you to approach the Bosphorus; you feel yourself in the heart of the galaxy of stars.

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