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When a journalist asked the legendary Robert Kiyosaki about his opinion of real estate business he said: real estate investing, even on a very small scale remains a true means of building an individual's cash, flow, and wealth, the journalist asked again: what is the main factor element to focus on next time I am buying a property? Robert replied: location, location, location, nothing else matter.

Therefore we are as Turkey Advisors company, believe in the absolute importance of real estate location, but what a good location does mean, and what are its features can be?
A good profitable location’s notion, would differ from one country to another, and from our point of view, in Istanbul city, the location is a crucial element whether making a good investment or buying a house for family, but also location should have several criteria to assume of that property has a good location or not? So in this article, we will tell you about the fundamental element we will always force on, once we are advising you buying specific property in Istanbul city, which is the TRANSPORTATION, TRANSPORTATION, TRANSPORTATION

In addition to explaining such a big infrastructure topic, we should give you a small brief about Istanbul’s TRANSPORTATION history, and how by the time it highly affected the evolving of real estate’s value and changed the entire face of the city.

The undergrounds metro's infrastructure: 
 - First, the underground metro is considered today as an essential means of transportation in Istanbul city, and a vital vein of the city’s body, the story began in 1989 with the (M1 YeniKapi-Ataturk Airport) which served only a few stations in the European section of the city,  but over time it got developed to reach the Ataturk Airport, then at the being of 1994 another line added to the map, to serve the center of the old city the (M2 YeniKapi - Haciosman), at that time the minister of transportation with the collaboration with the municipality of Istanbul, drawn a plan to operate two serval Tramline that has cross-station with the excite metro lines.

Since then, and till our day, the map of underground transportation is daily developing and expanding to reach the further area of the city, meanwhile to increase the standard of living.
Today we have one of the longest metro lines in Europe and are considered as the deepest submerged tube tunnel in the world at a depth of 60.46 meters (The Marmary Gebze – Halkali line), also recently several smart self-driving metros lines were established to connect all the parts of the city such as the (M7 – M5 – M4 – M6).

Metro and any other means of transportation are used in Istanbul by purchasing (Istanbul Card), which are sold all over the city, and it's charged by dedicated machines, that are distributed and located throughout the city within the transportation stations.

The Tramline's infrastructure: 
In Istanbul city, we have additional means to transportation such as well-organized tramlines which are conducting three different lines in the European section of the city (T1 – T4 – T5) and also within the development plan, there is a tram line in the Asian part, which will be built within the municipality of Urban Umraniye, in addition to a line within the municipality of regenerated Kagithane that is located in the European side, which are going to increase the pricing of the land’s value notably and also the demands while the supplies in the market are getting less daily, that why we consider these regions as both successful investment in terms of land’s value in regeneration region, plus a suitable fully-serviced family house.

The ferry boat network: 
 Besides the metro and tram lines, we have an uncountable complex ferry-boat network, which are serving the Bousphours’ shores mainly, with various central locations on the cost of Marama sea and the Bosphorus of Istanbul city such as (eminönü, Yenikapi, Karakoy, Uskudar, Beykoz, Besiktas ….etc), however, the minister also works on adding a new concept of transportation, such as the Taxi-boat, which will be operating within the Bosphorus and the water rivers and channels that are exist to the West and East side of Istanbul city.

But what about the main role that transportations and metro specifically play in changing and increasing the value of the land and real estate in Istanbul city?

The importance of undergoing developing Metro’s networks processes comes from Facilitating transportation and adding an easy accessibility concept since Istanbul is a city that is extended to a vast area.
Besides, it’s considered as a decentralized city, which depends on the distribution of services throughout the city, in addition to the fact that Istanbul is one of the most crowded cities in the world with 16 million people, therefore it is impossible to rely on a single means of transportation or to live in that specific central area nearby the sea or the Bosphorus, Therefore, the importance of developing transportation is getting more significant and crucial, by the role it's played by reduces the spend-time by the Istanbulian drivers within the permanent congestion of Istanbul.

In conclusion, transposition in Istanbul is not an extravagance or a luxury but a necessity, and by the time this necessity get developed as a perception, it becomes the main factor that plays the foremost rule that would expand or reduce the price of each meter in that specific region, for example:
In the West-East side of the city in Basaksehir municipality specifically, the evolution of the price for each meter get increased beyond 130% since 2000, also in the Asian side, we‘ve witnessed the same sharply increase in price specifically in Ümraniye and Cekmkoy municipalities, and other surrounding neighborhood, beyond 110% within only 10 years. This increase in value is due to the development of the transportation infrastructure, Therefore the real estate value will continue to rise as long as the government works to introduce and develop modern transportation in the city.

For sure we can provide other uncountable examples show off the huge financial impact privilege of transportation on the real estate market, but the list goes on, so to get additional information, with full illustrative knowledge that you deserves to gain, call us and we will ensure you to own in the location you deserve.

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