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Turkish cuisine is one of the most famous and oldest cuisines worldwide; Turkish dishes are innumerable, and what distinguishes Turkish cuisine is the diversity in ingredients. While at the same time, we find most international cuisines have one characteristic or a favorite ingredient around which a culture of eating revolves; for example, the Indian cuisine is full of spices and hot dishes, the Arab cuisine is also known for its love for spices and herbs; however, the Turkish cuisine has many shared plates with the Arabian kitchen, but with various and additional ingredients, anyway, we're filling your hungry list with top five dishes that you shouldn't leave Turkey without testing it, also will supply you checklist with recommendation for best restaurants that serve this yummy food.

1- Et Doner: Meat or chicken Döner (Et-Tavuk Döner) is a well-known popular Turkish dish that is also considered a portion of street food; the Turks and Arabs share the concept of döner, which is grilled meat that rotates on a skewer, the Döner Turkey severed as a sandwich with various bread kinds, stuffed with vegetables, pickled cucumber and, tahini sauce. There is also a famous historical dish in Turkey that consists of roasted bread, Döner meat, goat yogurt, tomato sauce, and red pepper, put together in one tray, ultimately we add the hot ghee, making the sweetest, yummiest music ever, we call this marvelous plate Iskander Kebab. 

In Istanbul specifically, there is an uncountable mouthwatering Döner restaurant; some are historical, aged beyond 200 years old, and others are brand new, but who have the top Döner flavor in the town, is Ağababa Döner, in our humble hungry opinion, is the best.

2- Mantı: Manti is a famous local Turkish dish, but one of the most famous cities of making Manti is the Anatolian city, Kayseri. Manti is pieces of small squares of dough stuffed with meat, cooked with boiling salted water and butter; ultimately, we add hot ghee and goat's yogurt. To give the final touch to the artistic painting, we add red pepper spice and dry mint.

By the way, Manti dish had made a cultural conflict between Turks and Arabs who have the same dish with different prepping ways and some additional ingredients, especially people from Lebanon and Syria who are also serving the Manti but by cooking the stuffed dough in the yogurt instead of salted water, not a big difference isn't?

Even the manti isn't an Istanbulian dish. Still, there're unlimited restaurants that specialized in making Matni, even more, worked on developing the recipe by changing the stuffing and adding such unique yummy ingredients, we suggest you to heading to Kadikoy on the Anatolian side and visit Sinopia Mantı Evi, Kadıköy, they are the most OK in the town.

3- Gozleme, Su borek, and Pide: three dishes have one standard timing and ingredient; it's a morning food and is made of fresh dough but a different stuffing.

It's unacceptable to come to Turkey regardless of your purpose and don't live the Turkish breakfast experience. The Turkish breakfast table is the most affluent tableland ever with various flavors and colors. Still, the essential plats are Gozleme, Su borek, and Pide, which also has shared features with Arabic breakfast food called Manakish, or Fataeir.

Gozleme, Su borek, and Pide: is made up from fresh dough with several different toppings and stuffing, such as chees, meat, potato, eggs, vegetables, and too many herbs and spices, yet we're not done, what you should know that it's a criminal to have them all in one plate and to forget to order the huge cup of Turkish tea.

Actually, there's no specific destination we can recommend it for you, but what we are very sure about is that Gozleme, Su borek, and Pide are top-rated morning foods, you can find a bakery in each street and avenue which will be gladly serving and make you sure to have the most satisfying Turkish breakfast experience ever.

4- Kisir: Kisir is a salad that is similar to the tabbouleh, the middle eastern salad, but the significant difference is that amount of parsley is more than the bulgur in the Arabic tabbouleh, while in the Kisir, the amount of bulgur is greater, also with particular sort of dressing for Kisir, that is made from bulgur wheat, tomatoes, parsley, mint, some Turkish cities add on crunch addition of pickled cucumber, which trusts us makes the significant distinction

5- Grilled Kebab and Kofta: it would be such a massive unforgivable mistake to skip mentioning grilled meats and chicken in Turkey, honestly each Turkish city have its own way of serving the grilled Kebab and Kofta, and other kinds of roasted chicken and beef, such as Urfa the Anatolian city which adores the hot flavor, so they made their Kebab's recipes the most burning food in the country, while in Adana city preferred to add nuts, like Pistachio, and herbs such as parsley, however, we're not explaining here more in details, so you would come over and try the Turkish Kebab and Kofta, that would blow off your mind with its taste, tenderness, juicy bites and lots of other surprises.

By the way, you are not allowed to have Kebab and Kofta meal without ordering Ayran, the traditional drink that's consist of yogurt plus water and a pinch of salt, so freshly and will absolutely help you digest the considerable amount of chubby testy Kebab and Kofta

For sure, we are not leaving you with a long list of Kebab and Kofte's recommendations. First, you need to visit Chef Burak, the owner of the sweetest smile and most delicious food in Turkey; his restaurant is specialized in traditional Turkish food, But he did such a brilliant job by serving all traditional Turkish dishes from different Turkish cities on one trip, you'll tour the Turkish cuisine through Burak's table, the grilled Kebab and Kofte of his, away from exaggerating is the finest quality and teste.

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