Documents you need to prepare to Obtain Turkish Citizenship


General Steps for Filing Turkish Citizenship Application


Preliminary examination form (a standard form VAT-4)

Notarized Turkish translation of the passport.

Identity registry copy of the applicant.

Birth Certificate of the applicant.

Marital Status Certificate/Document.

Valid residence permit obtained through the process above outlined.


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Upon purchasing a property worth $ 400,000 You have to obtain the following documents:


A photocopy of the Tabu, the title deed, of your property, or a copy of the contract for the promise of sale with the notary.

A property valuation report that does not exceed the value stated in the title deed as of the title transfer date. You can optain the real estate value report within two or three working days from an assessment organization that has been granted government approval in Turkey.

Receipts for payments made from the buyer's account that are inked with a bank-issued direct stamp. These receipts serve as documentation that the purchase price was paid and moved from the seller's to the buyer's account.

Submit the citizenship file. In order to add the investor's spouse or husband to the citizenship file, you need to submit comparable agency, which may be arranged jointly by the customer and his wife, and it will cost 600–700 Turkish Liras each copy.

Translation of a Notary-certified passport for the complete family (husband, wife, and any minor children).


Documents needed to get a residency permit before submitting an application for citizenship:


Form for requesting a residence permit.

certification of compliance (i.e., conformity of the property to the specifications of the citizenship grant can be obtained from the Tabu Department).

Passport photocopy and original (applicant must be present personally).

Biological images (new).

legal insurance for health.


Documents needed to petition for citizenship from the owner, his wife, and their minor children


Application for exceptional status

The wife's (or husband's) approval is required in order to award children under the age of 18 nationality (this approval is not required in cases when the spouses seek for citizenship and acquire agency from the wife/husband).

Civil status record a marriage license or other legal proof of the applicant's status, such as proof of his single or married status.

Birth certificate or any other proof of birth, such as a civil registration document or a family record (must include the names of the parents of each individual).

Family memoir or statement document.

Two biometric images (for the whole family)


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