E-Devlet: how to get the best efficiency, how it works


The Turkish government has developed the state's facilities, matching and following global technologies and facilitating citizens' and foreigners' daily lives.
Therefore, Turkey shifted the concept of daily governmental papers and documents submitting process to the official administrations by inviting and developing the (E-government gate = E-DEVELTE KAPASI) while modernizing the lifestyle and improving it by minimizing the spend-time in the ordinary governmental administrations.

The website was first established in 2007 and officially opened by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, and since then, till December 2020, 700 government agencies have offered 5,338 applications to 51,757,237 million users. The mobile application provides 2,850 services.

What is the E-DEVELTE, and how it work:

The E-DEVELT is a governmental website that offers full access to the governmental administrations,
the website is fully secured, the access for citizens and foreigners is obtainable and secured via both ID number and password, with the identity card; however, the process of launching an account on the E-DEVELT is easy and needs several steps, which are:

1- Reaching any PTT's branch (the national post and telegraph directorate), asking for a password in addition to launching an E-DEVELT's account, the employee will ask for a Turkish phone number to send the password, which is changeable, but after getting the first access to the website.
2- The second step is about visiting the website of E-DEVELT, entering both the ID number and the password you've obtained early from the PTT; by doing so, you're officially eligible to use the website to extract any governmental paper that you used to go in person for any governmental administration to get.

What are the services the E-DEVELT is offering:

The E-DEVELT's services can be done without physical attendance at the administrations' office; several government agencies, municipality services, universities, and individual companies provide services. The Turkish government, since the opening day and till today, has been working on developing the website by adding more facilities and services, via linking the website with other institutions and companies from the private and joint sectors, in addition to minimizing the spent-time to extract any official paper or finishing application.

The services are:
1- Social security documents, 2- Forensic clearance, 3- Address records, 4- Tax debts, 5- Traffic bills,
6- Mobile telephone number checks, 7- Deeds, 8- Student documents, 9- Family tree

What is the HES code? How can a foreigner obtain the code?

The HES code is one E-DEVELT, and the E-NABIZ's website services are linked directly to your health application in the Health ministry. Meanwhile, whenever you are doing any medical examination, whether in a private, governmental hospital, both of the results, medical report, prescription, tests' results will appear on the system of E-NABIZ, therefor in our case, and during the Covied-19 pandemic is still excit, the ministry of health developed a tool of checking on the citizen's health situation, by creating what is known the HES CODE (Hayat Eve Sığar – Life Fits Into Home).

The HES CODE is helping share the citizens' health' status, whether they have Covid-19 or not.
The code will be shared with the institutions and individuals for health security purposes, whether for transportations, entering any governmental or private institutions such as shopping malls, theaters, hospitals, schools, or any gathering that would expose to a risk of getting the Covid-19 illness.

But how to get your HES CODE as a foreigner? Where should you demonstrate it?

There're three different ways to get the HES CODE; it's so accessible by choosing the way (OPTIONAL) and following the steps:

1- You can get the HES CODE by sending SMS:
By sending SMS to 2023, in the content of your message, you will write:
HES, space, your national ID number, space, last four digits of National ID serial code, space, and days of sharing (number of days). And send the message to 2023.

For foreigners, by sending SMS TO 2023:
HES, space, the code of the passport, space, No of passport, space, the date of birth, space, the last name, space, days of sharing (number of days), And send it to 2023.

NOTE: Persons who do not have a Turkish Republic or foreign identification number starting with 97, 98, 99: Type HES, nationality, passport serial number, year of birth, and last name. Leave a space between each item. Send an SMS to 2023.

 2- Via Hayat Eve Sığar App (IOS and Android):
Download the application of the Hayat Eve Sığar (HES) on your phone, and you'll follow the same concept of step you did on the E-DEVELT application by entering your ID and password, and then click on the bottom of the (MY HES CODES) and create new code, name it what you want, and that is it. You have your HES code which is QR SCANNER

NOTE: An extra bottom for parents enables you to get for children.

3- via E-DEVELT website:
By visiting e-Government = E-DEVELT, you can perform producing, deleting, querying, and viewing details.

NOTE: You can create a HES code for your children under 18 via e-Government.

For sure, more and more information will be updated about the E-DEVELT system, as long as both the technology and artificial intelligence are developing daily, besides the Covied-19 that is hopefully will leave our glob soon. Meanwhile, no other tool will grow to match its progress.
But anyway, our advisors will always be waiting for your call in case to inquire about more information.

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