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Turkey has become one of the leading countries in the education sector for the last decades due to the remarkable development in the university and school sector. Many international schools have launched their varied nationalities' campuses, which deliver the most promising educational curricula within a professional academic environment; the government schools have also been significantly evolved and financially supported in various areas.

In particular, in the last 12 years, the Turkish education department has been developed by empowering all employees within government and educational institutions. Therefore professors and teachers working in universities and schools started to have a very high revenue that is compared to the annual income of local doctors in the country; many laws have been enacted that qualify employees in the sector to provide the finest and most competitive educational services that compete for the best education system internationally.

Therefore in this article, we're informing you more about the minor details about education in Turkey, in order to draw the suitable future for your kids, in the appropriate place according to their educational background, mental abilities, foreigner spoken language and much other stuff you should concern about:

1- The Governmental schooling system in Turkey:

A- The public education system in Turkey is thoroughly complimentary and obligatory; meanwhile, when the child reaches the age of six, the state automatically registers the child for the nearest public school in the neighborhoods adjacent to the child's residence.

Therefore, parents are not authorized to deprive the child of his right to education, especially in both the primary and preparatory stages; At the same time, kindergarten is considered non-compulsory and optional; it starts from the age of 3-5 for the child.

B- Secondary education is not yet compulsory, and secondary education in Turkey is divided into several preferences and orientations. The appropriate secondary school is selected based on the student's scientific or professional tendencies.

Secondary education (High School) is not yet compulsory, and it's divided into several preferences and orientations. The appropriate secondary school is selected based on the student's scientific or professional tendencies; This division contributes to spreading professional and functional pluralism within society.

However, there're several high school orientations, which are divided into 1- (Fan Lisesi ) the fine art high school, 2- (Anatolian Lisesi) it has a combination between literary and scientific curriculum, 3- (Imam Khatib Lissi), which is the School of Islamic sharia also offering academic and scientific curriculum plus Arabic language and Islamic sharia lessons, 4- (Maslik Lisesi), which is the Handicraft High School.

Actually, the art and Anatolian schools are the most difficult and the most challenging school to join; it's dedicated to those who want to specialize in scientific disciplines later in the university.

As for the international student, there're also no annual fees or educational installments; it's also free of charge.

Moreover, the entire study period in government schools is 12 years; each study stage is four years of education.

2- The private and international school system in Turkey:
There is an infinite number of private international schools in Turkey, of all European nationalities, in all significant Turkish cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bodrum, and Antalya.

There are three sorts of private schools in Turkey:

1- Private local Turkish schools: that teach local or international curricula in foreign and Turkish languages.

2- International schools of foreign nationalities works to provide educational curricula in foreign languages
such as (English, French, German, and Italian)

3- Arabian joint-nationality schools: mainly offer multi-language curricula in Arabic and English. The most significant privilege of Arabian joint-nationality schools is the conservative atmosphere, which is mostly what immigrated Arabian families seek after shifting their lives from the Arabic Gulf to Turkey.

After all, through our experience, we can absolutely ensure success for your children in their new educational journey in Turkey; away from the exaggerating, success is absolute fact, while the country owns all the fundamentals of a professional solid academic environment and structures that are suitable for all children coming from diverse regions of the world, who may have different educational and intellectual abilities or may suffer from learning difficulties due to psychological or physiological situations.

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