Maltepe District on the Shore Marmara Sea


Maltepe is a neighborhood of Istanbul, Turkey, that is located on the Sea of Marmara's northern shore. The Maltepe neighborhood is located on the Asian side of Istanbul. Kadköy, Ataşehir, and Kartal are the districts to the Maltepe district's west, east, and northwest. Furthermore, Maltepe's mayor is Ali Klç.


The district of Maltepe's geography:

Maltepe is situated on the Kocaeli Peninsula's southwest shore, on Istanbul's Marmara Sea coast. The Marmara Sea shoreline at Maltepe is around 7 kilometers long. At 440 meters, the highest peak nearby is quite hilly.


Maltepe From Past to Present:

In Byzantine times, the current Maltepe area used to be known as Bryas. In the Maltepe neighborhood known as Bryas, Emperor Theophilos (r. 829–842) constructed a palace in the Arabic style. The Abbasid palaces in Baghdad, which John Grammatikos, the emperor Theophilos' ambassador to the Abbasid court, had described to him, served as an inspiration. In the adjacent village of Küçükyal, it has been identified as a ruin.

Maltepe Shore has been used as a vacation from the city since Byzantine and Ottoman eras. The neighborhood was a rural region filled with vacation homes owned by affluent Istanbul residents until the 1970s. Due to its position along a suburban railway line and the abundance of summer residences that were built there, Maltepe was a popular destination for daytrippers and weekend visitors who wanted to view the beach.

The population started to grow swiftly once the Bosphorus Bridge was built, making it feasible to travel between the neighborhood and the metropolis. Both rail and road are used for transportation in contemporary Maltepe. Historical Maltepe was established along the railway between Maltepe's D-100 Highway and the Marmara Sea.


Facilities in the Maltepe District:

Only a small amount separates the city and Maltepe. This thriving shopping district is home to several sizable supermarkets, bakery shops, and other modern amenities. In addition to this, Maltepe has a considerable number of cinemas, fast food outlets, and kebab shops. Then there is the seafront, where you may find pubs, cafés, and cafes with live music that are equivalent to those in Kadköy or Taksim (but on a much smaller scale) (on the European side of the city). Buses, minibusses, the Marmaray, and the Metro are often used for public transportation in Maltepe.


Maltepe’s District Climate

The Maltepe district has a Mediterranean climate (Csa/Cs), with chilly winters and pleasant to hot summers, according to the Köppen and Trewartha climatic classifications. Due to its position south of Istanbul, where a warm climate predominates, it is in the AHS heat zone 4 and USDA hardiness zone 9a. It is, however, considerably colder than Kartal, which is to its southeast.


Maltepe’s District Important landmarks:

Maltepe is home to Cumhuriyet Mosque, one of Istanbul's largest mosques. It was built in the 2000s. There is a food shop and a bookstore located beneath the mosque. The mosque was built in the traditional design of a Turkish mosque (round with four minarets), but on the interior, it is extremely gorgeous with a lofty high dome, a wide gallery, and a balcony where women may worship. Around the mosque, several sizable tiled mosaics are depicting various sites significant to Islam and Muslims, and the galleries have carved wood frames.

The mosque has acquired significance for Maltepe due to its prominent location and the fact that buses and minibusses routinely stop there as they transfer passengers from Kadköy to the city's outskirts.

The beach and coastline of Maltepe used to be similarly well-known. It regularly attracted inhabitants from other Istanbul districts who came to see the Princes' Islands and go swimming on the beach because of its proximity to them. "Old Maltepe" is a neighborhood inside the city that resembles a "village" with lots of narrow, winding streets and attractive old houses. Bars and restaurants abound in this neighborhood as well.

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