Paper attestation in Turkey


In order to attest to any paper in Turkey you must do so in the official office called Noter. 

Well, The Noter is the person or office authorized by the Turkish government to certify papers in order to uphold citizens' rights and avoid controversies from forming.

Every resident, citizen, and visitor to Turkey must deal with the Notary, who is an office where all papers and documents are recorded so that no other party is required to confirm the authenticity of seals and documents. The Notary's authority also extends to the recording of various types of real estate and non-real estate contracts.


What duties does a Noter perform?

The Notary's primary duties include certifying papers (such as passports, birth certificates, personal identification cards, marriage contracts, leases, driving licenses, and certificates of education at all levels), as well as performing agency duties for both public and private organizations. Trade agreements, signatures, and seals should all be recorded, and every document that has to be translated into Turkish should also have a Notary mission to certify its authenticity.


The most significant papers in Turkey that Noter certifies are:

  • Marriage contracts

  • Educational certificates

  • Driver's licenses

  • Proofs of personal identification

  • Passports

  • Contracts with public and private organizations

  • Leases

  • Also, requests for invitations to visit Turkey, must be notarized.


Notarization procedures for educational certificates:

The document must 

  1. Have a Turkish Notary Attestation. 

  2. The certificate is then authenticated by the organization responsible for granting it, in this case, the Ministry of Education for an educational certificate. 

  3. The Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs then attests to the documents.


To help citizens, the Turkish government created shift offices to handle a variety of tasks. The Turkish government has created a portal that allows everyone to search for shift offices by entering the name of the city and the desired search date. This link will take you to the alternative Noter in Istanbul.


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