The 2022 trends of home decoration and accessories


Whenever moving to a new home, the first obstacle that you face is the uncertainty of choosing the right painting color, texture, materials, design identity, and the accurate trendy accessories that would complete the entire decorative scene. All these question marks will drizzle your brain and steal the joyful excitement of moving to a new home and building a new life; Hence while we're here, you will be able to find what suits your property, according to the latest trends of decoration and accessories of 2022.

That is not everything; we're reaching your aspiration of finding suitable furniture shops and brands, with lots of recommendations from local Turkish brands, so your property would be absolutely the tranquil warm house you've always dreamed of having.

1- Dark wood tones in interior design in furniture and cabinets:
Previously, wood was used in kitchens more than living rooms, but recently it has become popular to use wood furniture in all its shades and patterns in living rooms and bedrooms, wooden furniture is considered one of the most attractive and desirable designing trends of 2022

  But what you should avoid using wood is the following:

A- Exaggeration: Exaggerating the use of wood material, when you buy a library or cabinet of timber, do not buy a wooden bed, the final scene will be traditional, with an old classy theme, the wood as material here won't be an artistic touch, but an exaggeration that seems annoying to the eye.

B- Don't stick with one pattern and texture: use distinct patterns, the shades of wooden color would add a lively spirit to the room, unlike sticking with one shade, which gives an annoying feeling of old monotony, for example: purchase a redwood library and match it with light wood side tables, diversity of shades will provide a sense of urbanity but the warm one.

We suggest several chic furniture shops that provide you luxury wood items, such as the traditional Istikbal mobilya brand; this brand works on designing and offering medium-cost but high-quality furniture. We also recommend Vivense mobilya and Divan ev, which provide premium quality and medium-value prices. Actually, all these shops are working on delivering several additional services, such as Interior design and customized design for upholstery pieces with the customized fabric and any materials you like.

2- Green shades, especially emerald, in furniture and throughout the room:
In furniture and throughout the chamber, green shades, particularly emerald, revived recently from the Middle Ages, especially the aristocratic monarchy.
Most of the European and British palaces were dominated by green colors, which was seen as the color of the wealthy in aristocratic and bourgeois societies, especially the emerald.
The recent trend is using all the different shades of green color in wall paintings, furniture items, and furniture fabric. We can break the green rhythm; adding patterned textiles for curtains or carpets will make such a significant artistic touch.

The most challenging issue is to match the green shades between design items, accessories, and the general surroundings, whıch are pointing out the available measures, which are represented by finding the suitable green shade for the inner space of your house, plus the perfect paint brand.

So here is our recommendations list of the best Turkish paints brands: 1- Polisan, 2- DYO, 3- Filli

All these brands have their own application, which you can get yourself on your smartphone; it helps you imagine the fitting coloring within the room you want to paint to save time and money and avoid wasting any undesirable paint.

3- Stained glass, colored accessories:
Accessories are a crucial element for the entire design of an elegant and luxurious apartment at the same time. One of the finest accessories trends for the year 2022 is colored glass, which was included in the design of vases, antiques, and artistic statues, which gives a feeling mixed between simple elegance and modernity at the same time.

In addition, colored glass was included in the designs of glass windows, which were previously only the preserve of holy places such as churches and mosques, but recently stained glass has been introduced into the structures of elegant homes; we advise you to add this elegant European touch to your house, trust us you'll admire this addition each sunrise and sunshine.

4- Bird motifs in backgrounds of fabrics:
Printed fabrics, drawings of animals and birds, in particular, occupied the first positions recently, among the preferences of the interior decorator, for several reasons, the most important of which is the warm and intimate feeling that these lovely fabrics grant. These printed fabrics have been adopted in both upholstery and curtain fabrics as well.

We advise you to adopt this type of printed fabrics, in the living rooms or your home office room, we guarantee that you will prefer working from home after adding these elegant touches to your office.

As usual, you must know whether to find the finest trendy accessories or the suitable real estate in Istanbul, We will always be by your side, to find the best options that meet your ambitions, aspirations, and needs, yet in case you're looking for a guide in your journey of making the place of yours, the safe warm house, give us a call and our advisors will be ready to serve you the way your deserve 

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