The Ataturk National Park


The Turkish government is continuously working on the infrastructure regenerating plan to put Istanbul on top of the list of the best metropolis. In the last ten years, Istanbul has witnessed tremendous transformation in developing infrastructure, which raised the standard of luxury and living.

Istanbul airport, the largest airport worldwide, the IFC-Istanbul financial Center in Atasehir, and the water canal of Istanbul are illustrative examples of developed infrastructure that continually increases the global assets of Istanbul city on all scales of welfare living.

Nevertheless, Istanbul is continuing to construct more mega projects, including Ataturk National Park; in this article, we're telling you more about the Central park of Istanbul and how it would leave a huge economical impact on the real estate market in Istanbul city.

The Huge Transformation from Airport to Largest National Park:
The Ataturk national park of today, once upon a time, was Istanbul's largest airport, which possesses the same name, Ataturk (The Turkish republic founder). Within the regenerating infrastructure plan, the Turkish government has shifted the European section's airport to the south-eastern city flank to decrease the population density congregation in one spot and increase the welfare living rate in Istanbul city.

Such initiative played a prominent role in transforming Ataturk Airport from an airport with an area of 10 million square meters to the largest national park or a man-made forest in the heart of Istanbul city center.

Ataturk national plan will host more than 132,000 trees planted on an area of 5 million square meters, besides several sports fields, tennis, basketball, and football on vast green spaces and walking paths distributed along the forest between fruit trees.

For cultural activities fans, the National Forest will include multiple theaters and cinema halls, indoor and outdoor halls, and several extensive cultural and training centers dedicated to a large division for kids.

The Ataturk park will be the new green lunge of the city; It will compete with New York Central Park in terms of land space that is five times bigger, and also from an environmental and natural importance point. The park will change the next young generation's lifestyle, which will be able to adopt a healthy, energetic lifestyle within the new man-made forest.

The Real Estate Boosting Impact of Ataturk National Park:
The post-impact of constructing the Ataturk national park on the real estate market of the surrounding districts will be tremendously influential in terms of market value and the demand-supply rate within the real estate market of Istanbul.

The Ataturk airport proved our theory of the developing infrastructure projects' massive role due to the enormous shift created by constructing the airport where it's now. Bakirkoy, Florya, and Zeytinburnu municipalities have witnessed a dramatic increase in their market's value and capital appreciation due to the construction companies' immigration waves that developed the external interface of the southern coastal section of Istanbul on the European side.

By far, the Ataturk national will create an additional economic boost to the surrounding municipalities in terms of pricing and the market's value, plus the capital appreciation in the long term.

Actually, besides the Ataturk airport example, now we have undergone one is evolving in the Asian side of Istanbul, Sspeciifcally in Atasehir, the IFC (International Financial Center), which, since the Turkish government announced the plan till putting tenders on the market, the price each meter in Atasehir and the near municipalities, got fivefold times, due to the promising future the IFC will bring to the region, in terms of increasing the demand, and reach the point of shortage in supply, in order to boost the price again and again.

Our last advice to you is to use the time matter in your favor; purchasing a property in Istanbul now, whether for investment or housing in the Ataturk national park's surrounding area, would be the best investment to make. Sefaköy is one of these perfect locations; while the government is still processing on developing the area; meanwhile, prices are still affordable and have a great chance to double very soon.

Don't hesitate to connect with us, regardless of the purpose or question, about citizenship for foreign investors or maybe buying a property in Istanbul, near the Ataturk national park or the IFC; we'll always be ready to get you and serve you the way you deserve.

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