The International Kadikoy District


Kadikoy District History: Kadikoy district is one of Istanbul's oldest and most historical neighborhoods. What makes it one of the best districts to invest in real estate in Turkey? According to many Turkish archaeological and historical studies the region is proven to be older than 7,000 years. Despite being a few thousand years old, it is currently among the most developed, well-liked, and obviously, one of the most opulent parts of the enormous metropolis, in addition to being one of the best neighborhoods to invest in real estate in Turkey. In addition to being a well-liked area among Turks, it has recently emerged as one of the most sought-after immigration locations. Although Istanbul, the best city in Turkey to buy real estate, has been inhabited for thousands of years. Kadikoy district's history dates back even further. The Kadikoy neighborhood is thought to have been established between 5500 and 3500 BC, according to archaeologists. This city reached its zenith in 685 BC when it was known as "Chalcedon."

Persians, Greeks, Byzantines, Romans, Arabs, and even Crusaders. In the 14th century, Ottoman sultans ultimately took control of the city. Since then, the Chalcedon neighborhood has evolved into a residence for Istanbul judges, hence the name "Kadikoy" (Judge Neighborhood). What also makes the neighborhood one of the best to invest in residential real estate in Turkey? Up until 1928, the Kadikoy district was a part of the Uskudar district; however, as a result of changes made by the district municipality, the district is now an independent ilche or district. Areas like Bostanci and Suadiye also broke away from the Kartal neighborhood and merged with it to form what is today known as Kadikoy.

The Modern Kadikoy:

Today's Kadikoy neighborhood is dotted with winding, little streets like those in Turkish television dramas. There are many clubs, eateries, and cafes there that are open in the morning. Kadikoy can be an excellent place to go if you're seeking vibrant nightlife.

Commercial real estate in Turkey in Kadikoy:

In addition to being one of the busiest commercial districts in the city today. Turkey's Kadikoy area has recently gained popularity as a place to purchase real estate. Given the qualities and services of the neighborhood, purchasing real estate there can be a profitable investment. What makes it one of the best places to invest in commercial real estate in Turkey. The longest shoreline is about 21 km long. It is located along the Sea of Marmara, which lies in Istanbul's southernmost Asian region, exactly in Kadikoy district. On the east side, Kadikoy is situated next to the large neighborhood of Maltepe, and on the north side, it is close to Uskudar and Ataşehir. Due to Kadikoy’s unique locations, the district enjoys a constant, comfortable temperature throughout the year and is among Istanbul's coolest and airiest neighborhoods. The region's typical summer high is around 19 degrees Celsius, while its typical winter low is around 10 degrees. According to Kadikoy Municipality, there is roughly 700 mm of rain per year on average. In terms of amenities, Kadikoy district can be considered one of the richest areas in Istanbul. These amenities will undoubtedly make life in Turkey doubly easy for you and, of course, will also affect the value of your property. Access to the Kadikoy area is greatly facilitated, and thanks to the extensive transportation system, commuting will be done with minimal effort. Numerous educational, medical, and recreational centers are also among the strong points of the neighborhood.

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