The Magical Büyükçekmece


The wonderful neighborhood and municipality of Büyükçekmece is located on the European side of the Sea of Marmara, in the western suburbs of Istanbul. One of the most modern neighborhoods in European Istanbul is Büyükçekmece. It contains 39 districts in totall. 


History of the Büyükçekmece district: 

The neighborhood of Büyükçekmece is located in Istanbul's European District. And it is also close to the coast of the Marmara Sea. At the beginning of the Ottoman Empire, the area of the Büyükçekmece district was deserted farmland and woodland. Additionally, throughout the early years of the Turkish Republic, the Büyükçekmece district was still largely rural. The area was a well-liked getaway location for day vacations and weekend getaways since it had a sandy beach and a long seashore.

Up until the 1960s, people would visit to Buyukcekmece to engage in activities like fishing, crabbing, and beach days. Büyükçekmece began to become a more industrialized area in the 1960s. As a large number of real estate developments have started to take shape nearby. There was a migration of people from the Anatolian side to the newly developed region as a result. Some of the district's neighborhoods still have visitors.


Social and touristic destinations of the Büyükçekmece district:


  1. Kıyı İstanbul Marina

Istanbul Marina is located in the rapidly developing area of Büyükçekmece. It offers not only a pleasant place to live but also a lavish lifestyle with its marina surrounding the broad coastline, squares and streets lined with classic buildings from well-known cities, retail centers presenting the most opulent international brands, and upmarket eating alternatives.


  1. The longest pedestrian walkway along the seaside

In Istanbul's Büyükçekmece district, there is the city's longest pedestrian seafront boardwalk. Both residents and tourists go to the magnificent, 26-kilometer-long beach that makes Büyükçekmece famous in the summer. Along the beach, there are many restaurants, tea gardens, pubs, and recreational areas so you may take full use of the experience.


  1. Büyükçekmece Lake

Büyükçekmece Lake is situated Where the Karasu stream and the Sea of Marmara converge. The creek was dammed to create a drinking water reservoir, severing the link between the lake and the Sea of Marmara. The lake has a surface area of more than 29 km2, is 7 km long, and is 2 km broad. The lake's greatest depth is 8.6 meters, however the water doesn't penetrate much deeper than 50 cm on its surface.


  1. Mimar Sinan’s famous bridge

One of Mimar Sinan's most well-known works is the famous bridge. The bridge is used as Büyükçekmece's logo. Between the Büyükçekmece Lake and the Sea of Marmara, it was built. Before starting his Szigetvar campaign, Suleyman the Magnificent granted the go-ahead for the bridge to be built. In 1566, Mimar Sinan, working under his guidance, and a sizable group of stonemasons and carpenters started constructing the edifice. It was completed in 1567 and utilized by ruler Selim II upon his return to Istanbul as the new sultan. The "Four Brothers" bridge was created by joining together four individual bridges of varying lengths and widths. The engineering marvel measures 635 meters long by 7 meters broad. The poet Hüdai is the author of the poetry passage on the bridge's inscription. On the bridge, Sinan's original autograph was taken. A comparable signature was created in lieu of the original during the 1970 restoration.


  1.  The Kulturpark 

The 200.000 m2 Kulturpark include the medieval bridge, caravanserai, mosques, and fountain by Mimar Sinan. The park, which was originally built for the 700th anniversary celebrations of the Ottoman Empire, is today utilized for cultural and performing arts events. The complex has a museum, a 5,000-seat amphitheater, sports facilities, residential areas, cafés, and restaurants in addition to historic structures. There are a few little neighborhood restaurants (yöresel evler) that provide regional food. House of Mersin, Zigana, and Kbrs are popular choices among them.


  1. Atatürk Culture Center 

Istanbul's cultural demands are mostly met by the Atatürk Culture Center, which is Turkey's largest cultural complex.


  1. Tüyap Fair and Congress Center

They are the primary location for all significant occasions, including trade displays, exhibits, congresses, and seminars. The complex has a total area of 8,000 m2, 11 conference halls with a range of capacities, and around 42,000 m2 of exhibition space distributed among 10 halls. Large convertible halls, global-standard utility infrastructure, wi-fi and internet access, a 10,000 m2 social area with full air conditioning, 7 cafeterias and restaurants, catering capabilities, and many more special features are also present.


What are the advantages of real estate investment in Büyükçekmece district?

  1. Rich in sites and facilities:

The district of Büyükçekmece is a recently constructed region. There are many natural, social, and touristic features in the region, along with educational and medical services. What makes the neighborhood appealing to many residents and foreign investors.


  1. Family and youth friendly area:

One of the largest cultural and artistic events in the region, such as the festival of culture and arts, is held annually in July in the Büyükçekmece district. Every year, the event is held from July 1 until July 7. The event is the third largest in the world in terms of both size and attendance, hosting at least 35,000 visitors each year.


  1. Rich in educational facilities:

In the area, there are 265 schools with 2282 classrooms, more than 52,000 students enrolled, and around 2225 teachers employed. For two universities, three institutes, and one university, it has several branches.


  1. Rich in medical centers:

In Istanbul, Turkey and Europe, the Büyükçekmece district is a wealthy region in terms of medical amenities. There are more than 240 medical facilities, including private hospitals, comprehensive clinics, university hospitals, and governmental hospitals. Public hospitals, university hospitals, health clinics, and private hospitals all have access to these facilities.


  1. Excellent geographical location and easily accessible by transportation:

The Büyükçekmece district is accessible by all types of transportation, including land, air, and sea. Additionally, the Ataturk International Airfield in Istanbul is conveniently close by, and for people who like to fly their own small aircraft, a private airport is accessible within 10 kilometers of the area.


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