The Prestigious Basaksehir


Başakşehir district consists of 39 municipal parts or neighborhoods. Istanbul's Başakşehir neighborhood is situated close to both the wonders of Istanbul's Asian and European sides. What gives the district the distinction of being among Istanbul's most significant areas?

History of the district of Başakşehir:

Up until the end of 2017, Başakşehir was a part of the sizable district known as Küçükçekmece. Başakşehir became a separate municipality in 2018 after the district was separated from the municipality of Küçükçekmece. Esenler, Sultan Ghazi, Arnavutköy, and Eyüp are the district neighbors to the north. The district neighbors to the south are Bağcılar, Küçükçekmece, and Avcılar, while the district neighbor to the south-west is Esenyurt. Başakşehir is a golden-centered district that can be reached from many different Istanbul neighborhoods.

Social and family life in the district of Başakşehir:

Big Western cities like New York and Budapest, as well as major European cities like London, Paris, and Berlin, have impressive infrastructure that attracts a lot of tourists. These cities are renowned for their vast center districts, which contain a wide variety of necessary amenities.

In the Istanbul neighborhood of Başakşehir, similar development is taking place. The 60,000 square meter area that the Turkish government is building will serve as a template for the layout of new towns throughout the whole country. This square is twice as big as Taksim Square, another famous square in Istanbul.

The largest artificial lake in Istanbul is now found in the Başakşehir neighborhood. A surface area of 26,000 square meters is occupied by the lake. A big park, Başakşehir Gölet Park, surrounds it on both sides.

Başakşehir district will soon be renowned for its large network of subterranean tunnels and lines in addition to its enormous size. The Basaksehir area of Istanbul will have access to both the Asian and European continents thanks to this sophisticated modern freshly created infrastructure.

The new square provides amenities for the distinguished residents of the renowned Başakşehir residential complex. There would be several necessary amenities all around the area, such;

the lovely city

Europe's largest botanical garden

Tens of thousands of car parking spaces



With room for 5,000 attendees, a mosque


Additionally, Başakşehir hosts several festivals and events all year long, including;

Jazz festivals

Theater productions

Ramadan celebrations.

Başakşehir is also home to the Ataturk Olympic Stadium, the biggest stadium in Turkey.

In addition, the region is home to Istanbul's second-largest show yard, which is used for a variety of events all year round. Highlights include Ramadan celebrations, theater performances, concerts, and festivals.

Advantage investing and residing in the district of Başakşehir:

The Başakşehir area of Istanbul is among the most well-known and contemporary neighborhoods. Additionally, it is located in a region that attracts both domestic and international investment.

Young families moving to Istanbul should think about the Başakşehir area because:

Istanbul's Başakşehir district has the most sophisticated contemporary infrastructure.

Istanbul's Başakşehir district is a quiet area that is removed from the city's bustle.

The Başakşehir neighborhood is closest to the new Istanbul Airport.

The Başakşehir neighborhood is beside the new Istanbul Canal.

Başakşehir is home to one of Turkey's largest and most important medical cities.

The TEM expressway passes through the Başakşehir area, while the E5 highway is nearby.

Başakşehir represents a dynamic social setting with lots of commercial centers, theaters, cinemas, conference centers, and a huge sports stadium.

There is a neighborhood that is suitable for families, and several children's activities take place there.

It is characterized by extensive green areas and a high level of cleanliness.


The Infrastructure and transportation in the district of Basaksehir:

One of the most contemporary and expansive constructions in the city may be found in the opulent Başakşehir neighborhood.

Başakşehir has set itself apart from other areas of Turkey thanks to its contemporary constructions that adhere to the highest standards of comfort and well-being as well as its reliable infrastructure and has become one of the most sought-after locations for both local and foreign investors. As a result, it competes with many of its European rivals.

Additionally, Başakşehir has a dependable bus service that includes both public and private buses as well as a metro line. Thanks to the links that these transportation facilities provide, you may reach any area in Istanbul swiftly. The TEM highway, which connects Lisbon, Portugal, with Gürbulak, Turkey, close to the Iranian border, also passes through Başakşehir.

Educational Centers in the district of Basaksehir:

The people of Başakşehir are looking forward to the inauguration of a public university in the region. Additionally, other private colleges, like the esteemed Ibn Khaldun University, are still undergoing development. A substantial number of public and private schools, from kindergarten through secondary school, are also located in the area.


Health institutes in the district of Basaksehir:

There are several governmental and private institutions in the area. While the largest hospital ever constructed in Europe is still in the planning stages. Additionally, the Başakşehir district region stands out for having a large range of medical services that effectively serve the local population.

In 2003, the Turkish government began a medical revolution in every city in the country. In one of the locations, major medical initiatives were just getting started. In 2003, the state began building Basaksehir, the largest integrated health city not just in Turkey but also in all of Europe.

Many medical facilities, including 8 specialist hospitals with a combined capacity of 2,000 and 682 beds and the most cutting-edge technology, have been constructed. The new hospitals will have more space than the best medical centers in Turkey, including the illustrious Capa Hospital and Cerrahpasa Hospital.

These hospitals will be broken down into the following categories based on their areas of specialization: Children's Hospital, General Hospital, Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, Cancer Hospital, Neurological and Joint Diseases Hospital, Cardiac Hospital, Psychiatric Hospital, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Hospital. Because lines to the nearby modern arena are always operating, getting to these hospitals from anywhere in Istanbul will be straightforward via the metro, trams, and public transit vehicles.

Nature in the district of Başakşehir:

Başakşehir is the part of Istanbul with the most modern infrastructure. It has a lot of built and unbuilt amenities. One of the biggest and most diverse natural valleys, as well as the location of an archaeological site and the region's historical heritage, can be found in the Sazledara region.

The Water Valley, a second valley in the area with a total size of 45,723 square meters, is located in Başakşehir's fifth district. In addition to a substantial number of key amenities, such as retail, athletic, eating, and other centers, it also contains 26,000 square meters of pedestrian walkways.

The area of Istanbul with the most up-to-date infrastructure is Başakşehir. It has numerous man-made and natural facilities. In the Sazledara region, it features one of the largest and most varied natural valleys, which is also home to an archaeological park and the region's historical past.

The region also contains a second valley known as the Water Valley, which is situated in Başakşehir's fifth district and has a total area of 45,723 square meters. It also has 26,000 square meters of pedestrian paths in addition to a significant number of important facilities, including shopping, sporting, dining, and other centers.


Malls of the district of Başakşehir:

As we have seen throughout the text, Başakşehir is a highly wealthy region in many facets of life. However, social life cannot be fully realized without easy access to shopping centers and malls. In Basaksehir, there are several malls and mega malls, such as:

Mall of İstanbul

Merkez Kayaşehir AVM

Olimpa Alışveriş ve Yaşam Merkezi

In conclusion, the Başakşehir neighborhood is a contemporary, developed location that draws both domestic and international investors. Large green spaces, as well as educational and medical institutions, may be found in the neighborhood.

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