Tips And Tricks For Small Flats Design


The small flats are the wisest option for investment as it's known worldwide. You can easily rent it and do the resale whenever you wish, due to the high demands, specifically in the megacities, simply due to the structure of the societies that composed of students, employees, and small families mainly who seek fictional flexible lifestyle, But what about designing your small flat with several tricks to expand its actual Innerspace, Hence, it looks like a wide comfortable flat, not only for one or two individuals but even a group. In this article, we give you a bunch of tips and tricks that will make your flat look more bright, wide, and even sophisticatedly luxurious. Also, we're giving you some valuable information on avoiding the most common mistakes and errors of furnishing small flats.

1. Lighting Technique:
- The main problem that would face you within the process of engineering lighting your apartment, is the darkness and lack of light accessibility; meanwhile, to avoid the gloomy spaces that cause the narrowness within the interspace, you must add different types of lighting, the hanging one on walls, ceiling and floors specifically, in that way the flat of yours will be more maximized with sophisticated corners and spaces, and well-enlightened,

- The large window is a crucial necessary element within the small interspaces, not only for good natural lighting but also to make it healthy well ventilated; next time you're buying a new flat, make sure to have large windows, or if you want to add fresh modifications you can enlarge the windows, your apartment will look more extensive and more elegant.

- Transparent or light curtains are best; avoid using heavy fabric for curtains for two reasons; first, It prevents light's access from reaching the apartment, plus give a sensation of tightness within the flat, some people think it might add a luxurious value, but that totally wrong, because due to the small interspace, the heavy fabric curtains would look extra and will crowd the place undesirably, so stick with light texture ones or add the transparent curtains, it will give you more natural lights plus a sense of abundance as well.

2. Furniture Selection:
- pass the classy old-design furniture away; instead, buy more contemporary trendy pieces; generally, the traditional furniture have rough, edgy corners and heavy extra wood details that would occupy and consume ample area within the rooms, So next time you're buying furniture for the living room, go with the light pieces that have smooth dynamical details, to enrich the overlook plus saving more spaces.

- The mirrors are your best friends; while they can add reflection that creates extra space for your vision within the room space, lanes, and lobbies,  your apartment will get doubled it's a fact, trust us.
We recommend you to place the mirrors symmetrically, to create the vast illusion spaces, and also we suggest you choose the large size of mirrors to establish the sense of the simple luxuries to your flat.

- You need to give up choosing the beefy sofas; keep furniture off the floor, such as sofas and tables, eschew the pieces that add a fat appearance to the furniture pieces themselves and the surrounding area, instead employ the delicate pattern that originates visibly vast areas.

- If you are a fan of dark-colored furniture, we're sorry to tell you that you should forget it and never use it, because it only adds a narrow sense and gives a feeling of tightness, what you have to emphasize is the bright light colors, not only for the furniture but also the painted wall, we recommend you to use the shade of the white, pink and orange or blue colors, that kinds of shades initiate a reflection for the natural light within your apartment plus a fresh sensation away from gloominess.

3. Divide The Spaces With Furniture And Furniture Only :
- If you have the option of replacing the walls of the lanes and lobby within the home, we recommend you to give them up all and divide the space with furniture pieces; for example, use the library to separate the sofa from your bedroom, and for the kitchen place the table in between, in that way you have more space, which walls usually would occupy.

- Use the shelves on the wall, try to place as many items as you can on walls instead of putting them on tables and ground, even the ground decoration pieces and planets, in this way you can save more spaces as well as add artistic value to the room.

4. Invest in Art pieces:
- Art paintings and decorative wall-hanging pieces are essential, but what you should avoid is exaggerating; due to the limited space and number of existing walls, meanwhile, on the lobby entrance walls, choose the large frame size or divide the dimensions into three or four frames that involve abstract art paintings or nature scene, always stick with bright shiny colors to form dimensions plus inventive value, in that way your flat will stick with the simple luxury concept.

- Don't forget to add decorative items in the corners, such as medium-sized vases, plants, and statues, but again don't exaggerate, and consider the symmetry, to avoid vision crowding within the room.

- Eventually, Turkey Advisors will always be ready to serve you gladly; we're joining you in the furnishing tripe of your flat elegantly by offering you a long list of high-end brands in Turkey, whether for giant or small inner space, furniture, or decorative items, don't hesitate to connect with our advisors so they serve you the way you deserve.

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