Top winter tourism destinations in Turkey


There're two different groups of people in general, summer fans and winter lovers, regardless of who you belong to and prefer the most, and while still too early to prepare your swimming suit and sunblock cream, let us tell you about five destinations you must enjoy and pamper yourself and family during the winter in Turkey.

For summer lovers and tan admires, we promise you to publish another article that will contain all the details of the summer vacation in the tiniest details; till then, let's begin with the most pleasing destinations for a winter vacation in Turkey

1-  Cappadocia city:

The mysterious land, the love road, where you can genuinely fly with your beloved in the sky of Turkey, beyond the marvelous historical landscapes of Cappadocia.

Cappadocia is such a perfect winter detestation; anyway, we don't encourage you to visit it in summer times, it would be very crowded, and the weather is capable of frying your breakfast eggs quickly, while the stone cave is spread in the city.

The caves of the Cappadocia is a too romantic spot to spend your honeymoon, maybe with your private Jakozi within the royal suite; the atmosphere is absolutely magical during the winter. In contrast, the caves keep you warm, and once you're ready to explore the city, you will be able to fly in the Balloon and watch the oriental magical sunset of Cappadocia. 

2- Bolu:

The first thing that comes to mind when we mention Bolu province is the green agricultural nature and its peaceful aura, where you can isolate yourself from the crowdedness of the city for a while, nothing but the crstyle clear sky, comfortable silence, a wooden hut over the tranquil lake, you with beloved ones.

However, Bolu, for those who haven't heard about it yet, is a province located between Istanbul and Ankara's road, but what makes Bolu a perfect destination to take winter break is two essiatanl elements:

A- The snowy, romantic weather, plus uncountable options for the wooden cottages accommodation that allows you to live the experience of staying in a rural area but still fully served. The huts include a direct lake view, or you can enjoy the mountainous experience with a charming view over the city and the lake simultaneously, not everything, the cottages are fully equipped with central heating and also a Chaumene, which absolutely transfers you to the upper-level of relaxation and tranquility 

B- The easy traveling accessibility by car, whether coming from Ankara or Istanbul, within
One hour and a half, you reach Bolu.

We suggest you renew your marriage honeymoon in Bolu or spend Valentine's eve there; we are deeply sure that you will redo it next year.

3- The Uludag Mountains:

It's not fair to mention the winter vacation and pass by Uludag mountains, the white city; Uludag is a mountainous region with one of the highest mountain peaks in Turkey and Europe.
The district belongs to the city of Bursa, which is 154 km from Istanbul; there are three means of transportation to go to Bursa from Istanbul, the car = 90 MIN, bus = 120 min, or water ferry (IDO) = 120 MIN.

At the highest peak of Bursa's mountains, many sports activities can be enjoyed during the winter, such as skiing, cable car rides, overseeing the city from the highest peak in its mountains, and even reaching the center of Bursa. What we really appreciate in Bursa is the several vital options that you can enjoy, not only the white hills are full of surprises, but also the city center of Bursa; actually, the city was the center of the Birth of the Ottoman Empire (Cumalıkızık), where you can go into the depth of the Ottoman history, discover their mysterious tales, have a traditional meal and meet the locals, who are always ready to accompany you in time travel trip.

We suggest you plan the next trip to Bursa with your kids, honestly the city is suitable for all different age groups.

4- Izmir:

Izmir is a city that needs no fascinating intro, the town itself is heaven to explore since day one you'll seriously consider moving to it, simply due to the variety of options, adventures, crystal shores, and mountains, popular local markets, generous people, and lots of other temptations that insure you to fall in love with Izmir from the first sight.

However, even in the winter, Izmir's Alsancak market remains teeming with global visitors, the Alacati province preserve its fascinating charm, it has its traffic of local restaurants and bars, which gladly serve you regardless of the weather, it can be stormy, but anyway, people of Izmir believe in the importance of entertainment and joy; meanwhile nothing would stop them of serving you giant beer mug, or raki, white wine, in the middle of a storm, anyway it'll warm you up.

Balcova neighborhood proposes a unique, memorable winter experience with its Thermal baths and hot springs set in a stunning forest.

We believe that Izmir is all seasons city, but being there in winter means extra space and charm while you cannot find a foothold during summer; we know it's such an energetic atmosphere, anyway, your wife and kids will admit the city. In contrast, the coastal weather during winter will have a reviving impact on them.

Last but not least, Turkey knows as God's heaven on earth; as the expert of beauty, quality, urbanity, we believe that providing you with more options for a winter vacation is such an impossible mission, so if the list above isn't enough to you, give us a call. Our advisors are ready to fill your preference list, whether for summer or winter vacation, home for sale in Turkey, even luxury real estate in Istanbul, or any other Turkish city.

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