Turkish Citizenship For Syrian Citizens, Answers For Your Concerns


Turkey is a point of contact between the Middle East and Europe. For many centuries, Turkey was considered more than a mediating country but rather an empire that ruled both the Middle East and a large part of Europe. And this is why its history is full of many paramount and influential historical events that linked it with neighboring countries with close ties To this day, for example, Turkey's relations with Syria, which was considered part of the Ottoman Empire, the two countries share many victories, for instance, the wars of liberation that took place after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, in which thousands of Syrians and Iraqis participated to die as martyrs and buried in the cemeteries of martyrs in the city of Çanakkale, all this indicates that the two countries have a long glorious history that unites them. Still, the question here is, how did the relations become tense today, and why? Why was the Syrian citizen prevented from owning property in Turkey and vice versa? What are the solutions and alternatives?

Given the Arab Spring phenomenon that began in the Middle East at the beginning of 2011 in several Arab countries, including Syria, Turkish relations with many Arab countries in the Middle East became tense due to Turkey's supporting the democratic rule and its rejection of any forms of dictatorship towards civilians, meanwhile among these countries was Syria, The Turkish government tried to intervene several times to resolve the conflict in Syria, but due to its failure and lack of intention supporting the current Syrian regime, all diplomatic relations between the two countries were cut off, and from here several diplomatic crises began, including:

1- Severing diplomatic ties between the two countries and closing embassies
2 - Imposing entry visas on Syrian citizens to enter Turkey and vice versa
3 - The Syrian government prevented Turkish citizens from owning real estate directly and obtaining a real estate title deed in Syria; therefore, Turkey treated diplomatic ideals towards the Syrians and prevented their direct real estate ownership within its territory.

Starting from the third point, which is the most critical, we will clarify to you more deep legal-specific solutions that enable the Syrian citizen to obtain Turkish citizenship in a legal method safely and guaranteedly.

Few nationalities are prohibited from owning real estate in Turkey directly and freely by obtaining a real estate title deed directly, for example: 

1- The Armenians: Because of the historical problems between the two countries, Armenian citizens are not allowed to own direct ownership in Turkey and are even prevented from owning properties in some Turkish cities such as Mersin and some border cities with Armenia. It is expected that this decision will be amended when the diplomatic crisis between the two countries is resolved.

2 - North Korea: North Korean citizens: are also not allowed to own direct ownership because of Turkey's participation as a military ally alongside the USA in settling the conflict in North Korea. Therefore, the North Korean government prohibits Turks from directly owning their lands. Accordingly, the Turkish government treated them reciprocally and prevented them from purchasing real estate In Turkey or owning naturally and directly.

3- The Syrians and the Palestinians holding the Syrian protection document: As we mentioned previously, the situation between the two countries at the diplomatic and political level was not that bad. On the contrary, in Turkey at the beginning of 2000. Among the economic reforms undertaken by the Turkish President with the countries of the Middle East, he visited Damascus. He held several meetings With Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, several commercial contracts for import and export were signed, and the entry visa was canceled. Several other achievements were later rescinded after the civil war broke out in Syria, and diplomatic, commercial, and political relations were utterly cut off between the two countries.

But what are the available alternatives to owning the legal property for the formerly mentioned nationalities?

All the nationalities mentioned above can own property in Turkey, but not naturally or directly, but how? What is the explanation for these diplomatic solutions?

1- All holders of previous nationalities, especially Syrian citizens, can establish a commercial registry after obtaining a tax number from the Turkish Taxation administration, and creating a bank account in any Turkish bank, in addition to receiving a residence permit in Turkey, which holds a Turkish national number for the foreign citizen, According to which a foreign citizen (Syrian, Armenian, North Korean) can conduct legal transactions in all Turkish legal departments.

When a commercial registry is established within the Turkish Chamber of Commerce in Istanbul, the Syrian citizen can register the purchased real estate property in Istanbul under the name of the commercial registry. On this basis, the property is legally owned, but the question here is, why can it be held only in this way?

The answer is easy and rational: since there are no diplomatic relations between Syria and Turkey, for example, if there is a failure to pay dues on the part of the Syrian citizen to the Turkish construction company or the Turkish owner of the property, or if the Syrian citizen within Turkish territory carried out any fraud or forgery, the Turkish government is working to freeze both the bank account of the Syrian citizen and to withdraw the ownership of the property registered on the commercial registry of the Syrian or Armenian citizen.

In this way, the Turkish government works to guarantee the rights of its citizens; since there are no relations between the two countries, the Turkish government is unable to communicate with the Syrian or Armenian governments and thus demands its rights. In this way, the rights of both Turkish and foreign parties are guaranteed simultaneously by following this method.

Eventually, we hope that all disputes and conflicts globally will be resolved and international wars end peacefully. Still, until that time, we have worked to provide logical and legitimate solutions to you, which will enable you to buy real estate property in Turkey through legal procedures and solutions.

A Syrian citizen can obtain Turkish citizenship, but not according to the law applicable to other nationalities obtaining Turkish citizenship for investors.

For clarification, foreign investors have the right to obtain Turkish citizenship by owning a real estate property in Turkey under the value of 250,000 $, one property or several ones; however, the Syrian citizen must purchase a real estate property under the weight of 500,000 $ is to be entitled to obtain Turkish citizenship and grant it to the wife and children under the age of 18 (legal age).

In this case, the Syrian citizens are not obligated to establish a registry file to entitle the title deed of the real property in Turkey; instead, they will obtain the title deed and register it under their own names as Turkish citizens

Anyway, the political life is diverse based on variety and pluralism, Belief in democracy and liberalism, so we want to inform you that if you aspire to take Turkish citizenship by Investment in Turkey and becoming a Turkish citizen, you have the right to participate in elections and also participate in social and political forums, and as local real estate consultants with global experience, we're also ready to answer all your questions in various areas of life in Turkey, contact us and let us provide you with the knowledge you deserve to gain.

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