Weekend in The Anatolian Side


The Anatolian side of Istanbul city might be underestimated in terms of tourists attractions due to the lack of advertisement and marketing, or maybe because the vast majority of the inhabited population are locals, although the Anatolian side contains marvelous tourists spots that would blow your mind away. Actually, we believe that the Anatolian section of Istanbul has unique elements that the European side might not have, such as a calm atmosphere, uncrowded tourists spots, and more seats nearby the Bosphorus' view.
Anyway, let us tell you about the amusing unique destinations you should not miss visiting in the Anatolian side in your next visit to Istanbul:

Üsküdar – Kuzguncuk Avenue:
Kuzguncuk is a neighborhood district located in Üsküdar, the Anatolian side, 10 min away from the Bosphorus; the idea of visiting the avenue of Kuzguncuk is about the charm of calmness and tranquility you feel around, that is referred to the historical vintage buildings that made such an artistic painting with its colored mentions and apartments, we recommend you spend the weekend's afternoon there, drink a cup of Turkish coffee with a book maybe, or good company that enjoys the silence music of the peaceful surrounding of Kuzguncuk Avenue.

You can reach Uskudar in many different means of transportation, by the ferry boat, or the metro of Maramary, meanwhile we suggest you also visit the Yeni Valide Mosque, in case you're an Ottoman architect fan, the Mosque has unique outstanding architectural code, and also a lovely story behind constructed it, it's a Sultan Ahmed III's gift to his mother Emetullah Râbi'a Gülnûş Sultan, he asked to build it in a crowded area nearby the Bazaar so that people would memorize his mother, and each time enter in it will pray for her, it's so soulful and kind of him, isn't it?

Çengelköy - Yakamoz restaurant:
We strongly believe that Yakamoz restaurant is not a regular dining place. It is an actual small paradise due to the magnificent sight of the historic building and castles that overlook the Bosphorus of Istanbul; secondly, the fresh fish you would have there, trust us, it's not like anything else you have tried before. About the best timing to head there, you should not miss the open buffet of the weekend's breakfast.

The area around the restaurant is a wonderful earthly paradise suitable for a romantic couple, for an afternoon walk, watching the sunset there, and taking a memorial photo with the place around, we guarantee you'll thank us later for sort fantastic of recommendation.

Beylerbeyi – Beylerbeyi Sarayi: 
In case you forget yourself walking on the Bosphorus shore, you will reach Beylerbeyi district, which is considered the Parisian Champs-Élysées avenue it terms of architectural concept that reflects the fancy luxury image of Turkey, the neighborhood of Beylerbeyi hosts several Ottoman palaces such as Beylerbeyi Sarayi, Ahır Köşkü,  and uncountable fancy restaurants with the indescribable view and location.

Kadikoy - Müze Gazhane:
The cultural museum of Müze Gazhane combined science, climate & cartoon work of art that several local and international artists have created, but what is very attractive and unique about the museum is that the open-air museum spaces that add a high dominion of creativity and urbanity to the art pieces in the museum. Muze Gazhane has a library, a theater hall, two cafes, Turkish cuisine restaurants, and corners for entertainment and social activities.


The museum is all age-group suitable weekend's goal; your kids will absolutely adore the open spaces. Still, also you should consider the daily changeable weather of Istanbul city, you don't want to get cold, Trust us not a good idea.

When you've arrived at Kadikoy municipality, you won't leave it without touring the Bağdat Caddesi, The most grandiloquent in Istanbul and Turkey; the avenue hosts all the international fancy fashion brands, plus high-class restaurants, like Nusret steakhouse Istanbul, the weird guy have one of the most luxurious dining places in the town, you should plan your next date there, while it has all the geekery elements of impressing your partner, and yeah we were about to forget the fine wine they offer, Velvety aged in a glass of fine red wine, no need to thank us, go ahead, but don't forget to reserve your table, otherwise will wait in the line for a while.

The mysterious city of the seven hills, where there's a fascinating tale behind every neighborhood, street, and a long history whose delightful stories don't end. Still, if our options are still not adequate for your tourist tour's aspiration give us a call, and our expert team will make sure to fill your list, stomach, with uncountable interesting suggestions for what to do or eat list, in the Anatolian side, in the next weekend.

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