5 Mega Shopping Malls in Istanbul


Napoleon said, "If the earth were a single state, Istanbul would be its capital." And we strongly agree with him; Istanbul isn't any megacity but a city of glorious history, magnificent nature, and a lot of magic.

In the past ten years, Turkey got developed remarkably, the Turkish political domination on a global scale got strengthened, and the heavy manufacturing has ranked among the top ten exporters; therefore, the economy of Turkey has become well-developed and stable enough to flourish the well-being of the country.
Uncountable social services got boosted in terms of quantity and quality; shopping malls are a significant mark; Istanbul only possesses more than 28 shopping centers (Alisveris Merkezi = shopping mall in the Turkish language), with numerous entertainment facilities and luxurious dining spots, so in this article, we're filling your list with the top 5 shopping malls in Istanbul that you must visit on your next trip:

1- Istinye Park AVM:
Istinye Park AVM is one of the oldest shopping malls in Istanbul, located in the European section, precisely in Sarıyer, which was previously known as an Ottoman sultans resort; Sarıyer today is one of the most luxurious municipalities in Istanbul in terms of facilities, real estate property... etc.
Istinye Park has such a catchy external architecture, offering luxurious facilities and high-end shops exclusively, with more than 291 shops, such as Dior, Channel, Fennid, Rolex, and many other fancy shops and restaurants.

We strongly suggest you visit Istinye Park AVM for afternoon brunch in the Turkish bazaar on the ground floor of the Mall; however, if you are a grilled steak fan, Istinye Park has loads of options too, such as the famous Nusr-Et, The Steakhouse, and many other fine dining's restaurants and cafes, which deserves your visit.

2- Zorlu Center:
Zorlu Center is also one of the fanciest shopping malls not only in Istanbul but in Turkey; that is located in Beşiktaş municipality on the European side, which is similar to the Istinye Park concept, where you can find exclusive branches for elite international brands, such as Bulgari and Tiffany & Co, plus several fashion houses of world-class designers, Apple store that was its first branch to be opened in Turkey.

Zorlu Center is considered more than a luxurious mall while; it possesses an open-air theater, cinema hall, high-end restaurants, an entertainment corner for kids and adults, and many surprises to explore.
Zorlu Center also offers you easy accessibility due to its central location in the heart of Istanbul; both the metro station and Metrobus line go underneath the Mall, so you won't find any difficulty passing by to spend the afternoon coffee in the open-air square of Zorlu Center.

3- Mall of Istanbul:
Mall of Istanbul
is one of the largest shopping centers in Istanbul and on the scale of Europe; in terms of internal space, that is equal to approximately 156 thousand square meters and has 350 stores that include more than 190 different international and local brands, entertainment amusing centers for kids, and adults, plus an open-air arena for concerts.

So if you want to have a delightful day with your family, go shopping, and spend quality time, the Mall of Istanbul is the right direction.

4- Aqua Florya AVM:
Aqua Florya AVM
is not an ordinary shopping mall but also a magnificent place to spend your weekend with such a fantastic sea view, located in the European section of the city, in the Florya district.

Aqua Florya AVM is an unmistaken weekend selection due to various amusing options. One of which is the world's most giant thematic aquarium, called Istanbul Akvaryum, which exists on Aqua Florya shopping center's ground floor; you can find many more surprises in the Aqua Florya, but what we highly recommend you don't miss is a breakfast meal on the upper floors, where there're many fine global cuisines with a fantastic sea view.

Aqua Florya AVM has easy accessibility as well as Zorlu Center; the Mall is five 5 mins away from the Marmaray metro line, which allows you to reach the Mall from downtown Istanbul within 20 min.

5- Vadistanbul Shopping Center:
is located in the European section of Istanbul, in Maslak municipality, near Belgrad forests; it has become one of the most famous shopping malls in Istanbul, hosting various fashion brands and outstanding restaurants and cafes from world cuisine at an outstanding natural green sight.

Vadistanbul combines shopping experiences with a panoramic forest view, and more than 270 shops, entertainment platforms, and open-air movie theatres.

One of the privileges of Vadistanbul is the Havaray line that eases access to the Mall within 30 min max from the downtown of Istanbul, which also has free access, but what we must mention to you is that most of the avenue restaurants need an early reservation; so what you should do is visit the restaurant's website, make your reservation, and have fun.

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