All you need to know about Esenyurt district


Esenyurt is a well-known neighborhood in Istanbul. It is considered an important part of the city's metropolitan municipality. Esenyurt is situated in Turkey's European region. It is bordered to the east by Avclar and Lake Küçükçekmece, to the west by Büyükçekmece, to the north by Başakşehir, by Arnavutköy and the TEM road, and to the south by Beylikdüzü and the E-5 highway. The district, which has had its own municipality since 1989, has a total size of 2.770 hectares.

Family friendly neighboorhood:

Recep Tayyip Erdogan Park, named after Turkey's current president, is a favored spot for families, particularly on the weekends and in the summer. The park has restaurants, a Turkish bath, a swimming pool, and sports groups. 

Esenyurt Cultural & Arts Center's cutting-edge design grabs everyone's attention. It is an important landmark in the neighborhood and has two movie theaters, a meeting room, a café, and a library. Saadetdere, Yenikent, and Yunus Balta are a few further cultural hubs as well. 

Istanbul is home to Turkey's only chocolate museum. The Pelit Chocolate Museum is one of Istanbul's most visited attractions. The museum's journey begins with the history of chocolate production and was inaugurated in 2013. Well, You may see such unusual and welcoming advances as chocolate-made communities, statues of famous people, and chocolate wellsprings in the exhibition hall that Pelit professionals specifically designed for chocolate lovers of any age. Also, it has four parks that are all a part of the residential complexes: Recep Tayyip Erdoan Park, ehitler Park, Gaziler Park, and Kadir Topbaş Park.

Real estate investment in Turkey:

The residential region of Esenyurt has become popular due to the availability of recently constructed homes that are more affordable than those in Istanbul's historical districts. Property developers are using it increasingly frequently. Because of the present low pricing, buyers might benefit. Considering how quickly land values tend to rise, Esenyurt apartments for sale have a strong potential for capital growth.

In this area, a square meter of real estate costs, on average, 2.194 lira. In this region, the average annual rise in home prices is 8.53 lira. Rumi, Güzel Yurt, Esteghlal, Zafar, Ataturk, Uch Uler, Hurit, and Shahitler are the most well-known areas of Esenyurt. Esenyurt, with its reasonable costs and plenty of retail and entertainment options, is a good place to consider for anybody wanting to purchase real estate in Istanbul. Also, the property is a great long-term investment due to its future possibilities. Hence, investing in real estate in Esenyurt, Istanbul, is always a great idea.

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History of the district:

The majority of the district was constructed on property that Ekrem Mer Paşa possessed in the nineteenth century. Eskinoz, one of the landowners, is the source of the name Esenyurt. Between 1920 and 1938, migration to the region came mostly from Ardahan and Kars, as well as Erzurum and Artvin. More recently, migration came from Romania and Bulgaria.

Esenyurt has excellent access to various parts of Istanbul, including Beylikduzu, Buyukcekmece, Avcilar, and Beyoglu. Istanbul's Esenyurt area is anticipated to draw significant investment in the near future, notably in the transportation industry. As a result of their accessibility from all regions of the city, the growth of transportation is anticipated to take place close to the D100 and TEM highways and their accompanying roads.

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