All You Should Know About Supermarkets in Turkey


What we really appreciate about life in Turkey is the diversity, diversity in all the different aspects of life, in terms of political life, and economical resources, which reflected its sense of easy and fixable accessibility in the daily base life in Turkey, meanwhile based on the flexibility and the concept of pluralism adopted in the lifestyle in various Turkish cities, we’re telling you in this article about the best supermarkets in Turkey, its services, and the way you can pick the best to your self among all the options:

1- Bim Supermarkets:
Bim supermarket is the most popular brand in Turkey, due to the adopted concept of serving the high quality but with affordable prices, which allows the lower and average class of the society to purchase all their daily needs, with more than different 705 basic products, so you can find Bim branches in each street and alley.

We recommend you try Bim’s products first to determine whether it’s suitable for you or not because, for many in Turkey, Bim’s products are the top option on the list, but yet you won’t find some luxurious products or fruits, therefore you need to head to different sort of markets.

2- A-101 and Şok Supermarkets:
The common factor between A-101 and Şok supermarkets is adding generous value to the society besides offering affordable products, that are within reach of everyone, this kind gesture is about employing people who have any kind of mental or physical disabilities, in order to help and support the backbone of the society, by affording job and life opportunities, so next time you head to one of these markets, make sure to collaborate with the employee there, who have trained nicely to serve you well despite the sort of disabilities they have.

It is worth mentioning that both A-101 and Şok supermarkets become national brands on the national level, recently the Turkish brands exported their services to both Eygpt, Morocco, and Algeria.
The Turkish brands didn’t exchange their commercial identity and products only, but also included the humanitarian part of their trade contracts, in order to represent their trademark and identity in Turkey and worldwide.

Recently both A-101 and Şok supermarkets worked on selling their services and products online through a mobile application due to the rapid continuous development process that the internet application Turkey has witnessed in the last past few years.

So all you have to do is download their application, do your shopping, and save time and time, won't say save money because simply in Turkey time equals money.

3- Migros:
Migros Supermarkets is one of the largest chains of supermarkets in Turkey, and it serves over 150 million customers, not only in Turkey but in 41 different countries worldwide.

The most significant privilege of Migros Supermarkets is the widespread, Migros branches of various sizes are distributed in all cities and neighborhoods in Turkey. in addition to the Migros chain of stores working to provide all essential products, which are not limited to groceries or fruits and vegetables, but you can find entire household supplies, in addition to the afforded high quality, that is considered relatively high, with a purchase cost above the average.

Migros Supermarkets also owns a mobile application and a website, where you can schedule your fill your baskets and send it to the selected place and specific timing.

4- Carrefour SA:
Carrefour is such a well-known and international supermarket chain, which is recently been exported to Turkey, to launch countable mega branches, but in Turkey what distinguishes the French brand from the rest of the brands, is the marketing image that  Carrefour has been working on in Turkey, which is to serve the middle class and the affluent within the Turkish society mainly.

In Carrefour stores, you can find all the luxury products where the purchasing price is relatively high, so the next time you intend to buy caviar to eat it with a velvety glass of red wine you know where to go.

There are more minor markets in Turkey, which easily you will find yourself, in this article we mentioned the most prominent domestic and national ones, so next time you visit Turkey whether for settling down with your family or for a quick business trip you know where to go, how to buy and what to buy.

For sure there’s too much to know about life in Turkey, food in Turkey, best cities to live or invest in, all that you have to do, is connect with the Turkey Advisors team, and we’ll make sure to serve you the way you deserve.

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