The Turkish Economy Exporting Unicorns Companies to The World


The phrase is terrifying to read,  to compare  the global unicorn vs. the Turkish one due to the enormous efforts, millions of dollars, uncountable wise investors, solid ground economic infrastructures, that stand behind it, meanwhile, the comparison is hard to consider, and the arbitrage must be studied logically and rationally, However, let us inform you briefly about the definition of Unicorn companies: 

Unicorn companies were startup firms that were initially established to sell services (B2C), by playing the mediator role in different filed; it is done by solving a problem; what is unique about these companies is the ability to adapt to the market and increase their interests fivefold to reach the billion dollars as general Capital of the company in a short time.

The global vs. the Turkish unicorn companies:

The big question mark here is, Does any country capable of serving the economic ground for startup companies to grow and become unicorn companies within a brief time?

The logical answer is colossal NO, but WHY?  Simply due to the infrastructure of that country and countless other factors, however, to explain more illustratively will tell an example that would simplify the issue:

The total number of Unicorn companies globally is 550, 250 of them located in the USA, the land of self-made billionaires, the other 200 created in China, and the rest one hundred widespread globally. 

America owns 250 startup companies that quickly become a unicorn kingdom, which would refer to well-developed economy tools, robust logistics ground, sophisticated infrastructure that serve the commercial community with several airports, ports, and flexible exporting-importing regulations. Anyway, do we have a unicorn in Turkey? And what will it prove for the ambitious investors who aspire to establish a new foothold for themselves in Turkey?

Actually, Turkey has also worked on evolving its whole infrastructure that involves the largest developed airport in the world, uncountable ports, it sits in the most crucial spots between Asia, East Asia, and Europe with sophisticated logistic services that match and meet the ambition of investors, with flexible trade regulations, and adoptable taxation system, Hence, we can say that Turkey is a country comparable to the most influential economies in the world.

Turkey owns six unicorns that have become a global brands:
2015 was the beginning of several startup companies in Turkey that were established by local minor businessmen, rooted in Istanbul, the most influential economic city in Turkey; Nazim Salur, the founder and the owner of the Getir mobile application, talked about the birth of his Unicorn that aimed to serve people who stuck in the traffic and who have no time to buy daily grocery, with limited delivery timing that won't exceed the 10 min to reach the customer's house, here Salur worked on solving a dilemma that locals in Turkey suffer from in megacity specifically, which is the life traffic jam 24/7.

From Istanbul, Salur expands his business to all 81 Turkish cities, and also attracts global investors to invest in his company in order to expand the services within the application, upgrading from 1 service to 6 different ones.

The robust Turkish economy with robust fundamentals:
Thanks to the robust Turkish economy with its robust fundamentals helped Salur, to grow the company's capital from 288 million dollars in the first two years up to 850 million dollars later, and today Salur has become the owner of the leading unicorn in Turkey, with 2.8 billion dollars as The company's general capital, with a percentage of 30% sold for investors from around the world.

However, would he be capable reach that point of success without having all the elements of free trade and an emerging well-developed economy? the answer is NO again.

Today Salur is exporting his brand to four major European cities, such as London, Paris, Amsterdam, and Berlin, after putting up the company's shares for foreign investment in the market, which allowed him to achieve this stage of prosperity and growth.

The owner of Getir App also created another application that competes with the international Uber application, which runs local taxi drivers through the App BiTaxi.
e said that he has no intention of selling the entire company for acquisition by foreign companies but instead plans to expand his current firms, employ more Human Resources, delivery motors, and Turkish, foreign programmers in Turkey and the world. Thus it aims to serve the Turkish community and not just his personal interest.

Turkey is an effective alternative to Russian companies, logistically and commercially:
Eventually, Turkey yet considered an emerging economy that still works on polishing its internal and external structures; uncountable regulations are evolved and reconstructed daily, with the aim to serve the community and create a solid ground for global investors to immigrate with their business to Turkey; actually, that was crystal clear recently after the Russain-Ukrainian conflict that led to the European and American companies to shut down their branches in Russia.

Meanwhile, the urgent need for alternative increased; therefore, Turkey has become the neutral replacement; based on this, Joe Biden expressed his encouragement for Turkey to extract natural gas as soon as possible, to be an alternative to the Russian natural gas in the region, and also for the United States, Turkey will be the commercial and logistical next destination after more than 500 international American companies were closed in Russia and ready to completely be transferred to Turkey.

The first of which was the American Amazon company, which established the first logistic base, with a value of 100 million dollars, that will provide 1000 job opportunities for locals in the first year of opening.

The American Amazon company has expressed that Turkey is the most suitable partner in the coming days, given its strategic location first, the advanced Turkish infrastructure, its strong economy, and the massive availability of human resources that meet the needs of international companies.

To sum up, Turkey will dominate the second millennium according to logical, rational figures. Speaking of numbers, the real estate market in Turkey is also developing the current value of the market is getting increased, so the market is intelligent, take a look at the real estate market, and give us a call so we can serve you the way you deserve.

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