All you Should Know about The Religion Of Turkey


Turkey, or what was known as Anatolia, is the land of the greatest and most vast empires of ancient and modern history. Some of these magnificent empires date before BC until the Christians, Romans, and Greeks captured the Anatolia land; later, the Ottoman Muslims conquered Constantinople, but the most significant character of their governing rule model of the Anatolia lands was tolerance. Ottomans didn't force anyone to convert to Islam. On the contrary, history recorded large Jews immigration waves to the Ottoman lands, given the religious openness and ideological tolerance prevailing in the Ottoman Empire.

But what about religious and ideological tolerance in Turkey, are Muslims welcome in Turkey, what about religious minorities in Turkey, and what is the religion followed by the Turkish government in Turkish courts, government departments, and its institutions? All these questions and more will be answered in this article.

First: What is The Religion of The Turkish Government?
Those familiar with Turkey's political history know that Turkey became a Secular state after the collapse of the Ottoman Muslim Caliphate; in 1926, the modern Turkish Republic was established, which adopted secularism as its doctrine. The constitution is the exclusive legislator, which was taken from the Swiss constitution and later amended to suit the principles of the Turkish Republic. No Sharia or religion was applied within government administrations. Today, the law applied throughout the country is still secular; it doesn't differentiate between religions. On the contrary, it welcomes followers of all religious sects from worldwide.

Secondly: What is The Vast Religious Majority in Turkey?
Although Turkey is a secular country, the overwhelming religious majority of the Turkish population is Islam. Muslims make up 79% of the total population density, and the remaining 31% includes all other religious denominations, such as Christians, Jews, and other spiritual religions. Therefore, as a Muslim, you won't ever face any religious discrimination, fascist racism, or even religious segregation that Muslims may be exposed to in some secular European countries.

Turkish society has such massive diversity within its community; everyone is welcome to join the table. Especially Muslims, who will be able to practice all the religious practices and rituals, such as halal food in all stores and shopping malls, alcohol-free restaurants, hotels, and resorts that respect the Islamic lifestyle, are available in all Turkish cities. Today, Turkey hosts more than 88,000 mosques, Islamic religious schools, and many other facilities that make Muslims feel comfortable and belong in Turkey, whether their visit is for tourism only or moving to Turkey to live with their family.

So yeah, Muslims are more than welcome to live the lifestyle that suits their religion and beliefs, that might be too liberal or too conservative.

Thirdly: Are Christians and Jews Also Welcome to Turkey?
There are numerous similarities between the monotheistic religions, Islam, Judaism, and Christianity, in terms of principles of tolerance and peace. Still, many various matters make Christians wonder if they will be able to drink alcohol freely in Turkey. Is cohabitation not allowed in Turkey?? Are the Churches and temples open for prayer and festivities??

There are 349 churches in the Turkish Republic, of which 140 are for Greeks, 58 for Syriac, and 54 for Armenians. All the distinct Christian sects live peacefully and equally, without specific restrictions or discrimination from the other Muslim groups.

Jews also live in Turkey with full civil rights to practice religious rituals within Jewish temples. No chains would limit Jews and Christians from practicing all their religious rituals and abiding by any religious outfit according to the constitution and secular Turkish law.

In megacities such as Istanbul, Izmir, and Ankara, many international schools belong to the European church, such as Lycée Saint-Joseph (Saint-Joseph Fransız Lisesi), Istanbul Notre Dame de Sion French Private High School, Deutsche Schule Istanbul (German School Istanbul), and many other schools that providing the Christian religion lessons, with full adoption for the western and eastern Christian religious and traditional culture.

So as a rational conclusion, and according to the numbers, Turkey is the country where everyone is welcomed to live the ideal restriction-free life. Whether you are a Muslim, Christian, or Jewish, Turkey can be your next investment destination, whether for real estate investment in Istanbul or establishing a business in Turkey. Also, you will be more than welcome if you plan to move to Turkey with your family.

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