Basin express district: From a Real Estate Perspective and Lifestyle


Buy a property in Istanbul in 2022, become a more tricky process to consider before doing the big jump, and purchase the appropriate property that suits your aspirations, but why?

Simply due to the huge shifting accrued daily within the real estate market in Turkey generally and Istanbul as a megacity especially, while every day there's a new emerging urban district, to illustrate the concept we’re telling here about, we’re giving an example about the finical center of Istanbul city.

Previously in Istanbul, there were only one major business headquarters located in the Maslak and Levent, which hosts all the significant main offices of both the local and international banks and companies, plus the stock market of Istanbul, however recently in the last 7 – 10 years, a new financial center emerged The BASIN EXPRESS, that becomes the most recommendable alternative for Maslak and Levent, on various scales.

So in this article, we’re informing you about Basin express from a real estate perspective, plus the investment types that would reach the roof of your expectations in the real estate market in Turkey.

The foggy past of the Basin Express:
Previously the first thing that comes to mind when we say Basin Express, is the slums, which are generally dedicated to the lower class of the society, the polluted air, the massive number of the unregular factories, and many other unsightly factors that made Basin Express as a region, undesirable destination to live in or even to have a business in, due to the difficult accessibility, lack of transportations, and being far from the downtown of Istanbul in terms of location.

However now, Basin Express become one of the most competitive markets in Istanbul for both real estate investment and even the housing for families, while the entire region got regenerated, starting from the infrastructure up to the skyscrapers, and overall services.

The government plan for the development of the Basin Express district
The government developed a regenerative strategy to remodel the facade of the region, within the plan all the minor industrial factories were shut down, to provide the space for mega-companies to move to Basin Express, and also the hotels which is considered a necessity, during the time the Ataturk Airport was functioning, plus the multinational center of trade, plus the exhibition center of Istanbul city that hosts more than 9 million exhibitions for global companies and guests yearly.

Eventually, the Basin Express witnessed a tremendous shift and become an alluring goal for both the developers and investors to finance and construct a fresh foothold for themselves, in the emerged Basin Express, which is still one of the most competitive markets in Turkey, with lots of unmissable options and horizons.   

The shiny present of Basin Express:
Today Basin Express is known as the new financial center of Istanbul, due to the huge immigration wave of the local, global companies and banks which find Basin Express a considerable alternative location in terms of rental value, fresh services, and variety of options with wide interspaces, unlike the Maslak, which for many considered as an overpriced market with insufficient supplies due to the great demand.

Today Basin Express, thanks to the undergoing generative plan consider a downtown zone in Istanbul on the European side, with solid fundamentals of daily life services, such as the international schools, prestigious private universities, shopping malls, and other uncountable facilities that made the region a successful fruitful investment and a luxurious place to live in.

 The transportation lines reached Basin Express and contributed to the notable increase in the value of land in the Basin Express region, At a rate of no less than 65% annually, the increase was not only on the buying and selling price but also contributed to the high rate of rent, due to the region’s attracting a huge number of foreign university students in addition to the employees of the major companies located in the Basin Express area

In addition to highways and metro lines, Istanbul municipality is developing a water taxi line, connecting the region to central areas, such as Eyup municipality and Kâğıthane.

Basin Express in Numbers:
As mentioned above the past of Basin Express is the opposite according to its current promising present, the value of the land increased more than 408% within the last 5 years, due to the continuous evolving modification plans, which are still working on polishing the external and internal facade of the Basin Express zone, and boosting more services, let us give you an illustrative example of how and why capital appreciation increased:

The actual value for each meter in Basin Express is 1500 up to 2000 $ currently, while 5 years ago was equal to the 400 $ Max, even if the project owns the maximum features of luxury and prestigious services.

Some may consider the inflation rate which is also got increased while the local currency of Turkey is continually declined due to several political influential global issues, that affected the value of the Turkish Lira, for instance, the ongoing borders war on both the Turkish-Iraqi and Turkish-Syrian borders, which is in somehow effecting the economical state in Turkey, and thereafter manipulating the inflation rate, in other words, the inflation rate has nothing to do with the actual value of your property, or with the robust economy of Turkey, while both of the rates of inflation runs parallel to the rate of demand.

The full side of the cup is yet to come, which refers to (the high demand, decreasing supplies) the Turkish market witnessed, which relies on the diverse elements that Turkey owns, such as the competitive real estate market in Turkey, the strategic location, the increased capital appreciation, and the well-developed infrastructure which the Turkish government worked on it in the last 20 years, to become a competitive model of professionality, accuracy, and the high standers of construction, that compared to Europe and East Asia.

Eventually, the real estate market in Turkey has a lot of surprises, and so our team, who is ready to submit you many offers, whether for investment properties in Turkey or residential real estate properties and also afford you with latest updates about the Turkish citizenship program for foreigner investors, give us a call so we can make sure to sever you the way you deserve.

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