Maslak From a Real Estate Perspective and Lifestyle


What type of assets must you approach as a potential promising business? The commercial real estate property or the housing one? Which one is more fruitful and logical to invest in the real estate market in Istanbul?

To satisfy your concerns about the previous question, we must analyze the commercial market's value plus the housing one, calculate the rental avenue annually, the potentiality of making a profit from the resale of the real estate property, whether you decide to go with the housing or commercial assets.

Depending on the figures, we get you to make up your call; still, first of all, we're informing you about the central business centers, what they offer you, with a brief of its infrastructure and robust economic fundamentals:

Maslak - Levent Financial Center:
The Genuity of options within the real estate market investment must be realistic and long-lasting with high capital appreciation. Since both Maslak and Levent provide all of the previous mentions crucial elements, we consider it the premier commercial center in the city that was founded as the focal financial center that attracted global companies to lunch its branches, such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and many other firms, also within the modern history of the Turkish Republic, The first stock market in Turkey was established in the region of Maslak; therefore, all the leading local and international banks established their skyscrapers in the surrounding area of Maslak and Levent districts.

Meanwhile, purchasing a property in the regions of Maslak and Levent is absolutely a recommendable option to go with, while the annual rental income exceeds 9 up to 10% of the total amount of the purchasing value.

Commercial units or housing ones within the region of Maslak and Levent:
What should we recommend you invest wıth? commercial units or housing ones? The answer here is confusing; while the previous options are lucrative and worthy of the investment value, the region has all the legendary solid establishments that are capable of fivefold your profits. For instance, in Maslak and Levent, we have more than five mega universities that cannot serve the student's housing; therefore, buying a property in Maslak and renting it for students nine-month yearly is a fruitful concept investment, plus the massive figure of commercial skyscrapers that employ thousands of workers and employees who need close housing to their workplaces.

Also, buying an office as a commercial unit is a brilliant idea, while Maslak and Levent are internationally famous and still draw expert businessmen who intend to launch their first commercial foothold in Maslak or Levent, so to buy an office and promote it for annual rent, furnished with the essential types of equipment, will guaranty you a minimum 10% revenue.

The current market value and the future perspective of Maslak and Levent:
The current market value of Maslak and Levent is already considerable pricing; the average starting price per meter is around eight thousand dollars up to ten thousand dollars within the ready projects. But what we assert about the pricing of Maslak and Levent is similar to the gold concept of investment, that won't lose its value, with stability in term of capital appreciation and significance; however, also have an opportunity of increase once the government merges new developing services, such as a new mean of transportation, that facilitate the accessibility to the district, and therefore the demand over the current supplies will dramatically be increased, whether for renting or buying property.

The Future perspective of Maslak and Levent:
The region's future cannot be less significant than what it is currently; on the contrary, given the importance of the region now in terms of value and high demand; the future will be based on the idea of exclusivity and luxury, which will raise the value, while the entire region having reduction of supplies daily, So the already sold-out stocks will get fivefold rise in price, and maybe ten, as we've already told you gold investment concept.

To sum up, Turkey will dominate the second millennium according to logical, rational figures and criteria have shown above. So take the privilege of the current cumulative market value of the real estate market in Turkey, give us a call so we can serve you the way you deserve.

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