Straightforward talks: Is Fikirtepe District Suitable for Real Estate Investment:


Once upon a time, Fikirtepe was a shabby, messy, and disorganized region, but within 18 years became a well-organized, sophisticated landscape; However, how was possibly multiply the value of the square meter five times in a short period? What is the expected investment future of the Fikirtepe district?

The Vital Location of Fikirtepe:
The Fikirtepe district is located in the Asian side of Istanbul, within Kadikoy municipality; Kadikoy is one of the oldest municipalities in Istanbul, directly overlooking the crystal Maramara Sea. Kadikoy has its code of historical magnificent and evolving present and the shiny predictable future.

Fikirtepe region is a part of this simulation of the Sisli municipality in the European side of Istanbul in terms of financial value, architectural code, and the central location among several critical municipalities, such as Kağithane, Beşiktaş, and Beyoğlu. And Fikritepe has the same vital spot between essential regions.

That location gives Fikritepe easy accessibility and comfortable mobility and therefore gains additional investment value within the real estate market in Istanbul. However, how was the external interface of the urban infrastructure of Fikirtepe??

The History of Shanty Fikirtepe Town:
Istanbul as a city has grown up messily in the late 80s and 90s. Still, the Turkish government has recently developed and regenerated the entire urban infrastructure of Fikirtepe in the last 20 years under a well-systematic government plan.

But before, Fikirtepe has deemed a shanty region with the poorest services and infrastructure. The real estate market of Fikirtepe was an inferior, undesirable destination for both local and international investors. Thus due to the well-structured regeneration plan, the value and pricing curve has tripled; twenty thousand houses within luxurious residential complexes have been built within Fikirtepe. These units will be soon delivered to the real estate market; consequently, the capital appreciation of the real estate market of Fikirtepe and Istanbul, the entire market assets will revolve around the newly emerging concept of renovated Fikirtepe district.

According to the Turkish governmental plan, 30% of the Fikritepe landscape has been renovated and delivered, yet 70% is to be constructed and delivered, which will boost the per meter value within Kadikoy municipality and even the entire city of Istanbul, thanks to the government initiative.

The Expected Future of Fikirtepe:
The real estate investment in Istanbul concepts varies between Resale and Leasing, which stimulates the method of Quantity and Quality. Currently, within the Fikirtepe region, these methods would be successfully applied and profitably functioning. Meanwhile, buying a real estate property, whether in the ready-to-move or under-construction Fikirtepe project.

The pricing and the value have evolved and yet will increase, so buying a property in Fikirtepe is the deal of the century, do it and buy it before it’s too late. But how would any global investor choose the right real estate property that suits and accomplish his\her aspiration with the real estate market of Fikirtepe or any other mega municipality of Istanbul??

The answer is simple and easy, finding a trustable partner in Turkey, a responsible and professional real estate agency, that would help with analyzing the market, explore the option by studying the pros and cons, and also presenting an integrated financial study that illustrates the future of the revenue dedicated to the property in Turkey, regardless its type or location.

Therefore, Turkey Advisors, with its long extended experience in the field of real estate in Turkey and its qualified team, will help you reach the safe port and guide from the first steps for you in Turkey till receiving the keys cus you deserve the best, connect with us, own what you deserve.


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