The Healthcare in Turkey for Foreigners


Healthcare in Turkey gained international fame and became a new financial resource to count on in the Turkish economy, contributing to the Turkish national income by 30% annually.

So in this article, we are telling you more about the healthcare system in Turkey, information; you must comprehend the insurance system in Turkey, both Governmental and private, and about seeing doctors as foreigners in Turkey.

The healthcare system in Turkey is considered one of the most well-organized and sophisticated in terms of academic expertise and medical competencies and the modernized e-system. The health systems that the Ministry of Health worked to develop provide the highest quality for both Turkish citizens and foreigners as well.

First: What is the E-Nabiz?
E-Nabiz is a government website and application affiliated with the Health ministry. Citizens can view and manage their personal health information individually on the Internet-based service and the phone application. Foreigners can also have an account on the E-Nabiz, which provides its services in both Turkish and English.

The E-Nabiz is similar in its concept to the E-Develet, the Turkish government e-gate that links the citizens and foreigners with official administrations and ministries. The website facilitates all official and legal transactions for citizens and foreigners, and E-Nabiz is a similar website with loads of medical services.

The Types of Health Insurance in Turkey:

Government Health Insurance System SGK:
The SGK (Sosyal Güvenlik Kurumu), the Social Security Institution, offers Turkish and foreigners discounted prices within governmental and private hospitals. Foreigners in Turkey are legally eligible to obtain the SGK health insurance but first must extract a residence permit in Turkey that would possess a national ID number.

There are multiple medical services provided within government hospitals in Turkey that are included within the Turkish social security systems SGK, such as childbirth, surgeries, emergency cases, and chronic diseases, such as diabetes and asthma. The insurance also includes medication treatment and accommodation costs within government hospitals.

It is worth noting that if the foreign employee works in a government or private sector in Turkey, the employer is responsible for obtaining health insurance for the foreign employee and paying the monthly costs on behalf of the foreign employee.

But if the foreign employee isn't working legally by possessing the work permit in Turkey, it's deemed a necessary condition; otherwise, the healthcare insurance won't be obtainable.

It is worth noting that private health insurance won't cover the medical treatment in government hospitals, so it's preferable to visit a private hospital with lots of sophisticated medical services and treatments. The English-speaking medical staff makes private hospitals ideal for private insurance holders.

Private Health Insurance System:
In Turkey, there are many private insurance companies whose services and insurance programs vary, so a foreigner in Turkey must ask about all the sensitive elements related to his health insurance.

First, we must ask about the value of the annual or monthly payments and expenses to be paid, in addition to the number of services that the private insurance company in Turkey will provide, according to the expenses that will be paid.

Private insurance is commonly used by international students who come to Turkey stated their academic studies. In contrast, health insurance is deemed an essential document to finalize the registry in any educational institution in Turkey.

No HealthCare Coverage:
Foreigners who don't possess private, governmental health insurance will pay all the medical fees, whether for emergency entrance or extensive surgeries. Therefore we highly emphasize the importance of extracting health insurance in Turkey due to the considerable treatment fees the foreigners will obligate to pay.  

What About Pharmacies System in Turkey:
The pharmacy system in Turkey is also affiliated with the insurance and social security system, whether it is government or private insurance, where it is possible to obtain a significant discount of up to 75% of the value of the medical drug if the foreigner has health insurance.

The pharmacy in Turkish is called Eczane; in Turkey, pharmacies can be founded in each neighborhood to serve citizens and foreigners. The pharmacy in Turkey operates from 9 am to 7 pm but is closed on weekends. However, there is always a duty pharmacy that works on weekends and late-night hours in every neighborhood and avenue in all Turkish cities.

It is possible to search for the nearest pharmacy on duty on the weekend by searching on Google on the government duty pharmacies website, which will allow you to find the nearest pharmacy after choosing your geographical location.

 Eventually, the Turkish government is collaborating with the minister of health to develop and polish the division of health in Turkey by supplying advanced regulations and legislation that aim to serve the well-being of locals and international patients. However, if you still have any concerns about the healthcare system in Turkey, leave us a message, and our team will solve all the question marks in your head and make sure to serve you the way you deserve.

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