The Top Turkish Cities For a Ideal Life


Being centered in the midpoint of the world means that you have unlimited possibilities for life, work, entertainment, and most importantly, constructing a stable future for you and your family in Turkey.

Turkey is a massive country in terms of area, spanning two continents at the center of the world; the country is divided into 81 cities, implying that you will have endless alternatives; which state is sufficiently suited to live with your family? What is the economic situation and infrastructure? Is education able to satisfy the needs of your children? Is buying a property in one of these Turkish cities the accurate decision? Should you do it or not? We will answer all these concerns in this article because you and your family deserve the complete knowledge to create a promising tomorrow full of opportunities and happy, cheerful stations

Here's our preferences list for the Turkish cities for a comfortable life:

1- Istanbul city the economic capital of Turkey:
When the time comes to speak about the best Turkish cities, Istanbul will take precedence and supremacy in all respects. When it comes time to gossip about the earthly paradise, we will mention Istanbul, the heaven of God on earth, in a spot that is definitely the city of Istanbul. But why Istanbul precisely? What are the advantages of Istanbul that are more reasonable or exciting than other Turkish cities?

Istanbul is one of the ancientest historical cities in the world, has witnessed the most remarkable historical events, and was the residence of many empires from BC until today. By the end of the last decade, Istanbul has become one of the best economic destinations in the world and a permanent station for families looking for a safe port to establish a quiet and stable life.

A- Istanbul Economy:
is the second capital of Turkey after Ankara, the political capital that embraces embassies and government ministries. Istanbul is considered the economic capital, with the highest financial returns in import and export, tourism, real estate construction, and international and startup companies. But Istanbul would not have been able to occupy this rank without owning its robust infrastructure, which is based on a sophisticated and complex transportation system, a network of enormous ports, and the largest airports in the world. This educational system competes with the American and European educational approaches for government-affiliated or international private schools.

In addition to an independent commercial system based on a flexible taxation system that works for the benefit of the individuals and institutions, import and export policies also operate for the Turkish citizen and foreigners alike.

Most importantly, the systems of the private bank and the governmental and private joint sector were designed primarily for the benefit and interest of the Turkish people and foreigners simultaneously.

Meanwhile, Istanbul will be at the top recommendation on our list for you, while you'll be able to obtain an integrated life and construct it from scratch. Istanbul has several massive local- international financial centers and many commercial and industrial zones with all basic facilities such as ports, global shipping companies, and local logistics. What we love most about Istanbul because it is appropriate for all sorts of professions and practical fields.

B- Housing in Istanbul:
Options and alternatives for real estate in Istanbul are countless; whether you're looking for apartments or luxury villas by the sea in Istanbul, you'll find what matches both budgets, preferences for luxury villas by the sea in Istanbul, you'll find what matches both budgets, preferences, and even cultural orientations.

What you should consider is the decentralization city notion, which refers to Istanbul having no downtown or center of living nearby, except for the old historic downtown, so you should follow your interests by locating yourself nearby your job's location, child's schools, matching suitable facilities and institutions … etc. And without any doubt, we're ready to accompany you on this trip to find the best real estate housing projects in Istanbul for you and your family.

2- Izmir, the materialization of the sophisticated industrial city:

1- Economy of Izmir:
Firstly, if you are an industrialist interested in technologies and urban industries, Izmir is the accurate target. The city has four mega industrial towns that have been developed to serve both local and international companies. The city has more than six mega car factories for international brands, plus a house of global electrical companies, such as Samsung, LG, and many more.

Izmir husting more than five global exhibition cities, Many of which were built by foreign national companies, such as the French Exhibition City, which was established within a 25-year investment contract for the French construction company's interest.

 However, This strong economy relied on the prominent geographical location of Izmir city, located on several bodies of water, which owns many ports classified as the most extensive in Europe and the world; it's supplied with the best equipment.
All this allowed both Izmir and Turkey to compete with the best import and export stations in the world And the neighboring region, such as Dubai Port (Jebel Ali Free Zone), which is considered the most central region in the Middle East, linking East Asia with Europe and the world.

Housing in Izmir:
The city contains many private and public Turkish universities, which also compete with the most elite European universities and many private international schools, which are not inferior in quality to the schools in both the capital, Ankara and Istanbul. Speaking of life in Izmir, the city has a fabulous waterfront on the Aegean Sea; it's considered the third city in terms of population overcrowding and the third most influential city in terms of economic output for Turkey after Istanbul and Antalya.
However, its weather is lovely in the eastern Mediterranean throughout the year; this makes it a great tourist attraction point, especially for European tourists looking for sunny weather suitable for relaxation and recreation.
We highly recommend you to rent an apartment in Izmir, especially if you're exploring the city, to avoid any Mistaken judgment over the districts that might not be suitable for your family, take your time to discover the city, find your cup of tea, and yeah call us, so we can appropriately guide you to find an apartment in Izmir to buy, or maybe a luxurious villa nearby the sea in Izmir.

3- Bursa the witnessed of Ottoman history:

1- Economy of Bursa:
Bursa is a witness to several prominent historical civilizations and giant empires, such as the Ottoman Empire's birth. The city is relatively small; despite that, it's a significant destination for workers in the agricultural sector. The city is also a critical point between the industrial and farming sectors. The city of Bursa has vast agricultural lands, which contribute more than 10 % of Turkey's needs, and also works on exporting crops to Europe and the GCC region.

The city has a vital infrastructure that contributed to the growth of the industrial and trade sector. The city owns many local and international land and air freight companies; therefore, the city is an essential target for foreign manufacturers looking for cheap labor and competitive market value at low prices compared to other Turkish cities.

The Turkish government has created several laws to attract local and foreign investors to the city by introducing several rules for tax exemption on exports, industrial facilities, and bank loans.

2- Housing in Bursa:
Bursa is a quiet, tranquil city that is less crowded than other Turkish cities, such as Istanbul, which is linked with the longest suspension bridge in the world, the Osman Ghazi Bridge, which shortened the distance between Istanbul and Bursa from an hour to 15 minutes only. It's worth mentioning that the Osman Ghazi Bridge is a foreign investment with an investment operation contract for 25 years; it was implemented with a value of 1.3 billion US dollars.

The city has good infrastructure, well-developed highways, and one commercial port. Bursa has witnessed tremendous development in the real estate sector; many luxury residential complexes have been established, which contain high-end services and prestigious facilities. However, some may imagine it doesn't include significant universities or international schools, given the city's small size. Still, despite its small area, Bursa contains two universities and several international and private luxury schools.

We suggest you rent an apartment in Bursa, especially if you're exploring the city for the first time, to evade any Wrong decision over the neighborhoods that might not be suitable for your family, take your time to discover the town, find your cup of tea, and yeah call us, so we can properly advise you to find an apartment in Bursa to buy, or maybe a luxurious villa nearby the sea in Bursa.

4- Antalya mermaid of the Mediterranean sea:

What are the features of the city you are looking for? A sandy beach, a mountain, an urban city, or a millennia-old history? All this and more in a town, which is Antalya, a mermaid of the Mediterranean.

A- Economy of Antalya:
 Antalya is the sixth-largest city in Turkey; Antalya has witnessed remarkable development in all aspects of life for the last decade due to the Mediterranean climate conditions and the active tourism element. Significantly, Antalya was ranked fifth in Turkey regarding population congestion.

Meanwhile, The economic life in Antalya has become highly energetic, which is dependent on trade, agriculture, and tourism.

Speaking of tourism, Antalya has two of the best and purest beaches globally, Lara and Konyaalti sandy beaches, thanks to which the city turned into a significant tourist attraction. Simultaneously, the commercial tourism sector flourished. Meanwhile, uncountable prestigious resorts and international tourist hotels were constructed, such as Four Seasons, The Raffles, The Hilton, and Shangri-La, which allow you to live the Caribbean experience in all its details.

The city also has a robust infrastructure, which contributed to opening many international companies, branches, and finical cities in Antalya. Therefore, due to the economic boom, many real estate construction projects were created for the most substantial local real estate companies, which contain the most luxurious and high-end services with vast landscapes.

B- Housing in Antalya:

As for living in Antalya, we are glad to tell you that housing options are available in all their forms and types, starting with apartments in the city center and even luxurious villas near the sea in Antalya, which are residential and investment properties at the same time, due to the great demand for rental apartments throughout the city, that returns the owner a high return throughout the seasons, the annual commercial return for the residential flats in Antalya may reach 12% of the value of the property, especially during the tourist season during the summer and spring.

Last but not least, here we have mentioned to you four vital and pivotal cities in Turkey, and yet there're 77 other Turkish cities which deserve you to experience whether for housing or tourism, be sure that we will accompany you during this trip, to get what you deserve in Turkey.

 Ultimately, we must draw your attention to the fact that our company has an admiringly professional team, which is entirely prepared to deliver its expertise in many fields; go ahead and send us an email or text us via WhatsApp, and our team will equip you with the necessary knowledge about real estate in Istanbul, whether a luxury villa by the sea, with private garage for your new Turkish car, or any other concerns about life in Turkey, Nature in Turkey, regulations, and laws of Turkey, we're here to assist you the way you deserve.


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