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We are once more in the month of Ramadan, which is termed Ramazan in Turkish. Everybody who lives in Turkey is familiar with the fundamental principles of the month-long fast: no food or drink from sunrise to sunset, nights full of feasting, and, depending on where you live, a drummer making the rounds in the wee hours of the morning.

This is your comprehensive guide to Ramadan in Turkey 2022 if you happen to be there, especially if you're in Istanbul during the holy month. Muslims from all around the world will begin to observe the holy month of Ramadan on March 22 and observe it for 29 or 30 days. Being one of the major Muslim nations, Turkey is obviously no exception as its citizens prepare for a month of fasting, a time to reflect on the virtues of endurance, humility, and charity.


In what ways is Ramadan observed in Turkey?


Ramadan is observed in diverse ways throughout Turkey. For instance, certain dishes and sweets are made especially during this month or are enjoyed more frequently throughout Ramadan. Included in this is Güllaç, a typical white, fluffy, milky confection created in Turkey from layers of paper-thin cornstarch leaves that have been soaked in sweetened milk and rose water. This Ramadan-only dessert is typically offered to visitors.


During Ramadan, pide is a preferred bread kind. Although Pide bread is enjoyed all year long, demand spikes during the holy month, especially just before Iftar. Because of this, you will likely encounter very lengthy lines in front of bakeries, but it will be worth the wait! During this month, Ramazan erbeti is also quite popular. Sherbets are a tradition from the Ottoman era that are created from a variety of fruits and herbs. They are great for replenishing the water, minerals, and energy you lose when fasting.


Other ways to celebrate include customs like giving gifts to kids and pocket money to motivate them to fast, Mahya art, which entails decorating mosques with glittering messages for the entire month, and iftar tents, which are set up in almost every city square to celebrate breaking fast with loved ones.


Traveling to Istanbul in 2022 for Ramadan


There are numerous things you may do in Turkey during Ramadan whether you're a Muslim or not, in contrast to many other Muslim nations. This is because Turkey is a pluralistic nation and a popular tourist destination that necessitates cultural adaptation.


Yet, this month's celebrations, gatherings, charitable giving, and decorations make the spirit of Ramadan quite apparent. In several Turkish cities, you may hear the Iftar Cannons and the Ramadan Drummers. Every year, celebrations and unique activities with a Ramadan theme are planned in locations including Sultanahmet, Gulhane, and Feshane. Communal Iftar celebrations are frequently organized in these areas as well as several others around numerous Turkish cities.


The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has declared that all metro, tramway, and funicular lines would run every day until 2:00 AM, giving commuters and visitors additional time to use the services. If you're going to visit Istanbul during Ramadan, we should definitely let you know about this.


It is also important to note that practically all restaurants in the nation offer special Iftar dinners including the finest of Turkish and even foreign cuisine to suit all tastes and preferences. To eat Iftar at locations like Galataport, Taksim, Besiktas, and Ortakoy, where you can have a magnificent dinner while watching the sun set over the Bosphorus or the Marmara Sea, would be an unforgettable experience.


Happy Ramadan in Turkish: What does it mean?


You'll need some language if you're intending to spend Ramadan in Turkey to help you communicate more effectively and get acquainted to the culture. These are a few instances:


Sahur: The meal eaten before one begins to fast, which occurs before sunrise.

Iftar: The meal eaten to break the fast after sunset.

Kabul etsin Allah: God bless you in your fast.

Imsak: The first prayer in the morning and the beginning of the fast.

Ramazanlar, Hayrl: Cheers to Ramadan!


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