Essential proceedings before moving to Turkey


Transferring your life from your hometown to another foreign country could be such a complex process that upside down every detail in your daily life, not an easy decision to make while the uncertain future, full of surprises, difficulties, cultural shocks, and even emotional ones.
However, Turkey advisor's experts aren't only specialized in selling real estate in Turkey, luxury real estate, or the ordinary investment or lifestyle one, but experts of life in Turkey.

Meanwhile, we are fully explaining each and every essential step of moving and transferring your life to Turkey; in this article, you" be capable of living Turkey before reaching Turkey

1- Have a clear vision of appropriate accommodation:

Turkey and Istanbul are such a massive megacity, separated into two continents, the European and Anatolian; each division has its privileges in terms of required fundamentals that allow you to establish your life with family from scratch. But provided that your actions and initial decisions regarding housing are appropriately thought out, what do we refer to as the correct housing or location of real estate?

We are pointing out the location first, secondly your decision to buy a house to live in, or rent it, which one is a rational action to take at the beginning and why?
Our logical, analytical answer to this question is totally based on the data given from you, for example:
Have you been to Turkey before? Are you familiar with the country and its culture, language, locals? Are you planning to stay in Turkey once and for all, or temporary station?
Actually, depending on your answers, we can help you make your decision out; let us reveal to you how we judge the issue:

A- Rent property in Istanbul:
The vast majority would suggest you rent a flat at least for the first six months, in case you are totally new in the country, in order to be able to explore each municipality, the advantage, pros and cons of the surrounding neighborhood, plus the efforts you must make to understand the mindset of the locals; honestly, we believe that the social integration is the essential block within your making decision journey, whether Turkey is an excellent suitable place for you to live in or not.

B- Buy a property in Istanbul:
Purchasing a real estate property or Luxury villas nearby the sea in Turkey can be the wisest decision to make, while the country owns all the fundamentals of safe investment and tranquil life for families. However, there are several stages to come over to figure out crucial outlines of the property that fits your aspirations, plus match with what your family is looking for, such as:
1- The location: in case you're moving to Turkey individually, you must investigate the area of the purchased property in Istanbul, the main transportation line nearby that facilitate access to your business or job's location; nevertheless, if the family will accompany you, surrounded schools and universities is a must.  

2- Analyze the future capital appreciation value of the property:
Even if you're planning to shift your life to Turkey once and for all, you should study and analyze the property's future; what is the capital appreciation value of the property?
As a general norm, the luxury real estate by the sea or in the prestigious downtown is overpriced, it's suitable for long-term living, and its purchased value won't decrease, but as investors cannot wait for the progressive increase in price as long as the property in Istanbul located in the downtown, So determine the target is an essential step, we'll be your guide within this stage decision making. We'll be explaining and illustrating the knowledge that enables you to comprehend the issue.

2- Relocating pets to Turkey:
A- What are the (Cats, Dogs, Ferries) relocating regulations:
First, you need to illustrate and obtain the Health certificate of the pets (vaccination certificate) to get the pass permit to transfer the pet to the airplane, meanwhile, earn entry to Turkey. In Turkish Airports, pets without a health certificate won't enter Turkey.

B- The Microchip is a required standard:
The Microchip is a ring placed in the ear of the pet, which involves all the important data about the Pet (Date of birth, origin, the owner's info, birth certificate. etc.)

It must be linked to the code of (ISO STANDARD 11784 or Annex A to ISO STANDARD 11785).

You need to know that there are no exceptions or exemptions for animals that don't have the Microchip to entire Turkey. The pet will be locked in the Airport, deposited at the airport administration, or returned to your country.

3- Get a Turkish driving license:
The transportation net in Turkey and Istanbul especially is very well-developed, and most of the time, locals abandon using their cars in order to avoid the traffic jam; however, you might be a professional driver enough to escape the crowded street of the town, so here is the regulation you should consider to drive safely:

Firstly The foreigners are qualified to use the driver's license acquired from their counties, but after following several steps, which are:
 A- translating and attestation the foreigner license by the public notary in Turkey.
It will be vailed for six months from the date of entry to Turkey, according to the official Website of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

B- As a second step, the foreigner must apply to replace the foreign driver's license with the Turkish one to drive legally.

But how can you extract the Turkish driving license? Firstly you should know that one of the most crucial requirements is a valid residence permit from the time of application till acquiring the permit. Therefore, additional knowledge is a core element for successfully getting a Turkish driving license; click here and inform yourself more about the required details.

4- Social integration starts with learning the Turkish language:
Social integration for your family would start as fast as they can connect with the locals daily; consequently, the language is not a luxury but a necessity; meanwhile, we strongly suggest the newcomer find a language school to melt the ice.
We recommend the Tomer language school, especially if you intend to use the Turkish language academically.
Suppose you have no sufficient available time to learn the language. At the same time, you're not a classical education classes fan; in this case, we suggest you use the language applications that help you understand the street language like (Duolingo – Babbel) or follow the uncountable channels that offer you free education, plus the pleasure of learning.

5- The Turkish sim card and your old phone:
Unfortunately, you cannot use your old phone anymore in Turkey due to the regulation of using foreign cellphones locally, Which stipulates that a foreign cell phone cannot be used for more than three months. After this period, you have two solutions:

A- Turkification of your phone through the E-Develte gate:  previously, it was such a long, complicated issue, but it is now quickly done; however, you must obtain a residence permit that involves an ID number.

Second step you enter e-hizmetler, appears on the left side of your screen , choose (Teknolojileri ve iletişim kurumu), thereafter choose the (IMEI kaydet).

B- Buy a new phone from Turkey: As a foreigner, you're easily and thoroughly eligible to buy a Turkish phone; fortunately, there are no legal documents or official transactions that you must prepare in order to submit it to any governmental authority in advance, But please investigate the credibility of the electronics stores which you are buying from, the electronics shop must provide you with a maintenance and warranty card for the new cell phone, Don't accept buying any electrical device without obtaining these documents. Therefore, we advise you to go to well-known and trusted brands such as the Media Market store or Vatan shop.

6- Make new friendships with locals:
Turks are such friendly, sociable folks who enable you to make new buddies easily, daily, continuously. So what you have to do, is expose yourself for a spontaneous chat with locals around, make friends with them, but be aware of the cultural differences, read more about their traditions and cultural beliefs to avoid any shock or cause yourself any misunderstanding bummers.

We have a suggestion for you too; social clubs are the best appetizers for successful beginnings, join them, try to find the closest one to your accommodation, have a drink, and spend Saturday's evening exploring Istanbul or any other Turkish city's social life, you can reach these clubs on Facebook's group and Telegram as well.

Ultimately, the checklist will go on and on; we're aware of the sensibility of the new stage of building a totally new life, but as long as Turkey Advisors as experts of real estate in Turkey, life in Turkey, are beside you, no need to worry about the next page, our professional team will always be ready to help you find the most refined and most luxurious property in Istanbul, apartments or villas nearby the sea, luxury properties, or commercial type, make sure that we're ready to give you what you deserve and expecting for in your future hometown.

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