Straightforward Facts: How to Avoid Scams in Istanbul


The Del Castilho, Pavuna, and Cascadura are all neighborhoods in Brazil that are seen as a combination of being tourist zones still dangerous accommodation of Brazilian gangs, not only Brazil, Paris, Berlin, New York City, and many other global metropolitan cities, And so Istanbul has its own code of amusing dangerously, that travelers would cross the world to see it in person, closer and more profound.

So here we're giving you the essential tricks and tips that would protect you from scamming or frauding within the old city of Istanbul specifically:

1- Balat: watch your steps:
What the first things come to mind once we mention the Balat neighborhood in Istanbul?

Colored houses? Stone pavements, maybe? Antique markets possibly? OR The wandering thieves with their magical hands? Let us straightforward talking, Istanbul, like any megacity, owns popular streets and neighborhoods that hide mysterious tales within its alleys, and for sure, it might involve some dangerous gangs.

Balat is a district that belongs to Fatih municipality; the community has various historical prominent points that refer to its history dating back to the fifteenth century. The area was the central refuge for Jewish refugees fleeing from Spain to the Ottoman Empire, and still today, the area is known as the Jewish Quarter of Istanbul. However, Balat has such unique magical mysticism, with the colored houses crammed into each other.

Even though the Balat area is a historic site and contains various historical buildings such as the Yanbol Synagogue Church, there is also the Ahrida Synagogue of Istanbul Church built by Jews, and the Agios Strati Orthodox Church, which are significant tourist attractions; however, the area is considered an environs full of local gangs that steal foreigners pockets.

So we have to tell you that the Balat is worth a visit, but what you should know is not to risk entering the deep residential neighborhoods, stay on the surface and walk according to the GPS map, don't linger in the eyes of the locals, because of their strange nature, enjoy your time during the daylights, don't hang out there late at night, to avoid yourself any annoying situations with the locals in the surrounding area.

2- In Taksim, don't leave the zipper open; avoid unknown fuzzy alleys:
Taksim, the globally famous avenue of Istanbul, attracts over one million locals and tourists daily, but why is Taksim and Istiklal street attractive famous?
We think due to the massive amount of historical heritage of various empires, in Istiklal street, you will find more than historical passages such as the Çiçek passage, glass-roofed Rumeli passage, plus uncountable churches and Byzantine architecture buildings, that draw an artistic painting, in order to entice people globally to hang out and take a selfie there.

However, what you don't know about Taksim and Istiklal street is that you're not allowed to enter it with an open zipper, make sure all your valuable stuff (Camera, CellPhone, Wallet) is secured in your backpack, don't allow strange locals to approach you weirdly, thirdly do your best to exchange your money out of Istiklal street, while there's a notable figure of looters, simultaneously the area as we've mentioned, is very delightful and exciting, in every five meters there's a unique story to hear, Wizardry to explore, testy meal to try. Meanwhile, go there, but our warranty to you is to be awake and consider everything we've told you.

3- Don't follow any local that you don't know:
In the Istanbulian alleys, you will come across locals who will welcome and ask you generously to visit their restaurants or cafes or pass on their stores. Still, actually, that kind gesture refers to the friendly nature of the Turkish people. Still, unfortunately, some scammers would use it for devilish purposes, in order to steal your money or valuable stuff, and using your ignorance of their language, so please don't follow anyone you aren't sure about their identity, refuse it gently, express your annoyed feeling in case they insist, and quietly withdrew.

4- Check the rate and comments online, don't order without seeing the menu:
Nowadays, you can check the rates and read about the pros and cons of any restaurant or store you would like to visit to avoid any inconveniences or problems you may encounter after ordering food or buying stuff.
Also, there's a crucial issue you should consider, which is not taking the waiter's advice, especially in tourist restaurants, particularly without looking at the prices and services of the meals within the restaurant, because simply by not considering the menu issue, you're exposing yourself to scammer plan maybe, so stick with the safe side, see the menu, ask for additional knowledge if it's required, and after that enjoy your yummy food.

5- Don't buy a souvenir from the Grand Bazaar:
The Grand Bazaar, the most gorgeous and ancientest covered market in the world, dating back more than 600 years, and still to this day maintains its splendor and ancient historical structure, but what you do not know about the popular Turkish markets, they dramatically exaggerate the prices and value of their products, especially for foreigners, so if you are looking For a souvenir to buy from Istanbul, don't buy it from the popular Bazaars, and if you do not have enough time to explore more alternatives, please do your best to discuss the seller at a price to get the best possible price, bargaining over the value of things in Turkey is common within Turkish culture, so go ahead

And if you have the time, we advise you to browse the Internet, as there are now electronic shops for most brands, through which you can compare prices for the same product, and even order it online safely and securely to your place of residence in Istanbul.

Eventually, there's always a new experience full of excitement to explore in Istanbul; being in Turkey is such a joyful adventure to live, a day to dance, a life to build, So whatever your plan would be here in Turkey, we'll be your partner, don't forget to call us, so our advisors will be able to tell you more about the cultural, real estate in Turkey, Luxury real estate of Istanbul, Turkish citizenship by investment, and joy of living Turkey, and much more to know ...

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